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31 Phobias: #6 Fear of Terrorism

Updated on June 26, 2018



The Act of Terorism

Terrorist Attack

Foreign & Domestic


Public officials, journalists and security corporations that spread fears of terrorism doesn't help those who suffer from terrorphobia. In fact, the more the public hears about "terror attacks", the greater fear it becomes and more real to them.

However, studies were showing that terror attacks were on the decline, but the event that took place at the Boston Marathon prove otherwise. But this also depends on how you look at it. For example:

  • A suicidal bomber driving a truck full of explosives into (their) an enemies base, headquarters, embassy, &c. consider a terrorist act or a "crazy" stratigic move towards a civil war?

By no means am I condoning such a cowardly act, but where do you draw the line between terrorism and an act of war?


Terrorism Causes Fear

Is Fear Controlling You?

Anger can be Dangerous Foe or
a Powerful Ally - You Decide

Take a Stand

You know deep in your heart what is right.
We, as a people (of Earth) understand "what's right & what's wrong'.

Religion has caused more deaths & misery than ALL the wars ever fought on this planet.
Think about it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again,

When one person suffers from a delusion, it’s called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it’s called RELIGION.

~James Timothy Peters from Beelzebub.Rocks - Author Unknown~

Those who suffer from terror phobia (also known as terror phobics) are dreadfully afraid of crowd public places, such as buses, trains, airports and other such terminals. Being in a tall building can cause panic with those who suffer from terror phobia for fear of not being able to escape if a terrorist attack would occur. Attending large public events is TOTALLY out of the question when you're a terror phobic. There have even been cases reported that those who suffer from terror phobia will run for their lives if they see an unattended bag or parcel for fear that it may be an explosive.

Terrorphobia is Real

What's Terrorism doing to your Children?

The World has Changed

Will it EVER be like it used to?

Unfortunately, I feel the world has changed forever - but not necessarily for the worse. Yes, technology is definitely affecting our everyday life with such devices as GPS, the Internet, the cellphone, &c., it's amazing how far we have come since just 25 years ago - it's also amazing how easily dependent we have become of them.

The "Information highway" is in full throttle and it's only getting faster (and better). With the media now able to send out news bulletins via Internet (whether they're correct or not), can only induce more fear & anger for those who suffer from terrorphobia.

Children Sense Fear FAR to Easily

Putting fear into children is another tactic that terrorists use. With today's media constantly displaying "acts of terrorism" on the television (especially in schools), it's no wonder that terrorphobia is on the rise. When these children see these images on the television screen, or the stories they're told from friends & family, they start putting their own "independent" thoughts together.

Unfortunately, these thoughts can be influence, and according to which news media their watching, listening to or reading off the World Wide Web can totally change a persons perspective. Propaganda is a powerful tool and has (and always will be) always influenced millions of people.

Children are eaisly influenced

BoNuS Material


Remember Kaitlin Roig, the SANDY HOOK Teacher who was killed?
Remember Rebecca Roche, the BOSTON MARATHON RUNNER who was killed?

They're the SAME PERSON!

The news media has everybody in such an uproar about terrorists attack, that other important topics are overlooked. Not that terrorism isn't a serious offense, to me it's the MOST serious offense of all, but they're are other important problems that need to be faced & conquered that are closer to home.

Whatever the story turns out be (true or not), it's obvious that the NEWS MEDIA kind of "jumped the gun" a bit on these two very serious events.



The chances of being involved in a terrorist attack is like 20,000,000 to 1.
Yes, you read that correctly.

The chances you getting hit by a moving vehicle?
106 to 1...yeah, that's right.

Check this out...
the chances of you dying by LEGAL execution - 79,815 to 1

This means that you're more likely to get LEGALLY executed than you are to get involved in a terrorists situation. Yet you hear more & more reports and news coverage about terrorist attacks than you do about what's happening in your own community.

You're more likely going to hear about what's going on Syria than you will about an event happening in your community...sad.

Chances of being abducted...? 610,000 to 1.

© 2013 James Timothy Peters


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