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3 Cost-Effective Benefits of Dental Implants

Updated on September 22, 2015
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A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Business Management Major), I worked my way through multisectoral exposures.

A large portion of our population today is facing the same problem that you are probably facing right now. Many of these people had not given much importance on their teeth while on their younger years and end up losing their teeth earlier than expected. This is the reason why they had trouble chewing and grinding food before digesting them.

Each of our teeth had its own task in our eating process. You may notice that they come in pairs to attain balance in their function. One pair is for cutting, the other is for grinding, while the rest are for biting and chewing. With the absence of one or two, it breaks the symmetry and creates imbalance as well as malfunction in some of its function. This is the reason why you can no longer enjoy eating the way you did before.

What about your smile? When you lost some teeth, you lost not only the ability to eat with much gusto. You also lost your confidence to display that crowd-pleasing and captivating smile that makes you popular among the girls. To make it worst, you lost those two front teeth. This would surely ruin your life. No worries, with our advancements in our Cosmetic Dentistry, you can regain back that lost confidence through the cost-effective dental implants.

No Guts? No Glory!

What about Dental Implant? Is it safe and easy on your budget?

A dental implant is the surgical attachment of a metal post to your jawbone inside your gums. This will serve as the frame for any tooth replacement that will later be installed in it. Because of the meticulous process and skill in the craft involve in this treatment, the charge of the dentist is much higher compared to the regular denture treatment or the use of false dentures made of plastics or porcelain. As added information, less than 10% of the cost is covered by most Insurance Companies.


Regain Your Captivating Smile

Knowing the cost that a dental implant entails will surely bring a frown on your face but take a minute to read the next line as this will surely bring back your lost captivating smile and I’m sure it’s worth a hole in your pocket.

How cost-effective is this dental treatment?

Though this Dental Implant Treatment may cost you a lot, it is still safe to say that its benefits justify the cost. Here is how it can benefit you:

A Brand New Feeling

Had you ever tried wearing false teeth. Many hate the inconvenience that one had to suffer because of the bridge used in connecting all the pieces together and attaching them to an adjacent remaining tooth or teeth for support. Even though provided with the support, it is still susceptible to breakage when used for eating hard, chewable food like meat. This attachment will also cause the support tooth to be conducive to wearing after sometime. However, in a dental implant, the tooth implant will replace even the tooth root, the bone is preserved and the adjacent teeth need not be grounded for the cemented bridge. Dental implant is buried and attached to your jawbone making the teeth bone healthy and strong.

The use of tooth implant gives a feeling of a newly arise tooth and with the absence of a bridge, you can renew your lost smile and doesn’t feel awkward about it.

What's Your Choice?

When you lost your frontal teeth, what did you do?

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Strong Support to Bolter your Ego

Since this support is locked-in into your jawbone and the artificial denture or brace is screwed in place, there’s no way for you to feel unsecured that it may break or fly as you deliver your speech, putting you into an embarrassing situation. This will surely bolster your ego.

No Sores and Pains

Because everything is settled inside your gum and every tooth replacement is embedded one by one, no need for that kind of bridge that is attached to either side of the space left by the extracted tooth or teeth. This bridge usually develops sores in your gums and causes you to experience pain.

Longer Duration Period

A normal dental treatment can’t have long duration because of the materials used and the bridge which can cause the adjacent support tooth to decay faster. Since the support teeth was grounded as it serves the foundation for the bridge, once the cement material starts to be removed, it will make the support tooth susceptible to decay.

A dental implant could last for 10-20 years depending on how it is taken care of. The molars, which used to work a lot, have lesser time span than those frontal teeth implants.

Now, that you aware of its benefits, are you ready to put a hole in your pocket in return for your Cassanova’s lifestyle?

Quick Guide for a Dental Implant

In summary there are the three major benefits you will derive from Dental Implant Treatment:

1. No more worries or embarrassing moment.

  • The frame which supports your teeth is directly implanted to your jawbone, preventing any movements which may damage the implanted teeth or the adjacent support teeth.
  • You will no longer worry it may accidentally break or flew out of youth mouth, outing you in an embarrassing situation.
  • Because it is rooted to your jawbone like a natural tooth, you will not worry that it will break when you had your bite of not-so-well-boiled meat.

2. No more pains

  • The first time you wear your false teeth, you can hardly chew on your food because of the pain every time the frame hits your gums. It takes longer time before your gum becomes immune to the friction created when rubbed with the plastic frame holding the dentures.
  • With the implanted set of teeth, every tooth is embedded to the metal frame permanently installed on your jawbone, so there’s no friction created when biting or chewing food.

3. Longer Usage

  • It takes 10-20 years for the implanted denture to wear depending on the way you clean it. So for proper hygiene, you need to be meticulous in brushing your teeth to ensure that it will last longer.

Dental Implant Surgery Step by Step, Dental Implant Before After, Dental Implant Procedure

Brushing Techniques for Glistening Teeth

How long does it take you to brush your teeth?

Usually, in the morning, brushing our teeth takes place when we are in a rush to go somewhere, may it be in the office or to bring our children to school. We are such in a hurry that it’s usually our time for brushing our teeth after breakfast that we sacrifice. It took us barely a minute to rotate those bristles around our mouth and gurgle it with water. However, a good oral hygiene needs about 5 minutes of meticulous brushing, A lot of small debris of food taken had somehow managed to hide beneath of the side of our gums and unless, removed will permanently lodged itself to our teeth. These are what we call tartar.

To meticulously clean our teeth, we need to brush in short, up and down strokes for the frontal teeth and inner and outward stroke for the molar and canine teeth. Give more attention to the gum lines, fillings, crowns and even the gums, inner part of your cheeks and palate. Brush dental fixtures more carefully. To be sure that you are carefully taking care of your teeth in brushing, here is the proper procedure:

  • Brush the other part first with up and down strokes,
  • Next brush the interior portion from inside out. Be sure that all all in-between gaps are properly brushed.
  • Clean the chewing surfaces of molar and canine teeth.
  • Clean the tongue by sweeping your toothbrush over its surface for fresher breath.
  • Don’t forget to brush the sides of your inner check and also your gums.
  • Rinse and gurgle with water.
  • You may use mouth wash or put some drops of it on your glass. Use this to rinse your mouth,
  • You may use dental floss to make sure than no piece of food residues hides in between your teeth.


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    • profile image

      Benson Jack 

      2 years ago

      Most Importantly Dental implants are now very safe , confidence is something which you dont want to loose all the best

    • profile image

      Manjitsingh Bhalla 

      3 years ago

      It’s our improved self-confidence that dental implants would mainly fill into us. Brilliance in oral look and accuracy in functions enhanced too. Just great!

      Suggested read:

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Precisely, Jackson! Dental problem could lead one to a low esteem level and loss of confidence.

    • profile image

      Jackson Willis 

      3 years ago

      I think that dental implants could really help a lot of people. I know that i would really struggle if I had to deal with not having something as important as teeth. This procedure helps resolve that issue for people who are having to deal with it.


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