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Website 400 Workout for EZ Swimmer Triceps and Beyond

Updated on March 25, 2016

As everyone knows weight loss is about diet and exercise. Target toning and increasing the muscle tone for certain groups of muscles is needed not just for function but great physical form also. One of the hardest exercises is chair dips. Yet chair dips use our entire body weight for target toning that difficult to reach muscle called the tricep. The tricep is directly opposite your bicep muscle. It is what one of my client's grandchild called Grandma's angel wings. That flabby back part of the arm that plagues females. The male anatomy is much kinder in general to this part of the body.

Direct Parallel Exercise - Chair Dips | Water Triceps

The tricep exercise for the EZ Swimmer® is identical to the chair dip on land. As the land videos showcase below, the entire body weight is utilized for the resistance. It is the weight of the body that is toning and sculpting the tricep muscles. Yet in the water it is much more comfortable.

I like to use the EZ Swimmer triceps exercise movement as the precursor to the Seated Balance™.  This allows the user to familiarize themselves with the amount of buoyancy of this fitness tool.

Angel Wings

beautiful painting with angels (two young girls and an adult female) playing instruments with gorgeous wings
beautiful painting with angels (two young girls and an adult female) playing instruments with gorgeous wings | Source

Grandma's Angel Wings

photo of Grandma's angel wings
photo of Grandma's angel wings | Source

Flabby Arms Begone

Why tone this part of our arm? For two reasons, one, being function. Greater upper body strength for functional movements. Balanced muscles offer greater overall strength. Secondly, a sculpted arm quite frankly is sexy - front and back. Replace the "Grandmother angel wings" with a nice tone arm that is sexy and strong.

For the sake of pure fun, I have included a photos of a tone and sculpted body of an angel complete with white feather wings just above along with a photo of what we are attempting to discard.

Swim Helper - Water Wings

Boy with swim wings
Boy with swim wings | Source

Water Wings Swimmies Inflatable Armbands

Inflatable armbands (usually referred to as just "armbands", "water wings", or "swimmies"), are devices to help a wearer float in water and learn to swim.

Brian LaViolette Foundation

Brian LaViolette - the young elite athlete who died tragically while swimming - the Scholarship of Honor is established in his memory.
Brian LaViolette - the young elite athlete who died tragically while swimming - the Scholarship of Honor is established in his memory.

"Partners in Education and the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation announced a new $10,000 scholarship which was awarded for the first time in May 2007. The Brian LaViolette Scholarship is designed to offer a student the inspiration to succeed and the financial backing to help make higher education possible." source:

Swim Wings and Safety of Children When Near the Water - Swimming Pool Lake Etc...

"Grandma's angel wings" are not to be confused with swim wings, water wings or inflatable armbands often used for training children how to swim.

Swim wings are also called floaties and are inflatable arm bands that children often wear to keep afloat in the water.

Children typically have a harder time in the water because they have no body fat. It is our body fat that makes us buoyant.

Never leave a child alone near water.

Never leave buoyant fitness tools alone with children.

The safety of your child is dependent upon it.

Grandparents and parents alike this is an essential life skill. It is your responsibility to reiterate this important safety issue to you family.

Two close families I know have lost loved ones to the water. It is a wonderful sports, allot of fun but it demands safety.

The LaViolette Foundation continues today to work together as a family to provide scholarships in honor of losing their son Brian to a tragic swimming accident. Brian was an accomplished athlete and great swimmer. After running a marathon, he went swimming. Sadly the water too much for his youthful strength. Brian died in the waters off of Green Bay at the young age of 15.

To quote my husband, “I promise, in your name and memory we all will accomplish
great things.” Darrel Burnett 8-17-92. And to this end the LaViolette Family has dedicated themselves to serving Brian's memory. A scholarship called the Scholarship of Honor™ has been created and to date over 400.

"With the financial support of so many, the Scholarship of Honor also pays tribute to the fallen service members’ family—a grieving family looking for purpose, friends looking to remember and a grateful nation looking to honor. The Scholarship of Honor is an award to recognize those with plans to enlist in the military or pursue a career in public safety or community service."

Tricep Detailed - Long Head | Medial Head | Lateral Head


Targeting the Tricep with Resistance Bands

Customized Your Exercise Movements

Males have different fitness needs from females. Tricep muscles are rarely a concern for a man. For males, avoid the tricep movement and offer then either more push downs or the alligator. Why?  Because overall the tricep exercise typically has little value for the male population. My male clients enjoy the challenge of the alligator - it increases their heart rate and tones and sculpts their oblique abdominal muscles. For beginners, I would switch males to more push down. 

My greatest compliment is when a client shares with me that they felt their muscles engaged and felt them even a day later!

Please be aware, for some, the alligator movement may be too difficult initially.

When movements are particularily difficult or offer little value, be sure to customize the exercise movement for yourself or your client base. This attention to detail will be appreciated either by your own body or by the body of your group fitness class. The key for using the EZ Swimmer is to remember this is target toning - everyone has different troublesome muscle groups.

99% of your clients - male and female, all ages, all sizes all levels will love anything to do with the abdominals.

Land - How to Tone Your Flabby Arms!

Toning the Back of Your Arms

Toning the back of your arms is simply hard work.  It doesn't require equipment.  While a bench is helpful for the exercise movement of chair dips, it really isn't necessary.  What is necessary is simply hard work.

You can use your own body weight for chair dips right at home.

Additionally, here is a free video that showcases how you can tone your flabby arms!

Land - Simple Chair Dip - Not Easy!

Aquatic Chair Dip - Target Toning for the Tricep Muscles

The chair dip exercise in the swimming pool can be replicated with either noodles or with the EZ Swimmer. The EZ Swimmer will offer allot more resistance. It is good idea to first perform the aquatic chair dip with the noodle. Get the feel of having your arms behind you and pressing the buoyant fitness tool lower in the water. Feel the muscles engage and repeat. Remember, results only occur in target toning with repetitions.

Tricep Exercise with EZ Swimmer - Fun Swim Board

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Tricep Muscle Summary

There you have it  - a complete review of land and water exercises that target tone that difficult to reach muscle group behind the bicep - the tricep - the muscles on the back of the arms.

With a full repertoire of movements from machines to the chair to the floor to even the swimming pool, we have no excuse not to tone our arm muscles.  Stronger arms means a more functional body - a body that is healthier and happier.

© 2011 Kelly Kline Burnett


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      I completely agree - nothing beats swimming - triathletes know that, elite coaches know that. The water is amazing and it can be safe - you are absolutely correct.

      Swimming laps I believe is a form of swim fitness that has been underutilized for weight loss.

      The water is amazing for target toning - chair dips that are not possible on land ARE possible in the water - what a fantastic way to change our metabolism.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Swimming is thee best all around form of exercise one can do to get into shape, lose weight, and maintain, as swimming allows for every muscle to be worked, in a safe environment as the body is bouyant in the water.