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4 Simple Ways to improve your work-life balance

Updated on March 30, 2016

The time is 6:30 pm, picture yourself sitting at your cubicle staring at a bright computer screen. You are trying to find a way to cut the electricity on your computer but the office manager decided to put protective covers on the power strips.The pain in your back is starting to increase, you look at the clock on your computer and phone but it hasn't changed in an eternity. You look at your files you have to finish, then back to your screen, then back to the files,argghhhh! You finish up your workday at 8 pm, spend 30 minutes driving home and sit down on the couch,still wearing your shirt and tie or blouse and dress pants.Your beautiful children are running around the house wanting you to play with them but all you can do is mumble a few soft words of rejection, which sends your kids into a chaotic state of anger, depression, sadness , and spite in a matter of milliseconds.There is a solution: and it's about learning to balance work & life with some simple steps. But first, check out these horrifying work-life statistics:

Statistics that will scare you

4 Simple Steps

  1. Meditation - Some people feel that meditation is only for hipsters, Buddhists and Portland,Oregon. The reality is that meditation is a quick,effective, and relaxing method to rid your body and mind of stress, anxiety, and negativity. If you have an android or iphone you can easily bring up meditation apps like Calm : or for iphones here: Meditation can take only 2 minutes with their simple, guided techniques.Calm is easy to use and best of all, it's free of charge to use their quick-guided sessions or relaxing sounds.Also, practice meditation once more when you return home from work, so work stress does not interfere with your home life!
  2. Fresh Air - Mother nature is our personal aid in de-stressing our lives and re-energizing our bodies. Take a walk around your business park,neighborhood or place of work and breathe in that sweet fresh air. Vitamin D from the sun, and fresh oxygen will fill your blood stream with essential nutrients and keep you from collapsing on your office floor!
  3. Open dialogue with your boss - Be open and honest with your work about spending more time with your family.Offer to work from home if they will let you bring files or work back to your home. Just be up front about how stressed out you are, how much your family means to you and how you want to stay professional but also be there for your family.You'd be surprised how many bosses will actually consider it.
  4. Know when to switch the "off" button,literally - When you are home with the kids or your wife, turn off the phone for a bit and don't respond to those work e-mails. If your company isn't paying you when you get home, there is no reason to answer those texts or e-mails. On the flip side of things, when you get to your respected workplace remember that it's work. Put down farm hero, turn off your cell and focus on the task at hand. By completing these simple tasks during your work day, you can find better balance at home, have more fun with your kids, and enjoy life.Eventually even fulfilling happiness before it's time to go to Shady Acres Retirement Home.

By following these simple yet effective ways to improve your work-life balance, you will lead a more fulfilled and happy life.

Ultimate Work Week

What does your ultimate work-life balance day consist of?

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