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Benefits Of Lemons Water

Updated on March 29, 2015
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Lemons | Source

Lemons are a wonder ingredient; full of healthy nutrients with loads of remedies of several health issues. Having a glass of lemon water everyday helps to get rid of many health conditions without any medicines and side effects, if the condition is not too severe.

Besides this lemons are used in a variety of purposes such as in beauty treatment, to keep utensils sparkling clean and cleaning. Here are some of the best uses of lemons which make our lives simpler.

Lemons and Their Numerous Benefits

Helps in Freshening the Fridge

Does your refrigerator stink? Well, with a bit of lemon juice you can easily remove all odors and smells from the refrigerator. Just dab a bit of lemon juice on cotton ball or on a sponge and keep it somewhere in the fridge. However, if there are some items which are causing the smell or stink, you need to definitely remove it. Your fridge will be freshened up completely.

Refreshes Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can get really smelly at times, especially when you have chopped onions or garlic or when you have dices your favorite fish. To do away with this smell and also sanitize the chopping board, you need half a slice of lemon and rub it over ( the cut side) the chopping board.

Helps in Deodorizing Your Garbage

Does your garbage bin smell and is a cause of major embarrassment? Deodorize it with a small piece of lemon. Just use two or three pieces of lemon and toss them just at the base of your garbage bag. If it still smells, repeat it. You will be able to get rid of the stink in a short time.

Lemons In Fridge

Lemons help in Deodorizing the Fridge
Lemons help in Deodorizing the Fridge | Source

Helps in preventing Cauliflower From Turning Brown or losing color

Cauliflower tends to get brown with cooking. If you squeeze in a few drops of fresh lemon juice on the cauliflower before you start cooking, the vegetable will stay white.

Many Health Benefits Of Lemon Water
Many Health Benefits Of Lemon Water | Source

The Many Health Benefits Of Lemon

Helps In Kidney Stones

A glass of lemon water everyday helps in increasing the production of urinary citrate. This is a chemical which prevents crystal formation, that leads to the building of kidney stones.

Helps In Controlling High Blood Pressure

Lemon is rich in potassium that helps to keep blood pressure under control. It also helps in reducing dizziness and nausea caused due to the condition.

Good For Mental Health and Mood Enhancer

A glass of lemon water can make you feel better, enhance your mood, reduce your stress and relieve you from all kinds of depressions. As you start feeling low, tired or exhausted, a glass of fresh lemon water can rejuvenate you up. It works as a great refreshment.

How To Make Lemon Water At Home

Good For Respiratory Problems

A glass of fresh lemon water helps in reducing phlegm. It helps in proper breathing. It is also good for those suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma.

Helps In Treating Rheumatism and Arthritis

Lemon water helps in urine production. This means toxins build up in the body is reduced. Toxins build up in the body causes inflammation and bacteria which all contribute towards severe joint pains. A glass of fresh lemon water everyday helps in getting relief from rheumatism and arthritis.

Good In Treating Infections

Lemon water helps to fighting different types of infections with its antibacterial property. People who suffer from regular throat infections, should gargle with lime water. It offers quick relief.

10 Reasons To Have Lemon Water Every Day

How Lemons Can Enhance Your Beauty

Helps In Lightening Age Spots

No need to spend on expensive creams, lotions or other cosmetics to hide those fine line or age spots. Try lemon juice instead. To lighten freckles or liver spots use fresh lemon juice on the specific spot directly. Let it remain there for at least 10 minutes and then clean your face. This is a highly effective skin lightening agent.

As An Anti-Aging Treatment

Lemon water helps to reduce the production of free radicals that cause skin aging and other skin damage. Lemon water is free of calories and works as a great antioxidant.

Beauty Benefits Of Lemon Water

Lemon water can be easily prepared at home. Make it a routine to have lemon water every morning as you start your day. You will feel several benefits in just a few days.


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