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3 Yoga Breathing Techniques for Energy Boost

Updated on July 5, 2013

Most of us are aware of how important proper breathing is for our life. Whether you are a practitioner of yoga or not, whether you do meditation or not, proper breathing is still necessary for our well-being. The right breathing technique helps us take in more oxygen into our lungs, in turn giving us the necessary energy as well as keeping our system clean. Here are 3 yogic breathing techniques for keeping high energy levels all day long. These techniques are considered quite powerful as they form the basis for advanced meditation and Kundalini yoga.

Steps are given in the YouTube videos. As some of these breathing techniques can generate body heat and some unwanted effects, a good yoga teacher is recommended before you start any of these techniques. However, some of the benefits are provided here.

1) Right nostril breathing (Surya Bedhi Pranayama)

This is a simple yet powerful breathing technique. One needs to just isolate the breath exclusively to the right nostril. This ignites and activates the sun channel (with reference to Kundalini yoga) in our body. This technique has several advantages.

  • Improves vitality and gives physical strength.
  • Increases energy in the body while fighting lethargy and malaise.
  • It alleviates ailments related to low energy and emotions such as depression.
  • This breathing technique is also known to combat shyness and timidness.

This breathing technique is however not recommended for people who have issues with body heat as this breathing can generate extreme body heat. Caution should be maintained if you are suffering from high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart disease or stroke.

2) Breath of fire (Agni-prasana)

This is one of my favorite yogic breathing techniques for energy. It is also one of the basic breathing exercises for Kundallini yoga. Done properly, it clears toxins and deposits from the lungs, mucous linings cells and blood vessel. This breathing technique is known to increase the lung capacity and vital strength. Some benefits of this exercise include:

  • Stimulating the solar plexus to release energy throughout the body
  • Keeping the blood purified if done for 5 to 15 minutes every day.
  • Regulating the pituitary gland and nervous system if done for 31 minutes every day.
  • Raising the voltage of nervous system and strengthening shaky nerves
  • Increasing physical endurance in need of competitive or survival situations
  • Producing alpha rhythm in the brain which is essential for meditation

The list of benefits of this exercise is endless. However, caution must be used if you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases, epilepsy or stroke. Avoid this exercise if you are menstruating or heat related gastric issues such as ulcers. Also, stop the exercise you feel dizzy or are suffering from vertigo.

3) Bellows breath (Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama)

This is one more powerful breathing exercise for energy. It is known to be the ultimate breathing exercise for energy and power with a long list of health benefits. For starters, it is known to help in burning fat while improving body metabolism, hence helping a person lose weight in a natural and healthy way. Its other benefits include:

  • Purifying one’s gross and subtle body by eliminating waste and toxins
  • Strengthening the respiratory system and building lung capacity.
  • Generating body heat and opening up energy pathways
  • It expands and fortifies the nervous system
  • It massages the internal organs improving your digestive system, if done forcefully

Use caution while doing this exercise if you suffer from vertigo. You should also use caution if you are suffering from high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease or epilepsy. Avoid doing this exercise if you are menstruating.

These are some powerful yogic techniques you can follow for high energy and power. I will update few more breathing techniques for various other benefits. Do add any other breathing techniques you practice for energy and power.


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