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5 Easy Homemade Sanitizers Without Side Effects

Updated on July 23, 2020
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Cleanliness of the hands plays a very important role in keeping us healthy and keeping away from everyday infections. If we follow the advice of doctors, we should wash our hands with water and soap for about 20 seconds. But you can get into such a situation many times when both these things are not available with you, in such a situation, the hand sanitizer takes care of it There is no problem with the hassle of availability of water and soap. Rub a few drops of sanitizer on your hand and they are clean in a moment.

There are many benefits of using sanitizers :

  • It helps to kill the germs and bacteria responsible for making people ill and hence stop the spread of germs.
  • It helps in promoting good hygiene and health.
  • Using sanitizers also helps in reducing waste and save water as well.

How Safe are Sanitizers?

But are they safe to use? Experts believe that using them for a long time can also prove to be harmful? Most hand sanitizer products contain a chemical substance called triclosan which is not good for health at all. If used for a long time, its effect on bacteria etc. ends, if it has the negative effect of sanitizer, then what can be done to maintain the hygiene of hands. You can prepare a sanitizer at home to deal with this problem. These sanitizers are not only effective but also have no side effects.

Side Effects of Sanitizers Available in the Market

With the sudden increase in demand, the market is flooded with various types of sanitizers which may be cheap as well. If you examine it closely you will find that IPA, Ethyl Alcohol and menthol are used in it. Applying these sanitizers on your hand will result in:

  • Hands begin to turn white if you are using this type of sanitizers 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Hands also begin to crack and you will need to wash your hands frequently.
  • The antibacterial layer on the foreskin of the hands start breaking down due to the use of alcohol alone.
  • The cheap alcohol enters our body and attack our lymphatic system.

So it is advisable to use natural hand made sanitizers to not only keep our hands clean but also prevent from various side effects.

Cinnamon and Clove Sanitizer

Both cinnamon and clove have antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics and are very effective in preventing germs and infections that develop in the hands. To make this sanitizer, boil one cup of water and cool it and add two spoons of rubbing alcohol ( surgical spirit) to it. Now add half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil to it and mix well. Add one teaspoon cinnamon powder and one teaspoon clove powder to this mixture. After mixing all the ingredients well filter it in a small spray bottle. Your hand sanitizer is ready to use.

Aloe Vera Sanitizer

Aloe vera gel has antibacterial properties and is also helpful in maintaining moisture in the skin. To make this sanitizer, boil a cup of water and boil it and add one teaspoon of vitamin E oil to it. After this, mix one spoon of aloe vera gel and filter all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Before closing the lid, add a few drops of rosemary oil for the fragrance. Sanitizer is ready to be used.

Eucalyptus Oil Sanitizer

It is the easiest hand sanitizer to make at home. If you like the fragrance of Eucalyptus Oil, then you can use it exclusively. To prepare it, boil one cup of water and cool it and add two spoons of surgical spirit and half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil and mix it well. Now put five to six drops of Eucalyptus oil in it. Now put five drops of clove essential oil, mix it well and put it in the spray bottle, before that, shake the bottle well before the use, so that the oil mixes properly.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective in eliminating germs, this oil is included in soap products made all over the world. To make a sanitizer, boil one cup of water and cool it and add two teaspoons of surgical spirit and half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Add 10 drops of tea tree oil and five drops of Rosemary essential oil to this mixture, mix it well and filter and keep it in the bottle, use it only if you have no allergy to tea tree oil.

Argan Oil Sanitizer

If your palms sweat a lot, then this sanitizer is best for you. Argan oil will also give moisture to the skin. Boil one cup of water and cool it and add two teaspoons of surgical spirit and half teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Mix about 8 drops of argan oil and half teaspoon of aloe vera gel in this mixture, mix all the ingredients well, filter and shake the bottle thoroughly before putting it in a spray bottle. Use this hand sanitizer in very small quantities as its fragrance is very strong.


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