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3 very different inspirational stories

Updated on February 27, 2015

Skydiving Granny

Three inspiring true stories about an 84-year-old became a daredevil, a 73-year old man was saved by his chihuahua and the father of the century.
Skydiving Granny
Dodie Bruening is considered to be a tough woman that is fond of exciting and amazing experience in her life. Due to her excitement and challenging aims in life, she was able to plan for a celebration during her 84th birthday which she was never experienced before. She tried to check out a lot of items in her bucket list and decided to tackle unique and exciting activity she had never experienced before.

Are you serious?

People couldn’t believe that Dodie Bruening would jump up high and try to have some skydiving activity. She made her first trip going to Chester and visits the famous Skydive in Carolina. She was never afraid and nervous to try this particular activity inspite of her age. She always dreamed to have such activity even when she was still a kid. The more she thinks on this particular dream the more she was excited to do it. Her age doesn’t stop Dodie Bruening from performing skydiving activities hence on the day of her birthday she glided in the sky with faith and confidence without thinking of her age.

One-eyed chihuahua for the rescue

James Wathen was a 73-year old man who stopped eating and was very frail. He could no longer speak because of the illness he is experiencing. One day he was able to whisper to his nurse that he really misses his pet which is a one-eyed Chihuahua whose name is Bubba. Since his care team wanted to help James to be reunited with his pet, they were able to plan to reunite them both, despite of the fact that part of the hospital rules is to ban pet admissions. In order to immediately and effectively give James the chance to reunite with his pet, the medical staffs secretly works with the Knox- Whitely Animal Shelter, the place where his pet has been sent when he was staying in the hospital.
What the staff managed to sneak the pet is more on the emotional reunion that both of James and his pet showed. Bubba leap on his owner and started to lick his face while James stroked him softly and gently. Although James was aware that his pet dog might worsen his condition, but he was not prevented to see his pet. This is the reason why James has done complete turnaround on his pet. After his pet visit, James is already sitting up, eating and speaking. He doesn’t appear to be the same guy he was before and his pet is already doing better now.

Team Maddy


Inspirational story of The Father Of The Century

A Michigan man Rick Van Beek who participated in a triathlon activity was renowned as the father of the century due to his devotion he had shown for his child who has cerebral palsy. They took part in the Sun and Sanford sprint triathlon with his 13-year old daughter Maddy. The teenager could make it to the event alone hence her heroic and proud daddy pushed and pulled her along with him. Both of them take stroke and stride together towards the finish line.
Maddy can neither talk or walk hence her daddy is not sure if she can also see. But what her father is aware of her is that she loves to be part of outdoor activities. One of the things you will admire more about her is about her affection in outdoor activities. With their participation in the triathlon, they were highly recognized and admired by those father and daughter because of the courage they have shown.

I've written a full article about Rick and Maddy in my blog,

I hope these three stories have uplifted your soul. I would love to hear your comments.


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    • inspirationpilot profile imageAUTHOR

      Ulloriaq Kristiansen 

      3 years ago from Greenland

      Right? I just love these particular stories. Especially Dodie Bruenings story, that lady is awesome. Truly inspiring.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      It is amazing the things that people do! These are great!


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