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3 Body Massage Techniques

Updated on September 11, 2013

Best Forms of Stress Relievers

One of the best forms of stress relievers come in the form of body massage. It is a natural remedy that has been there for several centuries and believed to have come from human’s instinct to touch the painful body part. Though considered an old-fashioned way of healing, people still resort to body massage to relieve stress, tension and muscle tiredness. However, an effective massage does not come with sporadic touching and moving of hands on the patient’s body. If you want to learn how to do a proper massage, here are some of the body massage techniques that you should know.

Massage Techniques

Massage therapists often use three body massage techniques – kneading, friction and eflorage. These techniques are often applicable to back massage, however they can still be applied while massaging other body parts.

Kneading is a technique which is performed by mimicking how kneading a bread is done. This technique helps relieve muscle soreness and tension. It can also help improve blood circulation and removes toxins from the nerves and muscles. Kneading can be performed in two ways – superficial and deep kneading.

Superficial kneading is done by light pinching of the muscles through the thumb and next few fingers. It only affects the upper layers of the skin where there are no major muscles. Deep kneading, on the other hand, applies more pressure on the muscles. Unlike superficial kneading, deep kneading requires the application of movements usually learned by the therapist from school. It involves grasping and vibrating the major muscles of the body.

Another important body massage technique is called eflorage. Sometimes called “effleurage” this technique is of French origin and it means “to touch lightly.” This usually signals the start and end of a massage. Eflorage is performed by doing a spreading motion in the area being massaged. This technique relaxes the patient and helps him/her get familiarized with masseuse’s touch. This technique promotes a soothing or sedating action which soothes the nerves. The masseuse may also deepen or lighten the pressure, according to the patient’s preference. It is also the technique used to spread massage oils into the patient’s body.

The last but not the least of the body massage techniques are called frictions. It basically requires the masseuse to place her fingers on the target area. The hand is slightly bent and pressure is applied onto the area. This technique is said to be beneficial in supplying blood to the area and release pain. It is also effective in removing toxins and fatty deposits, making it ideal for obese people. Adding pressure should be gradual as overdoing it can result to muscle soreness. The masseuse should also observe proper posture while doing frictions or she will feel sore herself after the massage. Lastly, the pad of the fingers should be used and the nails should not dig into the patient’s skin.

Learning how these three body massage techniques is fundamental to doing a successful and effective massage. Properly executing them establishes trust between the masseuse and the patient and will subsequently lead to a relaxing feeling.


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