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5 Natural Supplements That Can Help You Focus Better Over the Counter

Updated on January 18, 2015

5 Focus Supplements to Help Speed tasks

These 5 natural types of supplements are easily found over the counter and can help you focus better. Many people underestimate the power of herbal brain boosters, OTC stimulants, amino acids, and essential fat supplements can have to help our memory, concentration, and attention levels. Being able to think more clearly, be more productive, and achieve results we may not otherwise be able to attain.

Amino Acids

Most people think of amino acids for bodybuilders who want to gain muscle, but thinking of these amazing nutrients for just this reason is a big mistake as these supplements have many different benefits including improving focus and possibly helping ADHD symptoms. Tyrosine is an excellent example of an amino acid that can have neurological effects as it is eventually broken down into dopamine in our body. In a sense it is a natural supplement like Adderall because Adderall also works by increasing dopamine levels in the brain helping people learn better, feel energy, and improve their overall focus level. It of course achieves these results on a much smaller basis, but it can still have beneficial cognitive effects with little to no side effects.

Herbal Stimulants

Guarana is an herbal stimulant that can increase focus and energy levels because it naturally contains three different types of stimulants in caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Public medical studies show that caffeine can increase certain types of focus making some think it may even help with some ADHD symptoms. These three stimulants give this herbal supplement ample strength to energize and keep someone alert while it also naturally contains choline. Having enough choline is important because it helps make sure we have enough of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in our brain which is needed for various cognitive processes which help us focus properly.


When we become deficient in certain vitamins our brain cannot function how it is supposed to. Some people underestimate the power of over the counter vitamins, but they shouldn't because studies show them to be effective to help our brain. B-Vitamin supplements work to improve brain health by lowering levels of the hormone homocysteine which can lead to inflammation throughout our body. Researchers in one public study saw improvement with people taking the b vitamins folate, B12, and B6. Because of the promising research there is now talk of b-vitamin treatments possibly being used to help brain illnesses such as Alzheimer's although there is still a need for more research into this before it could ever become common place.

Herbal Nootropics

Like Choline mentioned earlier nootropic supplements work by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine in our brain which can help our attention level and our memory capabilities. Some nootropics found from herbs are Huperzine, Vinpocetine, and Bacopa Extract. For a substance to be considered to a nootropic it means it can safely improve brain function without any pronounced side effects. There are various studies showing that some nootropics show both results and promise; Instead of taking them on their own some people prefer to stack them as to possibly get more powerful results. Because these supplements have neuro-protective benefits they are also studied to help treat illnesses such as Parkinsons and Alzheimer's diseases.

Essential fats

Essential fats are more important than most people understand, they are actually essential to having proper health and for our brain to work at it's optimal level. When we become deficient in DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid which is most well known for being found in fish oil) for example we are losing an essential fat that has been directly linked to intelligence and other cognitive functions. If we do not receive this nutrient through our diet or through fish oil, krill oil, or vegetarian essential fat supplements we can expect to not only be less intelligent but also possibly put ourself at risk for mental issues such as depression. One public health study even showed that omega-3 fats can help fight against the negative effects that sugars can have on our brain. Most people already get an ample amount of Omega 6 in their diet, finding Omega-3's on the other hand can be quite difficult though which is why fish oil supplements are more popular than ever. Natural supplements can enhance your life by providing essential nutrients and powerful herbal ingredients which are easily bought online or at shops over the counter. Besides these supplements to improve focus it is also important for us to build a system of organization in our lives so that we can more freely get tasks done efficiently.


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    • melodyfit profile image


      3 years ago from new york

      All of this information is really true! After changing my diet to natural foods including essential fats I had a noticeable change in mood and felt like I could concentrate better when writing blogs for my website.

      I also take herbal vitamin supplements like fish oil, multivitamins, and a probiotic that also helps increase energy therefore giving me more focus.

      Essential fats and vitamins have also helped my skin as they are anti-inflammatories and help reduce redness and swelling in skin issues such as acne. Here is a link to one of my posts explaining this


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