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22 Emotional Principles for Greatness

Updated on November 13, 2016

My grandfather's ophthalmologist, Nathan L. Lipton, M.D., P.A. goes the "extra mile" with each eye examination and gives him a complete print-out on the condition of his eyes. He also includes some wise advice about life in his evaluation. My granny is late now, but I could still find some scraps from his study. These principles have changed my life and I believe it will change yours too.

Below are the rare gems:

Next year, think first of someone else.

This should be your utmost magnificent obsession. It's really profitable to look out and make your neighbor feel better. It's nobler to love someone nearby than it is to love the entire mankind. They say that charity begins at home. This year, meet your friend's needs first, try to understand his/her predicament. For example, when someone looses a loved one, you can take a delicious meal to them. In doing so, you have liberated them from the plight of trying to fend for themselves that day. Do this and your life will blossom.

Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.

I was driving down the beautiful London tower bridge on a beautiful morning, when I alighted to consider the beauty of the environment. I heard an inner voice that said to me, “If you could do this on daily basis, then your life will be full of pleasant surprises”. Obviously, that was the Holy Ghost speaking to my spirit. Do you know what happens when you take pleasure in the beauty of the earth? Well, if you don't I will tell you. You are magnifying the creator of the universe; you exalt him and let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God enjoys it when because he did it. So, try to loosen up a bit, go to the beach, the fountains and the parks and take pleasure in them. Your life will see the glory of the earth.

Write a love letter.

There is nothing wrong with writing a wonderful love letter to your fiancé or fiancée. Love is good and everyone craves for love on daily basis. The wrong thing about love is how we handle it. Paul the apostle understands the impact of writing love letters to churches in Philippi, Corinth, e.t.c. He will remind them of his love for them and even in chains. Love brings hope. If you are married and are not in good terms with your mate, then try writing a love letter to them. Letters suits than verbal communication. Do this and experience the potential of love letters.

Share some treasure.

Life is a seed. A seed is anything you can sow into the life of someone that will affect them positively. You prayer is a seed. Kindness, love, money, visiting a mother who just put to bed is a seed. When you share some of your treasures, you will then be qualified for a harvest because he has promised: “give and it shall be given unto you”. Do not eat your seed. Sow it and it will germinate and produce fruits having seeds. You see, a seed has power to propagate and increase you. Do not be worried of the small seed you have, you can sow it with someone else.

Gladden the heart of a child.

A child is someone who is under the tutelage of his/her parents or guardian. You are also a child of God because you are been taught by the Holy Spirit. Those in the orphanages needs cheerfulness. You could be the savior they have been looking out through the window for. How many times have you bought a nice toy or taken a child to the cinema or to shopping. Inventory your sees and discover that you have a lot for your child or someone else's. A kind word will do. Words penetrate and get stuck to the heart which will definitely manifest. Do this and that child will never forget you. Remember, tomorrow is not in your hands but in God's hand. Nature will always compensate you for the good you did for a child. Remember that.

Welcome a stranger.

The Holy Scriptures admonishes us to welcome stranger for in so doing we will welcome angels. A stranger should not be isolated or become a cast away, we must show love to them. You are a stranger on earth too. We will leave one day for a place that is prepared for us. We all know that the world is full of wickedness, but that should not be your motive for not welcoming a stranger. A stranger helped today might be your savior tomorrow; have you thought of that. Someone is sleeping outside while you dwell in mansion. Why not share a room with them and allow God to share his time with you.

Thank God for what you are and what you have, whether it is great or small.

Our level or gratitude will determine our level of being blessed. God loves a man who will thank him for the pen he's been given while he eagerly waits for the car. Start today to appreciate him for the ones he has given you, whether it is great or small in your eyes. Stop the attitude of always taking from him and never say thank you. When you thank him more, he will do more and most of all, you are his dear child. Consider what happens when your biological father gives you something; if you appreciate it no matter how little, he will then increase it. Let us treat God in same manner.

Mend a quarrel.

Look out for a clash between brothers, sisters and settle it. The bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the earth”. If you want to be glad on earth as long as you live, then mend a quarrel. Have you been hurt or have hurt someone before, stop bearing grudge and ask for peace. Unity is what nature has for each individual. The power of the people is their unity. The world is so precious to quarrel with people. Find a way to tolerate them, see the good in them and ignore the bad. Remember, you are not perfect. We are all looking forward for perfection one day. Mend a quarrel today and your life will be peace roundabout.

Give a soft answer.

A soft answer turneth away wrath. That is what the bible says. If you are not finding it easy to rapport with your peers or mate, maybe there is something wrong with your words. Give a soft answer even if you are on the winning side. You have to understand that people are different and respond to answers in diverse ways. Understand your family and give them a soft answer. Don't answer them harshly. They will love you more for your gentleness and forbearing spirit.

Seek out a forgotten friend.

There are good ship and bad friend everywhere, but the best of them all is friendship. The truth is this: everyone needs a good friend who would care for us and share in our enjoyment. No one can succeed independent of a friend. Master mind operates when your friend gives what he has and you give what you have. A pair can make a tremendous impact in life. With good friends, success is paramount. Seek out a forgotten friend today, call them up, write them a love letter, visit them and be reconciled again. Your friend is really missing you and wants to see you eagerly.

Dismiss suspicion, and replace it with trust.

It's never easy to trust people. Every individual has swallowed a pill which makes us suspicious. But this has never helped nor changed us; rather it has done more harm than good to our life. Suspicion has marred flourishing families and blissful relationships. Let us dismiss it from our lives and replace it with love. Change is the only constant thing that is inevitable, we could still change today and begin to trust people. I have trusted people and people have trusted me. Life is what you make out of it. If you have never been trusted, all you have to do is to trust someone and it will bounce back to you. It's a boomerang affair.

Keep a promise. Find the time.

It's nobler not to promise than it is to promise and not fulfill it. If you have made a long time promise and still have not kept it till date, go and redeem it. The human nature does not allow us to remind people of the promises they made to us because it degrades us and brings down our ego. But we should keep a promise. Find the time and attend to someone today. Visit someone in the clinic. Maybe you have promised to pay for a child's school fees, please find the time and keep it today. Your sorrows will be replaced with joy as you do this.

Forego a grudge.

You have to forgo a grudge if you want a life full of gladness. Stop having a hedge in you heart about what someone else has done to you in time immemorial. Forego a grudge and embrace love. Call the person in question and tell them that you want reconciliation. You will see yourself on top while doing this.

Forgive an enemy.

The greatest thing you can do for your enemy is to forgive them. You could never buy them a car, beautiful clothes or meal but when you forgive them, you have bridged the gap for advancement. When you forgive an enemy, you will discover that you have set a prisoner free. Guess what, that prisoner is “You”. Therefore, forgive someone who has wronged you, and set yourself free for the top

Apologize if you were wrong.

It takes humility for someone to say “I am sorry”. These three words might be common but they are rare in some individual's mouth. Do not be puffed up, do not be proud. Apologize if you were wrong and accept apologies when you are right. After all, God forgives you when you ask him. Forgive your neighbor today and your prayers will be answered.

Listen. Try to understand.

Are you the type that never listens to know who was at fault? Please stop it. Listen to your spouse and find out why she/he acted like that. Try to understand that people needs to be understood so we can live peaceably with them. Listen to your children; they are always right in little ways you never thought of. That is what your little baby wants. Nothing more.

Examine your demands on others.

Have you tried to examine your demands on your uncle or aunt? They might not tell you that they are fed up with you because of the blood. Blood does bond. Please, examine your demands on them. Have you felt any attitude they exhibit each time you ask for School fees, money for shopping, pocket money and any other thing on your list? If you have, try and reduce it. Otherwise, they would be forced to complain one day and you will not like it. In as much as they love you, they are not God. Remember that.


Appreciate when you are given anything and also when you are not. The test of a man is not what he will do when he is blessed with good things but what he will do when he is not blessed. Teach your children to say thank you to their teachers and elders. Even to strangers. Appreciate an old woman who gives you nothing but farewell each time you are heading for work.

Be kind, be gentle.

Be kind to everyone, be gentle. This is a sure way to influence good friends and keeping them. Do not brag or bluff. A kind and gentle person has the nature of God and that is a strong reason why you should.

Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.

Laughter prolongs the life span of a man. Can you laugh? Well, if you can smile, then you can laugh. Laugh a little and then a little more. Do not frown when someone is laughing, Laugh with them. Your life will definitely be changed.

Love completely.

Love should be unconditional. Love is the foundation of life for without it, every other thing is futile. I remember when a sister in my local church was pregnant out of wedlock, could you believe that the members changed their attitude towards her, that's unfair and ungodly. That is the time she needs love (unconditional). We do not love people because they are righteous or holy, or because they are pretty. Love has no excuse after all, God demonstrates his love towards us when we were even sinners. Love completely today and it will bounce back to you.

Speak of your love.

You have interesting love stories of your love life, then share it with others. Do not hoard it. People needs to know that what they are about to embark on has been tried and that it really pays. Speak of your love to your mate, fiancé, fiancée and friends. Write about your love on books and newspapers and let the world know it. In doing so, you might not know the life you have touched, but the benefits will not elude you.

You already knew them before but their influence has never been measured. They can transform you and bring out your best.


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