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4 Ways to remember your spirit

Updated on July 3, 2015

We go about our days filled with work, schedules, the noise and distraction of a life that is so teeming with activity that it seems a miracle that we don’t pop like balloons and let the essence of our lives spill out. No surprise then when we arrive at a time and space in our lives where we feel spiritually washed out and dead. Religious backgrounds aside there is an unmistakable yet somewhat intangible part of ourselves that needs to be fed and nurtured, a place that we call spirit or soul. Each of us possesses it but what we need to do is simply uncover it.

It is usually somewhere in the three am gap that we feel that awareness moving within ourselves. Once the uninterrupted stream of thoughts that we have in a day suddenly grinds to a halt, the person that we really are clamours to the fore, demanding to be acknowledged and taken care of.

When you arrive at this realization not only is it imperative that you find ways to recharge those batteries, but it is a requirement for your sanity and peace of mind.

Learn to be with the noise

To expect that life will be an unending stream of happiness isn’t an optimistic outlook, but rather one that will set you up for failure. In all of its happenings, comings and goings we need to understand that life embodies a spectrum of feelings and emotions, some of them good and some of them bad and through this lifetime we will at one time or another, experience them all. What we will have to learn how to do is to be able to just ‘be’ with the noise. This is not to say that we simply surrender to every passing whim and emotion. It is simply being alive to the possibility that you will get to experience the full range of what life has to offer. Emotions wave and move like a curve, we go through dips and troughs, highs and lows and each time we will have to simply understand how to roll with the tide or be completely swept out to sea. Often what helps in moments like these is to find ways in which to be centred and grounded whilst feeling the emotions that you are going through.

When you are able to sit with negative and positive emotions you come to learn how to build emotional resilience.

2. Step away from the madding crowd

Life has a way of pulling you in. When you least expect it there is a lot of noise and distraction that can become the norm if you are not careful. Have the courage to step away from the madding crowd. Know that the minute you are silent, you are able to experience the beauty of the world that you inhabit. It isn’t always necessary to be the loudest voice or the peacock with the most colourful feathers. Sometimes peace and fulfillment is found in the quiet spaces. The best idea is to know what your exit strategy is before you hit crisis mode. Have a friend up your sleeve that you can contact to hear you out on what’s going through your mind, know exactly where and what your sanctuaries are before you find yourself reaching for them. Maybe you need some quiet time with a book or just need to chill at the park or even if you decide to switch off your phone off and record a polite voice message to get it this time. Know and understand the value of disconnection. Take a look at Eckhart Tolle’s video "Let go and be free" to help you on your way.

Lose yourself to something you love

Speaking of disconnection, there are times when you simply have to switch off your mind in order to find your balance. Over-thinking is a demon all on its own and if you don’t watch out you may find yourself burning out fast if you don’t watch out. There is always a time and place for being mindful and alive to every moment that you create but what about doing the things that you love? There is precious value to immersing your entire being in joy and guess what? This can sometimes take the form of unexpected activities. Whether it is simply baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch or a zen doodle that takes shape all by itself there is pure bliss in simply losing yourself in absolute absorption to doing the things that you love. Find what it is and make it work for you.

Immerse yourself in the now

You could go purple with rage at little Mikey who is messing up the corner wall with crayon etchings or you could drop right down to your knees and join him, making a little mess in the name of creativity and building memories. As cliché as it may sound ‘right now’ is the only moment that is guaranteed. Too often we get caught up in lamenting the past and peering anxiously into the future to understand, appreciate and value where we are right now. If you are having a good cup of hot chocolate, don’t just have it on the run, stop right there, sit down and take your time to enjoy the lashings of cream and the silky smooth concoction of milk, rich chocolate shavings and cocoa. Consider your life in terms of energy investment. The last thing that you would want to do is fritter yourself away as a valuable resource by placing your worth and value in what has passed or what is yet to come. Enjoy your life, do it NOW.

A little bit of soul

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