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5 Myths of an Introvert

Updated on March 23, 2017

Ah, introverts. We all know them, we all...see them once every 2 weeks if we're lucky. Below are the top 5 myths that place a blasphemous aura over the true essence of an introvert:

  1. Introverts are shy: Sure, some introverts may be shy by nature but someone who prefers solitude over hopping on bar stools with a bottle of crown royal in one hand and a karaoke mic in the other isn't a sure sign of shyness.
  2. Introverts are depressed: Again, some may be down in the dumps. However, extroverts are just as likely to be depressed (possible reasoning for the crown royal). Spending time alone isn't always a bad thing when done correctly. Which leads us into number 3.
  3. Introverts are lonely: Oy vey... When will the world wrap its thick crust around the fact that being alone does not equate to loneliness? Lonely people yearn for company but for what ever reason, are forced to do without. Introverts actually prefer spending time with themselves than with others. As others can be draining... which of course, leads to the next myth.
  4. Introverts are party-poopers: Um, hello...introverts may not be at every single event the second the doors fling open, but once they are pulled from their comfort zone, they are so charged up that just being there adds fuel to the room!

Fun fact: Extroverts charge their inner energetic batteries by socializing (i.e. Sucking all the introverts energy away from them) While introverts recharge through alone time (i.e. Filling themselves up after being sucked dry by the needy extroverts)

And finally, myth #5: Introverts miss out on life: Lies. Introverts may not be party animals, but there's life outside of a club! Many introverts are actually inspired by life and instead of hoping from experience to experience they leave a fair amount of space between each event to let it "marinate". This keeps them from losing their inner selves to the outside world.

Now, this list may seem super anti-extrovert...but it's not. After all, what would an introvert be without an extrovert giving them the reason to be an introvert in the first place?


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