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31 Phobias: #4 the Fear of Sharks

Updated on November 2, 2017

Fear of the Ocean is called Thalassophobia

Phagophobia is the fear of being eaten.
Phagophobia is the fear of being eaten. | Source


Selachophobia- The Fear of Sharks

Although, Selachophobia is a more understandable fear, Tapheselachophobia is a bit more complicated. Believe it or not, but Tapheselachophobia is an irrational fear of being buried alive with a shark and is actually a common phobias.

But wait...
it gets better.

There is also this another phobia that has to do with sharks that's even more bizarre. It's called Contreltotapheselachophobia. Don't try to pronounce it, it's not like you'll ever come across someone who actually suffers from this, but Contreltotapheselachophobia is similar to Tapheselachophobia but with something a little bizarre added. Contreltotapheselachophobia is the fear of being buried alive with a shark, but you're also afraid of being sexually molested by the shark.

I swear...I looked it up and couldn't believe it myself.
Now I couldn't find Contreltotapheselachophobia on the "unofficial" phobia list, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist either...right?

You decide.

Interesting Facts about Sharks

Researching the shark I found some interesting facts:

  • Sharks can vary in size, from almost seven inches (the dwarf lantern shark) to thirty-two feet (the whale shark).
  • The shark can submerged down to about six thousand & six hundred feet and are usually found in sea water, but there are a few exceptions.
  • The Bull Shark and the River Shark can survive both in fresh & sea water.
  • The MOST feared sharks (in random order) are the Hammerhead Shark, the Mako Shark, the Tiger Shark, the Blue Shark & the Great White Shark.

Shark Attack Survivor

J. Burns survived a shark attack
J. Burns survived a shark attack | Source

Predators of the Sea

As beautiful as they are, they're meant to do one thing - eat.
As beautiful as they are, they're meant to do one thing - eat. | Source

Surviving a Shark Attack

Defending Against a Shark Attack

If you ever find yourself face-to-face with a shark, first and foremost - good luck. However, there is a chance that you may get out of this alive and without a scratch.

How to Survive a Shark Attack by J. Burns

When you spot a shark:

  1. Get to your boat or dry-land as quick as possible keeping an eye out for that shark and any other sharks that may be nearby.
  2. Never attack a shark unless you've been bitten and/or drawing blood. They may just be curious and want to look at you.
  3. If you've been attacked continue moving to your boat or dry-land.
    When the shark gets close again, ATTACK! Go for the eyes or the gills. These are sensitive areas and will usually frighten a shark, at least for a little while.
    Hitting the nose on smaller sharks can also be effective, but on larger sharks - not so much.

Being Eaten Alive


Avoid Attracting Sharks

Don't bring Attention to Yourself

Unless you're stranded at sea, bringing attention to yourself while exploring beneath the sea can turn into a bad idea. Unless you're prepared to encounter a shark, avoid attracting sharks and don't bring attention to yourself.

Exploring at night is dangerous enough let alone bringing attention to yourself. Bright lights are a sure way to attract sea life, especially sharks. A sure way to avoid attracting sharks is to do any underwater exploration during the daylight hours - midday preferably. Sharks tend to feed in early daylight hours and right before it gets dark (dusk).

Early morning exploring is dangerous because the sharks have now gone all night without eating or have eaten very little.

Exploring during dusk is dangerous because the sharks know that they are about to possibly go all night without eating and they need to fill up.

Underwater exploring during the day isn't all that safe either. Don't bring attention to yourself and avoid attracting sharks by wearing bright colors. If you're on your menstrual cycle, have an open wound; bleeding, it is wise that you do not enter deep waters.

Horseplay and other erratic behavior will also bring attention to yourself. This mimics the behavioral patterns of certain sick and wounded prey that are easy pickings for sharks.


*BoNuS Material*

The Fear of Being Eaten Alive, Eating & Swallowing

Speaking of Sharks

When people think of sharks, most instantly think - "man-eater". Most people who suffer from Thalassophobia (the fear of the sea) also suffer from Selachophobia (the fear of sharks) and won't even go near the water, let alone an ocean - even on a boat. However, most people who suffer just from Selachophobia are able to handle traveling in large ships across the ocean (as long as there are safety boats). Strangely, a very high percentage of Selachophobics also suffer from Thalassophobia as well.

So what does Phagophobia have to do with sharks? Well, besides getting buried alive with a shark and possibly getting sexually molested by it as well, there's also that fear of being eaten by one. Those who seriously have Phagophobia and Selachophobia not only won't go near a shark tank but it can actually give them chills to even look at a picture of one.

However, there are those who suffer from the fear of eating. This is another form of Phagophobia and should not be confused with those who suffer from the fear of choking -Pseudodysphagia.

© 2014 James Timothy Peters


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