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27 Ways Water Helps the Body

Updated on May 29, 2015

We have learned the importance of water and how 6 to 8 glasses should be consumed each day for body health. But what are some of the ways water helps the body? Since the body is made up of 60-70% water it is important to take a look at this zero calorie beverage. It is also good to know that the body can survive a lot longer without food than it can without water. The benefits of water shown through studies greatly enhance the quality of life if this agent is taken seriously enough to consume the recommended daily requirement.

  • Studies have shown that water may help aid in weight loss. Drinking water before a meal not only makes a person feel full, but also may boost the metabolism.
  • Water helps the digestive system and aids in stopping constipation

  • Studies have shown that regular water intake may reduce the chance of colon and bladder cancer

  • Water helps the urinating process and therefore helps eliminate harmful carcinogens

  • Water stops dehydration which may impact the mind

  • For all you migraine headache sufferer’s studies have shown water brings relief from headaches. Also going without water for too long may even contribute to headaches

  • Water helps with proper blood flow throughout the body

  • Water helps aid blood pressure

  • Water helps the kidneys keep up with removing waste from the body

  • Water refreshes and energizes a tired body. Feeling tired is one sign of dehydration

  • Water helps with brain function because dehydration causes brain tissue shrinkage

  • Water helps keep the cartilage around the joints in the body hydrated

  • Water helps to remain alert because dehydration is known to affect memory and focus

  • Lack of water even causes death because the body can endure much longer without food than it can without water

  • Water consumption may even affect the mood swings of a person. A grumpy attitude may only need water to refresh and perk up

  • Hunger may only be a sign that a person is thirsty

  • Water helps the skin

  • Dark color urine is a sign of not enough water. Drink until color lightens

  • Water helps prevent diseases because dehydration also contributes to toxic build up

  • Water helps with sluggish and tiredness

  • Water has zero calories so is better than other beverages that add calories

  • Water also reduces cramps

  • Water quenches thirst

  • Water helps create saliva

  • Water helps to regulate appetite

  • Water helps to maintain healthy body weight

  • Water helps regulate body temperature

our level of well being greatly depends on the fluids we consume through our bodies.

The old saying you are what you eat is only half of the story because a person is also what they drink. Sodas and other beverages with sugar harm the body over time and prohibits the body from functioning the way it was designed to do so.


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