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3 Ways to Strengthen Our Mind Through Body, Intellect and Energy

Updated on August 30, 2020
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An author and a writer with a different approach to life. Covid 19 can surely check our patience but we will never give up.

The mind is made up of various parts that can exert influence on your behaviour. When asked with a very important question to many people that "Are you happy" many of you will end up giving mixed answers if the answers are given honestly by the people. Much of our life is comprised of mixed bag scenarios in which we are contented with a certain part of our life and dissatisfied with the other part. But the actual truth is that your outlook towards life determines your happiness and not your situations. so, learning how to control your mind becomes crucial in this aspect for building a sense of serenity with you and your life, whatever the circumstances are. When you become a master in this aspect of controlling your mind you will find a passage to everlasting and unshakeable contentment. There are three layers to control our mind: body, intellect and emotions. For example, if you look at a table which has three legs and if one leg is broken the table will ultimately fall. Just like that, these are the three strong pillars of our life to control our mind and if we ignore any one of them we will surely going to fall. So in this article, we will work on these three things to control our mind to lead a peaceful and contented life.

First pillar: Your Body and Health

As simple as it sounds "Take care of your body". How many of you take care of your body regularly by proper exercising either doing yoga, walking, jogging or going to the gym in which your body releases a good amount of sweat. The figures will be quite low. Working on your body actually means when your body releases a fair amount of sweat, then only your body will remain fit and become strong from inside. our body is meant for this only and not to lie down the whole day. you don't have to work out only for fooling yourself or others but to gain benefits from exceeding. Theoretically, it can be understood but the question is how to implement it practically.

  1. Never make excuses:

Many people make excuses that we don't have time. This is really rubbish. There are 24 hours in a day and you all have to give only an hour to replenish your body. One hour is only 4% of a day and its quite worth to spend on yourself to lead a better life. Now, if you still say that we don't have enough time then find out where you are spending your whole day.

2. People are busy earning money

People often say that we are busy in earning money which is necessary to live a great life. But just ask a simple question to yourself, if health is lost than what you will do with such money. For whom you are earning. If you lose your health then you will be useless for not only for yourself but for your family members as well. You will become a liability to others. It also goes for all mothers as well. If you cannot take care of yourself than there is quite a possibility that you cannot take care of your kids as well. So, never make excuses. As soon as you say this your brain, it excepts this thought and works accordingly.

3. For some laziness is happiness

Happiness is not the same for everyone. For some people sitting idle and not doing anything gives immense pleasure. As it's easy to sit around and waste time rather than working hard and doing productive. It's quite a possibility you have some voices in your head probably of your own having arguments with you.

you: Its time to workout

voice of mind: I am tired, will start from tomorrow.

you: But every time I give excuses.

voice of mind: Well I guess we will watch t.v and then workout.

Now doing modifications to include exercise is not an easy task. The most important task is to adjust your attitude. Never take exercise as an obligation, as it will never going to motivate you to do so. Rather, treat it as a break from a stressful day to give a reward to your body that has worked so hard all day long.

Second pillar: Intellect

It will not be a myth to say that" planning is the job of the intellect and execution is the job of your emotions." You can also say that an intellect refers to "what you ought to do and mind refers to "what you want to do". When intellect will say " you have to work out to lose weight" your mind will say " let me sleep one more hour". And to be honest the mind wins most of the time. The thing is that if emotions come into your way of planning you will never be successful. In this important step never allow your emotions to interfere in your activities. You have to be unbiased while making plans for you. But why mind wins, in the end, is the most important question. It can be explained as spiritually and scientifically as well:


Mind wins for the short span as it gives short term immediate satisfaction. It is effortless.

If intellect wins, in the end, it's all because of virtues like Patience and Sacrifices you possessed for long term rewards.


If you look scientifically than mind and intellect are not treated as separate components but as an interdependent to each other.

From whatever perspective you see, the mind can become more powerful than intellect ie. negative emotions surpasses the positivity. But the intellect can be made powerful by doing meditation, affirmations spiritually or by scientific techniques as following cognitive therapy as well.

Third pillar: Execution or Energy

Execution comes from energy. And energy comes from emotions. If you break this word it comes as "Energy in motion" which is emotion. Without emotions, there is no energy as it is the actual source of energising. The logic never works at your emotional side of the brain. For example, logically you know that exercise is good for health but when emotions get overpowered you will not think about the positive aspects, although you know still you will neglect those things. So, your life is been controlled by your emotions. If we talk about "what are emotions"? In simple form, it can be defined as when some of our minds release some chemicals due to which we feel happy if it is a positive side or we may feel sad if it is the negative side. So, when our emotions are inspired by some imaginary aspects of our life which actually does not exist gives us immense pleasure. But in reality, life is not a bed of roses and we should be practical at times. There are so many people who are leading a miserable life and still, they hardly complain as they are practical enough to control their mind. So next time create a new imaginary story with some practicality to fool your brain as if you will not exercise you will be admitted to a hospital. Show your emotional brain that life is very harsh and when your emotional brain accepts this theory the brain will stop to release chemicals and finally your life will be executed by you and not your emotional aspect but a practical aspect. Then you will enjoy your life and goals will be achieved as this is the most intelligent way of living your life.


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