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Swim Fitness with Alligator Abs - Target Tone Your Love Handles

Updated on March 25, 2016

A male client of mine developed this water exercise. I had literally nothing to do with it - other than the invention of the swim float with its ergonomic curves to facilitate swim fitness exercises.

For me, and perhaps for many women, this exercise is beyond my physical means. It demands a tremendous amount of strength when in the swimming pool. The item that is difficult in the pool, is you cannot readily see the actual movement.

The good news is this specific water exercise movement is identical to the medicine ball on land. The only difference is you are in the swimming pool and using a buoyant float as the medicine ball.

While we used the EZ Swimmer as our float, most any aquatic barbell will work. My personal favorite aquatic barbell is the Delta Bells - the soft closed cell foam water barbells manufactured by Aqua Jogger.

A Great Physique is The Result of A Comprehensive Health Program

A great physique is a sign that you exercise program is well designed and disciplined. Great waistlines are a product of proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and target toning. Target toning alone is not going to achieve the results that you desire. Target toning especially of your core should only be used in conjunction with a full body workout that includes stretching and cardiovascular exercise and good nutrition.

In short, there are no quick exercises to obtain a great physique. Great physiques are the product of hard work, determination, and proper nutrition.

I firmly believe a healthy waistline denotes a great cardiovascular fitness routine. Core exercises are important because they provide support for your back muscles but target toning alone is the wrong approach to a healthy body.

More Muscle Means Higher Metabolism

Working the major muscle groups will change your metabolism. Aim for a full body workout with special emphasis upon the legs. Our legs contain our largest and longest muscles. The largest muscle in the human body is our quadriceps, the longest muscle is called the sartorious. These muscles are critical to our movement and to our metabolism.

Water Dumb Bells

The great item about the Delta Bells is they come in different sizes. As a certified instructor, I enjoy these pieces of equipment because they stack readily.

There are a myriad of different manufacturers of dumb bells designed specifically for the swimming pool. All of these will work also as a medicine ball - all you need to do is change how you hold the dumb bell and move the dumb bell across your body as if it were a medicine ball on land.

EZ Swimmer Water Weight

When utilizing the EZ Swimmer for the medicine ball movement, my male client choose to hold at the upper convex curves with the small flat area away from the body.

I personally have tried this movement and for me, it ends up being alligator abs and nothing more. I simply don't have the strength to position the EZ Swimmer 8-10 under water and then movement it across my body as if it were a medicine ball.

This is not to say this movement is not available to others, however, upon testing, it appeared the only clients who could successfully master this movement were my male clients.


Demonstration of the Medicine Ball Movement

medicine ball exercise movement body position example
medicine ball exercise movement body position example | Source

Medicine Ball Exercise Movement

male with dark grey medicine ball with handles
male with dark grey medicine ball with handles | Source

How to Engage Muscles with Medicine Ball

The photos to the right showcase the medicine movement on land. The movement for the swimming pool is no different - just add water and change out the piece of equipment to some sort of aquatic barbell.

Stand Strong

The medicine ball exercise movement in the water is best performed when you are standing firmly with your toes pointed outward and your knees slightly bent. Look for the perfect water level for a comfortable position.

Water Depth

Look to keep your shoulders just slightly above the water.

If You Feel Your Back Muscles Engaged Change Your Body Position Immediately

This exercise movement is meant to train the core muscles not engage the back muscles.

Remember if you feel your back muscles engaged, change your body position immediately.

Medicine Ball Twisats Seated Ball Abdominal Oblique Exercises

Medicine Ball Exercise Movement for the Swimming Pool

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Locate a shallow position in the swimming pool where when you bend your knees slightly your shoulders are 4-5 inches of the water.

2. Start with your weight right in front of you.

3. Slowly move your weight from side to side.

Medicine Ball Oblique Twist with a Press

All Star Exercise Moves Video

Have you ever tried the medicine ball movement in the swimming pool?

See results

Triple Dare You!

I triple dare you to try the alligator exercise movement in the swimming pool. You don't need a swim board but you do need barbells. The noodle will work also.

The beautify of the alligator exercise is you are able to reach those crazy and annoying love handles. Yes! It is true - finally a swimming pool exercise to build muscle on the side of your waist.

Remember, your waistline is determined by not by muscle alone. Cardio and diet also play a major factor not just in your health but demonstratively apparent in your mid section.


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