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5 Day Juice Cleanse/Fast

Updated on August 26, 2013

What is a Juice Cleanse/Fast?

A Juice Cleanse/Fast is a fasting process and a detox practice in which you only drink fruit and vegetable juices to get the nutrition and benefits. This is considered a form of the Live Foods Diet. These fasts may can go on from a few days to months. This type of juice can only be produced by using a power juicer. The idea around this fast is to lose weight, clean the liver, kidneys, other organs, and remove impurities in the body.

My Story

So hi....! First I must say that since the juice fast can effect your health and well being, you should always consult with your doctor before proceeding with this method. I am NOT a medical professional.

I am professional librarian (who did his research) that wanted to cleanse my organs, lose a bit of weight, and gain some confidence by changing some of my lifestyles. I'm a 32 year old man, with a medium build. My healthy weight range is between 155 - 165 pounds. I'm a moderate alcohol drinker, and am around 15 pounds over weight.

The Pros of the Juice Fast

  • Exposure to pure vitamins and antioxidants
  • Cleaning of the body's internal organs
  • The removal of toxins from processed foods
  • The removal of alcohol from lifestyle
  • The removal of caffeine from lifestyle
  • The removal of salt from lifestyle
  • Confidence gained from healthy routine and will power
  • Weight Loss
  • Healthy Glow in Skin

The Cons of the Juice Fast

  • Conflicting information from doctors and nutritionists as to its effectiveness
  • The cost
  • Buying the veggies and fruits
  • The time it takes to prepare the juice
  • The clean up
  • Hunger pangs
  • The removal of alcohol from lifestyle
  • The removal of salt from lifestyle
  • The removal of caffeine from lifestyle
  • Bathroom changes
  • Possible headache and fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Irritability

What Will You Need to Complete the Fast

The juice fast is a very hard process on the body and even the mind. Fasting is something that most of us wouldn't even consider. It is a process us humans are not used to. The Juice Fast is not cheap and takes a lot to of effort to get started and maintain.

  • A mid-range electric juicer (cost from $40 to $125) Your juicer needs to be the type that pulverizes the fruits and vegetables.
  • A range of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible (cost from $50 - $100)
  • Decaffeinate Herbal teas for drinking in between meals (optional)
  • Liver Detox Tea (3 boxes - cost $15)
  • Large storage bags (gallon)
  • Milk Thistle Pills (1 bottle 1000 mg - $6)
  • Bag of Lemons (2 bags - $10)
  • Will Power
  • Old store plastic bags for pulp removal

The Fast - Process

This process is what I used, you can vary according to your needs.

  • Drink 3 - 12oz glasses of juice a day
  • After drinking each meal - Drink 2 - 12oz glasses of water with a half of a squeezed lemon in each glass (cleans the liver and gives the sense of being full)
  • Take a Milk Thistle Pill with meal
  • Drink a cup of Liver Detox tea in between meals
  • Drink plenty of water through out the day
  • Each glass of juice will contain roughly 250 - 400 calories

Vegetables and Fruits Used in Each Glass

  • 1 apple, granny smith
  • 1 stick celery
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 cup red cabbage
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 3 leaves kale, remove thick excess stem
  • 1/3 pear
  • 1/3 medium beat, remove leaves and top and bottom
  • 5 sticks asparagus, cut 1 inch off bottom of stem
  • 1 cup broccoli, remove stems
  • 2 medium sided strawberry, remove leaves
  • 1 inch ginger root
  • 1 half cucumber
  • 3 medium Brussel Sprouts
  • 1/4 cup Blueberries
  • 1/2 cup parsley

Added Information

  • Make sure vegetables and fruit are properly washed
  • Buy produce every two days or every day
  • If you can, try to buy organic vegetables and fruits. This is optional.
  • Prepare a day's worth of raw materials ahead of time in gallon storage bags as a time saver. Cutting produce will cause a gradual decline of nutrient content. Best to prepare one day at a time.
  • Juicing should be done and drank immediately after or very shortly after. Letting juice sit will cause a loss of nutrients. This might not be possible with work constraints. Optional - make juice ahead of time, definitely try make and drink immediately
  • DO NOT put used pulp down garbage disposal - It can get clogged because of the fineness of the pulp. Use plastic grocery store bags to dispose after every use. Pulp will start to smell after a few hours
  • Clean juicer after every use
  • Drinking lemon water after every meal will help body feel full.
  • Try not to weigh yourself. Base weight loss on look and fit of clothing
  • Going know what I mean... will be tough with the loss of fiber and protein. Lemon water will help this. Otherwise take laxatives. #2-ing (new word) helps remove toxins from body
  • Try to Start on a Monday and end on Friday, that way you can enjoy the weekend and get back to normal or semi normal lifestyle.

Day to Day

Pretty Normal, Hunger Pains
Juice Tastes Surprisingly Good, Spirits High
Moderate, Little Shakey, Hunger Pains, Slight Headache
Want Coffee and Beer
Slugish, Hunger Pains, Headache
Getting Irritable, Hard to be Around Solid Food
Moderate, No Headache, Hunger Pains
Want Coffee and Beer, Less Irritable, Notice Clothes Fitting Better, Hard Time Sleeping
Pretty Normal, Excited to be Done
Slept Bad Again, Noticing Slimming in Belly

Final Results

After the fast, I am feeling really good about myself. My pants and shirts are fitting like they should again. Lost about 6 lbs. I'm going to continue to try to eat healthy and cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and salt. But........must admit.....Had a Bloody Mary and cup of strong coffee right after on Day 6. It was a Saturday.....


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