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4-time Cancer Survivor Tells How to Recover from Treatment

Updated on December 14, 2012

Feel Better Now!

My name is Ryan and I'm a 4-time survivor of cancer, but that's not exactly how I identify myself. I'm also a singer-songwriter, a black belt in aiki-jujutsu and hopefully someone that can give hope to other survivors with my story of beating Hodgkin's Lymphoma 4 times.

To make a long story short, I was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5 and finally had my last bout of the disease in 1998 after undergoing a stem-cell transplant. The treatment saved my life, but of course there were some residual effects including thyroid problems, hormone problems, sleep problems and the list goes on.

However, today, at the age of 36, I am muscular, strong, teach self defense and feel better than ever. But, I didn't get here easily. I had a plan. I followed it consistently and now I want to share some of these tips with you so that you too can live a long, quality life.

Rule Number One!
Rule number one, before you do anything else is, "give up your cancer!" Let it go! And by this I mean, do not let it hold you back. Yes, it's probably easier said than done, but you have to move on from the past the best you can. Don't let it define you!

This rule can apply to many people that are held back from achieving a better quality of life or goal because of that one thing they hang onto. So step up, suck it up and keep on truckin' my friend! You'll be glad you did!

Take the First Step
The next step is, well, taking the first step. Don't say one day I'm going to workout, or eat right, or jog, or take martial arts, or spend more time with my family...make the decision to do something and take that first step towards doing it. Get out of your comfort zone and start to make it happen!

Pay Attention to Your Diet
Next, pay attention to your diet. As a survivor you should really want to eat a cancer-fighting diet. This is a diet high in antioxidants among other things. A diet filled with greens, limited red meat consumption, void of milk and dairy products and with no to small amounts of sugar. Also, consider going totally organic. Slowly work towards a more healthy diet, but make it a goal to get healthier with what you are eating.

If you recently finished treatment, your body is beat-up and needs to recover. There are plenty of herbs on the market that help repair digestion, your liver and your skin. Look at supplements like milk thistle for your liver and omega 3's for your skin and brain function. Most likely after chemo you will be suffering from a little chemo brain.

Be Proactive
Be your number one advocate! Go to the doc and demand tests of your thyroid, liver function, etc. Your body has been through a lot with chemotherapy and should be monitored. Don't assume that the doctors are running the right tests. It took me about 15 years of not feeling "quite right" to get blood work that determined I had a thyroid that was barely functioning.


This one is a no-brainer. Exercise! It will make you feel better physically and mentally and pump cancer fighting oxygen all over your body! Get on a schedule with this one!

Get Plenty of Sleep!
This one is so important! Many people don't realize the connection between quality sleep and things like mood, brain function, depression, etc. So always try to get at least 6 if not 8 hours of sleep. Stay rested!

Be Consistent
Finally, be consistent with all of the things mentioned above. Consistency is the key to seeing results. Get on a schedule. Get into the habit. Take my word for it, you'll be so glad you do did!


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