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25 Quick Fixes for Feeling Down

Updated on December 17, 2015

Simple Ways To Beat the Blues and Get Out of That Funk!

Life is full of surprises, but its also full of challenges, stress and things that are downright depressing.

The worst part is when you feel down you don't feel like doing anything else!

Whether it's work, family obligations, money or some bureaucratic nightmare, these quick-fix activities make me feel better, and I hope they make you feel better too!

1 & 2 Get Going Around the House

1.) Bake a cake or make something special for yourself or your sweetie. Cooking is a great way to put love into what you're doing and that's easy, especially when you're cooking for someone you love. If things are really bad try making homemade bread, pierogies or something that takes practically all day!

2.) Cleaning, vacuuming and dusting doesn't sound very inspiring, but it is a great way to feel accomplished, relax and get your mind off of whatever is bothering you. Cleaning, laundry, dish washing and everyday housework can be pretty darned relaxing. Put on a cute apron, grab that feather duster and bedazzled cleaning gloves and unleash your fury!! Cleaning is one of my favorite ways to de-stress.

Gloveables Pink Gloves with Pink Lace
Gloveables Pink Gloves with Pink Lace
I kind of like cleaning and sitting back afterward and enjoying the results. But, if cleaning isn't you're thing, you can make it better by putting on cute gloves, turning up your favorite high-energy music or splurging on fancy, beautifully scented cleaning products by Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers or Method.

3 - 5 Feeling Better Starts with the Body

3.) Wash away the troubles of the day by taking a long, hot shower. Simple yet effective.

4.) Enjoy a soothing, calming bath. Bubble bath solution is known to cheer up the most dour soul. Add bath salts or botanical bath oils for a true spa experience at home. For an adult variation, relax with a few candles and a glass of wine!

5.) Soaking tired feet in Epsom salts can be exceptionally soothing and relaxing. Invigorate tired feet with an rough cloth or pumice stone. Towel off and coat feet with a foot balm or lotion and put on a nice pair of terry-lined socks for the ultimate pampered feet experience. Here's my motto, "If you're feet feel better you will too."

Reflexology (Quick Study Academic Outline)
Reflexology (Quick Study Academic Outline)
I know; giving yourself a foot massage doesn't sound like a fun or relaxing thing to do. You can always invest in a massage foot bath or have your special someone give you a foot massage. My mom did a reflexology class in Hawaii. Afterward, she tried the techniques on me, and it really worked! It's very relaxing, and it can even fade away a headache.

6 - 7 Pampered Feet Are Happy Feet

6.) Foot Massage

Have a friend of family member give you a foot massage. Kids can give their parents a good foot massage and vice versa. Have you ever been to a Hawaiian resort or time share place where they offer reflexology courses? Like acupuncture, many people believe that reflexology points on the feet influence various parts of the body and many internal system. Either way, it's exceptionally relaxing!

7.) Full Body Massage

If a foot massage isn't enough, enjoy a full-body rub down. Whether you hire a profession or give yourself a neck massage, manual manipulation can stimulate blood flow and relax tense muscles and tendons. Try a handheld massager with knobby wheels or vibrating attachments. A good massage can relax the body and clear the mind.

8 - 9 Do A Little Something For Yourself

8.) Enjoying a manicure or pedicure is a cure for the blues. Plus, if you do it yourself at home, you can be happy about how much you saved. For a spa-like pedicure, you can start by soaking your feet and removing calluses and dry cuticles and then paint those toes to fit your fancy. Manicures and pedicures at home are cheap and they're sure to make your feel good. Why not pick up a new color and have even more fun?

9.) Freshen up your makeup. As a writer who works at home, I know how easy it is to get caught with your pajamas on. It's also easy to forget that washing your face, freshening up and putting on a little makeup can really do a lot for your self esteem and make you feel girly or womanly again.

10 - 13 Reward Yourself

10.) Put on perfume. Perfume for women and cologne for men can be real gamer changers. A touch of fragrance never fails to bring joy to me and it can also be very alluring to your sweetheart. If you're feeling a little down, try on a drop of perfume for size and cheer up!

11.) Do your hair. Some say the decline of western civilization began when people stopped polishing their shoes. I believe it has more to do with hair-dos than anything else. In the Victorian era, women wore their silken hair in marvelous up-dos. In the early 20th century, finger curls were all the rage! Today, a simple chignon or French bun are sleek, stylish and sure to make you feel a little better and stand a little straighter. If it hasn't been said before, I'll say it now. Feeling good starts with looking good on the outside.

12.) Play with your dogs or play with your children. Kids might not lower your blood pressure, but it's proven that pet can. Whenever I play with my dogs, I have fun and I get enjoyment because I know how much the pets like it. Playing with your kids or fuzzy fur babies can be really rewarding. It's also a great way to get your mind off of whatever is bothering you.

13.) Enjoy a walk outdoors. Walking in the outdoors and taking in some fresh air and sunshine never fails to make me feel better and clear my head. Experiencing natural environments and green spaces is proven to have major psychological benefits. If you're feeling down, take a five minute walk, enjoy a stroll with your sweetie or drive on over to your nearest nature area or state park if things are really overwhelming.

Kenzo D'ete By Kenzo For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 2.5 OZ
Kenzo D'ete By Kenzo For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 2.5 OZ
There's something about a nice perfume that can make you feel confident, beautiful and self-assured. When I was in France, a smelled almost every product in Sephora (that was before the stores were stateside). And this was the only one that I really, really liked. You can find your favorite scent at a local shop or online. Fragrantica is a great site for reading reviews of almost every perfume on earth.

Rediscover Nature

You don't have to be a transcendentalist to appreciate nature.

Go outside, take a deep breath, feast your eyes on the scenery and let go of all your troubles.

Nature is a serene temple that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Take a moment to realize the beauty of the natural world.

Find this Art Print online.

14 Pamper Those Feet!

14.) Put on new socks. I got this tip from a friend I went on foreign exchange with. We flew with British Airways, and they offered passengers a complementary pair of socks for the flight I presume. He mentioned that he always liked to have a brand new pair of socks on hand.

15 Make a Beautiful Bouquet

15.) Create a bouquet with fresh wildflowers. Of course, you could always purchase a bouquet from your local florist, but i prefer taking a leisurely walk and gathering flowers as I go. Make a wild bouquet sauvage or something sleek and modern. A single flower or funky leaf can make a charming minimalist floral display.

The Judith Blacklock's Encyclopedia of Flower Design
The Judith Blacklock's Encyclopedia of Flower Design
Great Britain is known for their beautiful gardens and love of nature, so it's only natural that British flower designers would be the best in the biz. Discover tricks of the trade from a judge, teacher and world-class florist.

16 Explore Your Creative Side

16.) Make time to draw or doodle. Try relaxing Zentangles. Creative pursuits are ideal for alleviating stress and calming the body and mind. Zentangles were created by two busy professions who discovered that meditative doodling was exceptionally calming. I like to turn on some slow-paced music and get into a relaxed zone of creativity.

Moleskine Art Watercolor Album, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5" x 5.5") Plain/Blank, Black, 60 Pages
Moleskine Art Watercolor Album, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5" x 5.5") Plain/Blank, Black, 60 Pages
Authors, artists and creative souls who achieved celebrity status have sought out Moleskine notebooks for more than a century. These books have a certain mystique that goes beyond the quality paper and inspiring portability. Try their watercolor notebook. I know you'll love it as much as I do.

17 - 19 Relax Your Body and Mind

17.) Make time to do yoga, pilates, stretching, biking or you're favorite physical activity. Vigorous physical exercise can be relaxing, tiring and a great way to vent your frustrations safely.

18.) Center yourself with simple meditation exercises. One universal meditation exercise I like to do can be completed while seated or laying down. Begin by relaxing the body and all of your senses. Close your eyes and relax your eyeballs feeling your eyelids and all the surrounding muscles release their tension. Relax your cheekbones and your ears, feel your nostrils and sinuses relax. Feel the tension drain from your lips, chin and forehead. Gradually, relax your back and neck focus on relaxing the tension from each vertebra. Continue focusing on your breathing until you are ready to end the meditation.

19.) Try deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing and relaxing or invigorating pranayama exercises. This simple exercise has helped get me though some seriously stressful events. Scroll down to learn how to do this technique.

A.M. and P.M. Yoga
A.M. and P.M. Yoga
Setting aside a few minutes just for you can do wonders for your attitude and outlook. Find a pursuit that you enjoy. It might be a walk in a park, a Jillian Michaels workout that kicks your butt or a tried-and-true yoga DVD like this one.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Photo Courtesy of  Drew Osborne  through a  CC BY-SA 4.0 License
Photo Courtesy of Drew Osborne through a CC BY-SA 4.0 License | Source

Also called Anuloma Viloma or Nadi Sodhana, alternate nostril breathing is an important pranayama exercise that is ideal for calming the body and releasing tension.

  • To do this exercise, sit in a comfortable, relaxed position.
  • Place your thumb over one nostril and your index finger the other with a pinching type motion.
  • With your right nostril pinched closed, inhale. Before exhaling, release the right nostril, pinch the left nostril closed and exhale.
  • Repeat the process again inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling out of the left nostril.
  • Inhale left, exhale right, inhale right, exhale left.
  • As you get into a rhythm, imagine clear, sparkling white or golden light entering your sinuses and filling your diaphragm.
  • Feel your ribcage expand with each cooling inhalation.
  • While exhaling, imagine a sooty blackness being purged from your exhaust system and replaced by clear, glowing air.
  • Repeat this process several minutes or until you feel calm and serene.
  • To conclude the exercise, take one big breath through both nostrils, hold for five seconds and exhale allowing any remaining tension to leave your body.

20 - 22 Get Things Out of Your System

20.) Write a poem, write creatively or write for HubPages. As a professional writer, I never feel like I have the time or energy to write creatively, but it's really just a matter of making time to do this type of activity. Writing is great for getting frustrations out of your system and also get negative thoughts our of the mind by focusing on something else, like creating an awesome lens.

21.) Create a Hub. There isn't too much that a brand spanking new Hub can't do. It can even make you feel better. If you're feeling down, write about something you like, "simply remember you're favorite things and then I don't feel so bad." Leaving comments, liking pages and reading about your favorite topics on HubPages can also be a great escape.

22.) Listen to music. I can't tell you how many times music has cheered me up and gotten me out a weird emotional states. Music can be uplifting, calming, inspiring or relaxing. I few of my favorites for relaxing are new age artists, Diane Arkenstone, Enya, George Deuter, the Bombay Dub Orchestra, Ray Lynch and Delerium. For getting inspired a love Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Top40 (sometimes...for five minutes), oldies, the BeeGees, Astrud Gilberto and many other pop musicians.

Disraeli Gears
Disraeli Gears
Music does a few things for me. Loud rock and roll makes me work harder and get tough tasks done. Chillout mixes and new age or mood music helps me concentrate on work or relax. High-energy tunes also lift me spirit and help me get things out of my system.

23 - 24 Eat up, drink up, feel better.

23.) Make yourself a cappuccino or fancy cafe au lait. You don't have to go to Starbucks or France for that matter to get good cafe-quality coffee. There are plenty of coffee treats that can be made at home. If things are really bad, you made need to top your drink with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.

24.) Treat yourself to a cupcake, kugel, doughnut or bakery item. Let's admit it, people put other people through a lot of B.S., and sometimes a doughnut is the only thing that can make life better. Look at police officers. Judging by the amount of doughnuts they eat, things must be pretty bad. The worse the crimes are, the more doughnuts they eat!

25.) Enjoy a slice of pizza or your favorite comfort food. As a kid you grew up outside NYC, I grew up folding slices and loving pizza. I've heard of people treating themselves to pizza after going in for a mammogram, doctor's appointment or other unpleasant experience. Food is a great way to feel better, as long as you don't overdo it.


Cappuccino is easy to make with a stovetop moka. My cappuccino maker includes a cafepress-type screen plunger that is used to froth the milk before cooking.

I was introduced to the tradition of an afternoon espresso break while in Germany, a country that has an astounding variety of outstanding baked goods. The family I stayed with used a traditional Moka to brew powerful espresso that was served in real demi-tasse (half-cup) cups. Then, we added a few granules of raw sugar. The espresso was usually served with homemade applekuchen (an amazing dense white cake studded with apple pieces.) or some other type of sweet treat.

Whether you're a homemaker or busy professional, respect the quite moments of your coffee break. I like using Moka coffee makers because it becomes a relaxing ritual. When the coffee bubbles up, I sit back and sip my coffee slowing enjoying a moment without work, computers or any other annoyance.

Like traditional coffee percolators, stovetop mokas use steam and pressure to force heated liquid through the grounds. There are also a variety of ways to kick your everyday cup-a-joe up a notch. How about a doughnut, a sandwich cookie, a slice of homemade cake or a box of animal crackers.

Recently, I switched to the recent Bialetti Moka Express, which is the classic stovetope espresso maker and a true work of art. I doesn't have a frother like my old unit, but there are handheld wand that you can buy for less than $10.

Find ideas and recipes for luxurious coffee-flavored drinks and lattes on the Folger's Website

Find this fun and affordable art print at

One Last Tip for Stress-Free Living

Take a deep breath and let go of everything that is getting you down. Breathe in imagining clear, bright air entering your diaphragm, and exhale letting go of all your emotions and feeling the stress drain from your neck and shoulders. Aaaah....Enjoy the feeling of relaxation.


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