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5 Ways to Rise Above Technology Stress

Updated on November 8, 2012

5 Great Ways to deal with techno-stress.

As days go by, technology has taken the inner and most important part for the functioning and smooth running of many human beings and their daily activities. Ironically, the technology that is meant to help make our lives much easier is the very thing that increases our workload and therefore makes us sick.

But truth be told, technology is here to stay and the best thing one could do is to keep up with it. Keeping up with the daily stress that is brought about by interaction with various forms of technology means that one has to learn to do more than just cope.

When one feels the deep cry inside him crying out, ``Help! I am technology stressed ’’, then it is time for him to act on the following effective ways to deal with this type of stress.

1. Physical exercise and healthy eating. It is very important to watch what you eat and ensure that your daily diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. Small doses of physical activity every day will change one’s world in a positive way. Take time to take a walk, gardening, playing with your kids, going to the gym or any other physical activity of your choice.

2. Annual leave. Make a point of taking a leave for a few days once or twice a year. During this time make sure that you have left all forms of technology behind. Take a break, go somewhere and let your body relax. There are various hotels that offer their guests a technology-free environment. This is where there is no television, little phone networking and no computers. This offers guests time to relax by swimming, playing various games, exploring the surroundings and eating fresh and healthy food each day of their stay in the hotel. When you go for such a leave make sure you limit your phone use and please do not carry any form of work with you.

3. Never neglect your inner life. For those who are overloaded with work and stressed by their daily life it is of beneficial to them that they say a prayer each day and identify a good support system that will help them at that time. A good support system can be found in the church, it is vital that one should join one of the various existing groups in the church that is appropriate to their age and gender. It can also be helpful to join a dance class, art class, Bible study group or hang out with positive friends. All this will help in pouring all that is going on inside of someone and therefore help one to move on with life without much burden.

4. Change as the technology changes. One should keep abreast of the changes in technology. One person said that, ``change is less stressful when anticipated”. One should be aware of the recent developments in his industry or area of expertise and strive to familiarize with the new technologies. This will greatly help in minimizing stress and maximize on the productivity of an individual.

5. Take good control of your present environment. Plan each day by writing down each responsibility you need to tend to and rank each one according to their importance. As Maessen puts it, `` Control your input, the amount of information you have direct power to absorb or not absorb. Prioritize, think through what is most important and focus on that, then move to the next big thing. And learn how to effectively distress by expressing your feelings.

Despite all the demerits associated with the daily use of technology it is important to note that the real culprit here is not the technology, rather is it our inability to prioritize between what is important and what is not.


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