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15 Minute Workouts for Women

Updated on January 27, 2013

Get Moving

In my previous hub, Losing Weight After Baby, I dared you to take the 15 minute workout challenge with me. To help you be prepared for your challenge, I am compiling a list of 15 minute workouts that you can do to get started.

I love the Holiday Fat Blasting video by Holly Rigsby. I used to have a video of it above but it has since been removed from YouTube so you can only follow the directions below. It's quick to the point and gives you an amazing workout. You will be performing the following supersets as a circuit.

Superset A - do this superset 2-4 times (with minimal rest in between)

A1 DB Swings 10-20
A2 T-Ups 6-10

Superset B
- do this superset 2-4 times (with minimal rest in between)

B1 - Reverse Lunge 6-10
B2 - V-Ups - 8-15

Intervals: Burpees

Perform for 30 sec
Rest/March for 30 sec
Repeat for 4-6 minutes

Hot Tip: Pair this 15 minute workout with another 15 minute workout and alternate those three times a week for up to 4 weeks. Once your 4 weeks are up, pair another 2 workouts together for 4 weeks so your body doesn't get used to the same workout. For example if you were performing the following two workouts W1 & W2, your schedule would look like this:

Week 1: W1 - W2 - W1

Week 2: W2 - W1 - W2

week 3: W1 - W2 - W1

week 4: W2 - W1 - W2

Zuzana from has a huge collection of workouts that she offers for free. The Sweat & Muscle workout above is one my all-time favorties. I used to have a video of it above but it is not longer active. Here is a lower quality archived video if you'd like to see the workout in action.

The way that Zuzana does this work out is incredibly intense so modify it to meet your needs. I have broken it down in three different ways for you to do, All in One Circuit, Fit Yummy Mummy Style, or Zuzana's Hardcore style.

All in One Circuit:

  • Prisoner Squats with Knee Up (8-10)
  • Pushups (5-8)
  • Jump Rope Skips (1 minute)
  • Burpees with Pushup (5)
  • Side Lunge Touch Down (8-10 each side)
  • Mountain Climbers (5-8)
  • Leg Lifts (8-10 each side)
  • Side Jump Squats ( 5 each side)

Take a rest in between circuits, I need at least 60 seconds. Repeat 2-4 times. It's okay to take breaks if you need them.

Fit Yummy Mummy style:

Superset A - repeat without stopping, rest 30 seconds, and repeat 2 more times.

  • Prisoner Squats with Knee Up (8-10)
  • Pushups (5-8)

Superset B - repeat without stopping, rest 30 seconds, and repeat 2 more times.

  • Burpees with Pushup (5)
  • Side Lunge Touch Down (8-10 each side)

Superset C - repeat without stopping, rest 30 seconds, and repeat 2 more times.

  • Mountain Climbers (5-8)
  • Leg Lifts (8-10 each side)
  • Side Jump Squats ( 5 each side)


  • Jump Rope Skips (1 minute on 30 seconds off - 4 times)

Hardcore Style: requires gymboss exercise timer

"Setup the timer for 4 intervals of 60 and 30 seconds. There are no breaks between each exercise. At the end of the 6 min round take a very short break then reset your timer and do the whole circuit 2 more times for an 18 minute brutal workout!

60 seconds Prisoner squats with Knee up

30 seconds standard pushups (not from knees)

60 seconds Jump Rope Skips

30 seconds burpees with pushup and jump

60 seconds Side lunge touch down (staying low) 

30 seconds mountain climbers

60 seconds Leg Lifts

30 seconds Side jump squats" ~Zuzana

Take the 15 Minute Workout Challenge

Learn more about the 15 Minute Workout Challenge at Losing Weight After Baby. Don't forget to follow Loseweightmama on Twitter and use the hash tag #fitin15 to showcase your success.


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    • profile image

      Eric Twitty 

      8 years ago

      Great workouts!

      Interval training and circuits are THE way to burn fat. Spending an hour on the treadmill and then an hour on the elliptical won't cut it. Thanks for the awesome article.

      Eric Twitty


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