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34 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on August 21, 2011

At 34 weeks pregnant, you've around 6 weeks of your pregnancy left. Although it's only a little more than a month, you may well feel as though it seems a long way off. By this stage you'll be feeling pretty tired, possibly becoming a bit more anxious about the birth of your baby - yet you'll also be excited at the prospect of finally meeting your new son or daughter.

Now you’re 34 weeks pregnant, it’s very likely that you’re really beginning to struggle to sleep at night. If that is the case, you’re certainly not alone. Around three quarters of all pregnant women spend the last few weeks of their pregnancy tossing and turning during the night. There is no secret answer – though loose clothing, comfortable pillows and a good quality mattress will certainly help.

Also, you’re likely to be increasingly occupied with the impending birth of your baby. This is perfectly normal though it can – if you’re worried or anxious about it – affect how well you settle during the night. If that’s the case, try to focus on the positives; you will have the best medical care, professionals and facilities available. And when you factor in that your body will know what its doing (even if you don’t), you and your baby will no doubt come through the birth process in fine fettle – if a little exhausted!

Also, by the 34 weeks pregnant stage, some women suffer from fluid retention and swelling, particularly in their extremities. Providing that you’re not exhibiting signs of pre-eclampsia it’s a case of resting with your feet up, taking it easy and not over doing things. Easier said than done if you’ve already got a toddler running around but with support from partners, family and friends – you should be able to manage some ‘rest’ time.

34 Weeks Pregnant

A natural event that may occur during the 34 weeks pregnant stage - or after - is the fact that your baby may ‘drop’ into position. This simply means that he’s settled into the lowest point of your womb i.e. the top birth canal. Whether this happens now or later, it doesn’t mean he’s going to ‘drop out’. It’s natural to worry about that happening (I did) but the way our bodies are designed – it’s highly unlikely.

Some women feel an increased pressure in and around the vaginal region when their baby settles in for the ‘home run’ – and it’s quite normal to experience it. Your baby now weighs enough for you to be able to ‘feel’ it and having perhaps a five pound weight wedged into the top of your vaginal canal can be a little uncomfortable.

If you are extremely uncomfortable (when this happens) have a word with your midwife. Otherwise you may find that the upside is that you experience a bit of relief - regarding your ability to breath easier. If your baby drops down, that may then relieve the pressure on your lungs and upper body. Not a lot – but you may notice a difference.

Fetal Development

34 Weeks Gestation

At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby now has full length finger nails and his digestive system is fully functional. His chances continue to increase regarding his survival, should he be born prematurely. He will measure anywhere between 17 to 20 inches in (total) length and may weigh upwards of 5 pounds in weight. He is probably taking up most if not all of the space available within your uterus and you’ll now feel every kick, movement and twinge.

He won’t grow much between now and his expected date of delivery. However – he will continue to add weight, week by week. He will also be drawing calcium from you so try to up the amount of milk and calcium based foods – though perhaps it’s not a great idea to eat mountains of cheese!

34 Weeks Pregnant – In General

By the 34 weeks pregnant stage, you really are on the downhill slopes – before you know it, you’ll be home, happy and healthy with a babe in arms. I know from experience that it still feels like an age away but it really does come quicker than you may realise. Now’s the time to make sure you’re stocked up on small baby items – toiletries, diapers and so on – and that you’re birth plan is known to those that need to be aware of your ‘ideal’ birth.

Otherwise – continue to rest at every opportunity and try not to become too anxious about the birth. Despite my worrying about the birth of my babies – I kept going back and doing it all again!


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