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101 Kettlebell Workouts: 30 Under 30 Workout # 9 - Enter The Hindu Squat

Updated on May 1, 2016

What the hell is a "Hindu Squat?"

Hindu Squat Fail
Hindu Squat Fail

Hmmm.... number 9 tosses a monkey in the wrench

Subject: ebook by David Whitley

Title: 101 Kettlebell Workouts

Section: 30 Under 30

Goal: Complete all hundred and one

Status: 21 down, 80 to go. On # 9 in the 30 workouts in under 30 minutes section...

For those of you just tuning in...

CLICK HERE to read about "The 101 Kettlebell Workout Experiment"

The workout:

Kettlebell Windmills 3 sets

Kettlebell Snatches 3 sets

Hindu Squats 3 sets

Imagine hearing that screeching noise when the needle runs off the record.... Hindu squats? What the hell is a Hindu Squat? At this point it's a term I've heard, but in reality, I got no clue. I'm pretty sure I'll be squatting, I think I may wind up balancing on my toes, but that's really about it.

So let's do some research! We'll start with Google. Matt Fury's there, Clarence Bass quoting Matt Fury, random articles and videos. Not confident from what I'm seeing. Lot's of articles and suggestions from people I'm not too familiar with. I even read a "Hub" about them. I stumbled on a video of Steve Maxwell doing them and it looked about right. I'm familiar with Steve Maxwell and trust his opinion. Then I find an article by Mike Mahler who I also trust. I read the part on Hindu Squats and figure I got the idea.

Brief History of the Hindu Squat: Apparently it is a traditional calisthenic from India that was used by wrestlers to strengthen the legs and increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Their appeal to me? I like old school drills!

My mission should I choose to accept it: Complete 3 sets of 20 Hindu Squats.

Here's how it all came about. My main goal was to not loose my balance and fall flat on my face. I also had some concerns with bending that far forward on my knees. And what about the arms? What's the deal with the arms? So I'm standing there, feet shoulder width apart, arms at my side. I decide to keep my weight on my heals as long as possible and slowly sit back. I pry my knees out, keep my spine straight, put my arms out in front of me and keep heading toward the hole. As I approach the bottom, I come up on my toes, lower my arms behind me and stand up winding back on my heels. I bring my arms up into a guard position, squeeze my glutes, abs, and lats. OK. Did I just do a Hindu Squat? Frankly, I have no idea. Most likely I did some hybrid of a Hindu Squat and a Hardstyle Squat. Apparently, you're supposed to do these at a quick pace. Were mine done at a quick pace? Hell no! Did I fall on my face? Fortunately not. I meandered through the first set and had a comfortable second round. By the third set, I felt pretty confident with the movement and upped the pace. It was a good exercise in creating and releasing tension. My knees felt fine. I think the potential for knee damage can come from not controlling the movement and being too focused on keeping a quick pace. Once again, never sacrifice form for function.

Overall, I think I've found a new appreciation for the Hindu Squat and now understand how and why this is a good move for conditioning. I think as a stand alone drill, I think it's a good exercise for fat loss and building leg strength as well as improving your balance and coordination. It looks like there will be more of these and I look forward to continuing the Hindu Squat experiment. I will continue to practice this drill and report back on my findings. For now though I will advise caution to beginners because if you do this wrong or rush into it, you could hurt yourself. I say start with the squats taught in "Super Joints" and evolve from there. If you're not familiar with squatting, this is not the exercise to start with.

As for the rest of the workout, I enjoys the low volume of Windmills and Snatching. I trained at the old Muscle Beach in Santa Monica so I'd do a set, then jog a lap around the grass tumbling square, set, jog, set jog. That part was about 12 minutes. I took my time with the Hindu Squats and finished the whole deal in about 25 minutes. After training, I did a stretching routine and then headed up to the gym to get a steam bath and a shower.

How's the diet so far? On this day I had a 2 Protein shakes, a banana and a handful of almonds and for dinner my wife cooked ground turkey and tossed it with diced eggplant, zucchini, onions and yellow squash. Added a couple teaspoons of organic marinara sauce and a light dusting of Parmesan cheese. Yummy for the tummy! Right before bed I sliced a roma tomato and had it with a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese.

Well, that about sums up #9!

Thanks for reading and following along. Feel free to comment or ask a question!

David Whitley's ebook "101 Kettlebell Workouts" is available and free over at

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Hindu Squats

I've tried Hindu Squats and...

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