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26 Ideas to Jumpstart Dull Mondays

Updated on July 10, 2021
Jumpstart  your Monday with a random list of activities you pick out yourself or from this list.
Jumpstart your Monday with a random list of activities you pick out yourself or from this list. | Source

JumpStart Your Mondays

It remains a puzzle that Monday is still the one day of the week that causes so much malaise or lack of inspiration and energy to do anything but lay around. We can all identify with it to some degree. Even if you think you’ve got a good plan to knock it out, it’s difficult to maintain the momentum of sustained energy and excitement. After a while it’s staring you in the face again. Let’s face it, some challenges require a much deeper level of strategy. Instead of one plan, consider an entire list of back-up Monday strategies or ideas that you can turn to, mixing it up as often as is necessary in order to keep the Monday blues at bay and away for good. The following is just a random primer list to get you started thinking about some of your own ideas, strategies or activities compatible with your own personality and lifestyle.

Have an exercise plan. Fitness exercises go a long way in helping you succeed in any area of your life.
Have an exercise plan. Fitness exercises go a long way in helping you succeed in any area of your life. | Source

#1 Exercise

It’s high on the list. Exercise clears the head and gets your body ready for the day and for life. Since Monday has a history of being a downer day why not do something that will actually help you feel better; especially if you need something first thing in the morning. Not only will it help you feel better, it’ll help you to have clarity when making those early morning decisions. And don’t forget the major health benefits for every system in your body. Exercising additionally assists the body in expelling toxins from your body. This is help we all need. If you plan on hanging around a lot longer keep this on your Monday Blues Buster list.

Exercising isn’t a big deal for some folks because they have a favorite outdoor activity like walking, running, biking or swimming that they regularly participate in. For the rest of us we have to consciously and deliberately plan to exercise. So if for no other reason than “It’s Monday” - Exercise. And don’t forget the kids. They get the Monday blues too.

Fitness Workout for the Whole Family

11 Fun Exercise Routines For Kids At Home

#2 Change Your Routine

Make a small change in your routine, especially on Mondays. Get up earlier, eat a special Monday only breakfast, with a Monday only beverage. Wear a Monday only article of clothing. Just a small change in your routine can change the way you feel, your focus and your attitude. Just as small changes can irritate you, helpful small changes can help you to feel great.

#3 Clean

Cleaning may not be high on your list of want to do activities, but give it a try anyhow. You don’t have to clean your entire house, just try something a bit more manageable, like one room in your home, condo or apartment. This will probably be an evening activity, so plan accordingly.

Write a letter of encouragement or a letter of appreciation to be published in the local paper about someone you know in the community.
Write a letter of encouragement or a letter of appreciation to be published in the local paper about someone you know in the community. | Source

#4 Write A Letter

It’s fast becoming a lost art and activity but writing a letter is considered a rewarding form of communicating. Receiving a letter from a friend can still bring a smile. Not anyone I know is unhappy about receiving an encouraging letter or postcard. Now an unfavorable letter from the IRS isn’t welcome at all. But a supportive letter to the editor about an issue you feel strongly about, or a letter of appreciation to your congressman, local mayor, councilman or council-woman is always welcome. Write a letter to someone who works to make life better for your city or community.

#5 Call A Friend Or Relative

Call the friend or relative that inspires you the most. Sometimes the voice of one that you admire or respect is enough to lighten any day. And if it’s been awhile since you’ve talked they’ll be lots to catch up on. A long joyful chat, hopefully spiced with laughter too is good medicine. If it's a morning call across time zones, it'll make your morning more meaningful. If it’s an evening call it’ll be an excellent sleeping tonic.

Surprise a friend or loved one with an unexpected call. It’ll boost their day and yours.
Surprise a friend or loved one with an unexpected call. It’ll boost their day and yours.

#6 Write A Book

Why not? Everyone has some kind of book within them. There’s a memoir or two in every family, including yours. Very few of us live uneventful lives. Did you grow up poor? Surely there’s a viewpoint you can share that’s unique enough to inspire many. Even if you think your life growing up wasn’t too exciting, it can be quite interesting to someone else especially if you happen to be skilled in story telling. Was your mom a great cook? Share her recipes with the world. Did your grandmother grow helpful herbs that heal? Was she a bit weird too? Be sure to include that. Don’t keep your life all to yourself, share it others.

Write A Book In A Weekend: Serve Humanity By Writing A Book

#7 Do Something Special For Someone Else

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to help someone at work or in your family or perhaps a neighbor. There’s always someone who can use a little attention and often it doesn’t cost much at all if you’re inclined to make time for a neighbor, friend or even a stranger. Just pay attention and it’ll come to you what will be of help to someone.

Go shopping for a neighbor.
Go shopping for a neighbor.

#8 All-day Healthy Eating Binge

Challenge yourself to an all-day healthy eating binge. It’s just one day and it certainly won’t hurt you. You can even pick and choose from the abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other delicious produce. You might even visit one the juice bars or farmer’s markets in your town. Plan ahead if you really want to have a little more control. Find the juice bars or farmer’s markets in your area well ahead of Monday and wake up armed to meet your one-day challenge. If you’re not a healthy food lover, be sure to wash and rinse your fruits and vegetables. This is supposed to be good for you not make you sick. If this seems more overwhelming than fun, just grab a half dozen variety of ready-made healthy smoothies from the grocers, a couple bags of your favorite nuts or try a new one and call it a great day. Next time around you can try something else new and perhaps even look forward to it.

Eat healthy food all day long. You'll reap the benefits for days  later.
Eat healthy food all day long. You'll reap the benefits for days later. | Source

#9 Watch An Inspiring Movie

A good movie can be very encouraging and could be a perfect weekly treat for you and a friend to look forward to. The anticipation and preparation of picking out the movie will be just as rewarding as watching it together. If you add some soft lighting you might even consider working on a low key craft like crocheting, knitting or wood whittling. And yes wood Whittling is still a thing. Don’t forget the popcorn.

#10 Fix A Favorite Meal

Nothing quite like one of your favorite meals waiting for you when you get home on a Monday evening or have one waiting for the family who also had to endure a Monday. Or maybe you can reserve Mondays to order in. Again you can include a friend if you live alone or surprise the family with a known favorite. We never grow out of our favorite good-tasting foods.

#11 Visit Someone

Visit someone who could use a cheery visit. Surprise a senior citizen living in a nursing home or at their home alone with a visit. If you can arrange it, plan to visit regularly if it’s amenable to both of you. You can plan ahead to do specific activities together. If they are in fair health you might even plan on going out to eat or other activities.

#12 Start a New Project

Begin a puzzle or a quilt. Refinish, paint or stain a chair, or other piece of furniture you’ve been wanting to make new again. Or maybe get an early start buying the materials you need to make those Christmas ornaments you’ve always said you wanted to make.

Refinishing An Old Dresser

Easy Christmas Ornaments

#13 Take A Nap

Yes, take a nap. Or maybe just go to bed early for a change. You may not need a nap every Monday but when you do, give yourself permission to take a nap. And it’s a good idea if you don’t wait until Monday.

#14 Make It A New You Day

Wash your hair and try on a new hair style. Or you might just fancy yourself a new type of haircut. Or maybe you’d prefer a different color. Long, short, curly, straight or wavy, have it your way. How about a Monday spa day, complete with massage every other week. A good massage will loosen up toxins followed by a kelp body wrap to finish the job. It’s sure to give you a refreshing feeling of newness and vitality.

10 Steps To The Perfect At Home Luxury Spa

#15 Anytime Giveaway

Go through your closet, get rid of all of your old or unused clothes and give them away to a local thrift store.

Getting Rid Of All My Stuff

#16 Look Through Family Photo Albums

Put on some of your favorite oldies, classical or country music and pull out some family photo albums. Look through the photo albums,cry,have a few good laughs and remember. Variation: look through family sentiments, check out collectibles or knick knacks - remembering who gave them to you and reminisce about any good times you may have had or memories and stories that you recall that are in the family.

#17 Learn Something New

Learn something new that you’ve been curious about. There's always something you’ve always wanted to know more about. You never know where that curiosity will lead you. Become an expert on it. Expand on it at every opportunity by following any leads to similar or related subjects as they come up.

7 Steps To Learn New Things

#18 Read The Bible In A Fresh New Way

Try reading the Bible in a different version. Reread one of your favorite literary works of inspiration. Do you have a go-to book of quotes, phrases or anecdotes that you find encouraging? Take time to read it or find a new one that stands out and grabs you. Read it. Alternately you can pray. Pray for someone who frustrates you. Pray for a better relationship with this person. You might need to ask God to help you do this. It could wind up being the best day or evening you’ve had in a long while. How? Try it and see.

#19 Learn A New Computer Skill

Learn a new computer skill; or become skillful with a new software. While it’s always a good idea to keep up on all of the computer applications that you regularly use; especially when they get updated. It is equally important to learn some new ones from time to time. Those new skills could very well come in handy when you least expect them to. Numerous new, diverse and helpful software are created everyday. Find one that peaks your interest.

#20 Help Out At A Local Soup Kitchen

Help out by serving at your local soup kitchen on your lunch hour. If the soup kitchen’s hours are not convenient for you and you really would like to help, see if you can take your lunch earlier or later as is necessary. Many communities also have volunteer run thrift stores. Look for one that you can volunteer at.

#21 Count Your Blessings

If you’ve been too busy lately, it’s not uncommon to get so caught up in the tangle of the busyness of life, become exhausted and forget to be grateful for the blessings you have. No need to feel guilty. It’s just the natural, unavoidable progression of a busy life. Periodically, it’s helpful to just stop, get quiet, slow down a bit and reassess our lives. As you make a mental and/or pen and paper or digital list of all of the things you’re grateful for, and of all of the things in your life that are going well, it will have a remarkable cleansing effect. A washing away of regrets, recent disappointments and bitterness will occur as you realize how fortunate you are to be alive.

#22 Update Your Dwelling

Don’t like the way your place looks? Considering new furniture, new everything? You just think you need new everything. You can achieve the same effects you’re seeking just by moving the furniture around, adding hardly noticeable slip covers, changing the color of the walls, or just one wall. You can also switch out old art work or other décor for some fresh paintings or wall coverings. What a fun way to spend a Monday. Don’t hurt yourself moving furniture. Just enjoy yourself.

#23 Buy a plant Or Flowers

Plants or flowers are always a great way to inspire and uplift anyone’s living environment. They don’t have to be expensive and looking for plants and flowers is as enjoyable as having them. Visit a garden nursery or the florist department of your favorite grocery store. Hanging plants or flower baskets are always a big hit with customers. Although garden nurseries are expected to put more care and time into their plants and flowers, some grocer’s florists are surprisingly of high quality as well. Give them a try. You might find something that takes your breath away. Read up on your chosen object of beauty and enjoy. For the more adventurous lot of you, buy some herbs, annual tulips, garlic bulbs, perennial flowers or vegetables if you have the room and the perfect place to plant them. Wait, water as necessary, anticipate and enjoy!

#24 Take A Tour Of Your Town

Inspire and treat yourself by choosing one of your own town’s tourist attractions. With the exception of normal curiosity seeking kids, the majority of us don’t know the intricate details of where we live much less the very basics beyond the town name and incorporation date, if that. A few might remember why we moved where we currently live. Hopefully it wasn’t just for the employment. So,let’s play like a kid on a field trip and pick out something that interests you among the menu of tourist attractions offered.

How To Launch And Fly A Kite

#25 Be A Kid Again

Do something you enjoyed doing as a kid. What were the happiest times in your childhood? What kind of games did you play? Where did you enjoy spending most of your time? An art museum? A zoo? The beach? Was it playing with clay or Silly Putty? Paddle Ball competition with your friends ? How about Jacks? Spend some time thinking about it and if possible, pick one and do it or go there. Take or invite a friend. Share childhood memories. Make new memories. Repeat.

Learn How To Hula Hoop

Visiting Garden Nursery

# 26 Brainstorm a plan to solve a problem in your community.

Make a list of problems in your community that irritate you. Then come up with solutions that realistically help or reduce the problem. You might even invite a few friends to join you in this project, Everyone has an opinion about our community problems but not everyone decides to do something about it. Here’s a chance to take your shot.

Are Mondays A Drag For You?

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"While the whole world exerts precious energy in trying to kick the "Monday Blues", feeling guilty all the while for not getting anything accomplished, it just may be that Mondays are our body's way of telling us to - Just Relax. "

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to make your own list of “Monday Blues Busters”. Remember, if you get stuck, use the above list of prompts to help you get started and creatively thinking about your own ideas to make Mondays a joy and not a chore to labor through.

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