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22 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on August 21, 2011

Now 22 weeks pregnant and almost at the end of your second trimester. As your pregnancy slowly progresses, no doubt you’ll continue to marvel at all the changes that both your and your baby are experiencing. If you’re at or approaching the 22 weeks stage, it’s time to find out what stage you – and baby – are at.

By the 22 weeks pregnant stage, many women feel unexpectedly healthy and energetic. If this is you, congratulations. You really are feeling the best of what comes with being pregnant. Maybe your hair, skin and nails are in peak condition. Or maybe you just feel invigorated.

Hopefully, most of the early stage niggles – morning sickness, heartburn and so on – have passed. However, not all women seem to float through their pregnancies with ease and even at 22 weeks pregnant, some women can find that they still suffer with morning sickness or just don’t feel 100%.

If this is you, be assured that you’re not alone. Some women have fantastic, straight forward pregnancies, others don’t. However, as long as you and baby are deemed as progressing well, just try to focus on the good points; baby kicking, preparing for the birth and his arrival – baby talk with friends and family.

Some women, despite feeling generally well, start to feel more cumbersome and sleep may become a little elusive. If you’re experiencing such discomfort, you could consider buying a maternity pillow. They’re designed for moms-to-be and many women find them a great source of comfort through the night.

22 Weeks Pregnant

Unfortunately, frequent urination will be something that you’ll have to put up with. I remember how often (by this stage) I’d suddenly need a trip to the bathroom. In particular, one of my pregnancies included quite a few ultra sounds – so you can imagine how much of a hard time I had every time I had to sit and drink extra liquids – then try not to part with said liquid, as the technician pressed upon my stomach.

One aspect of being at or around the 22 weeks pregnant stage is that you notice an increase in vaginal discharge. Although it can be a little unpleasant, it’s a normal part of pregnancy. As your pregnancy has developed, so has the volume of your blood. As there’s an increased amount of blood flowing in and around the lower half of your body, this in turn creates an increase in vaginal discharge.

It is a usual aspect for a pregnant woman but – if you’re a little anxious – do speak to your medical professional. They will be able to explain in more detail why this happens and put your mind to rest. It it’s something that feels a little unpleasant, panty liners should make you feel more comfortable.

22 Weeks Gestation

At the 22 weeks pregnant stage, your baby may weigh up to or around 15 ounces. Your babies’ organs are really starting to fine tune around now and he will have developed an increased sense of touch and hearing. Talk to him – he will be able to hear you, albeit in a rather muffled fashion.

Your babies’ sex organs have developed and his eyelids, eyebrows and fingerprints are forming. His body is now in proportion to his head and his brain will be developing at a rapid rate. He is still lacking body fat but this will increase over the coming weeks.

22 Weeks Pregnant – In General

Remember to eat well - little, often and healthy is the best way. A good thing to keep in mind is that you’re baby is completely reliant on you for his health, well-being and development, therefore what ever you eat and drink – so does he.

Take a nap if you feel you need it, more so if you’re struggling to sleep well due to your increasing size and shape.


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