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5 Pilates Exercises

Updated on February 17, 2011

One of the latest forms of exercises that have grown in stature over the last decade is the Pilates. This is in complete contrast with the traditional system, which believes in the policy of ‘No Gain Without Pain’. Pilate is a kind of exercise that will make use of your own body weight to create resistance. This form of exercise is similar to yoga. The five popular Pilate exercises are discussed below:

1. Breathing:

Breathing is the simplest form of exercise and it could do wonders if you work out in a right manner. The primary motive of this is to get maximum benefits without having to do any heavy workout. There are lots of people who feel that traditional way of exercising is just adding unnecessary stress to the body, thus bringing more and more trouble to oneself. Since this doesn’t involve any workout and at the same time gives good effect, it is one of the popular things that women like to train themselves. But most men do not like this because it seems that there is no heavy workout and they do not get that feel of actually exercising.

2. Finger exercise

If you are one who is looking for a way that will help you to increase result and at the same time to make your Pilate exercise to be more challenging then you could take this up. In order to learn the posture properly, you can join a class. When you have become an expert in this field, then you cannot ask anything better than that. Since teachers have experience, they would know how to maximize the reward they get and how to make the work out effective, without making you to feel dull. You will be directed in the right direction by them otherwise you would feel like a ship which is heading without any direction.

3. Abdominal exercise:

This would focus on abdomen and it is recommended to do this exercise for a count of hundred. These exercises will help you to improve your overall gain of your health and well being. The Pilate exercise principle lays around six facts namely breathing, concentration, precision, control, flow and centering. There are certain exercises which are for specific kind of effect. There are also various books available for you which can help you to aid in this aspect.

4. Spinal strengthening exercise:

Doing this exercise would tend to strengthen your spine. Pilates exercise would generally require you to do workouts on your own. The only machine that you will find in those classes is reformer. They will help you add more resistance and add intensity to your training. They are mainly composed of gimmicks and gadgets. You need to do your exercise with passion and have intensified in your training.

5. Bending exercise:

This exercise would tone both the abdomen and spine. There are lots of books that would illustrate this exercise. You will just need a mat to practice these exercises. Practice is the only thing that can make you achieve results that you desire. They may seem to be simple yet you need to do them with perfection. You need to have the persistence to carry on with them.


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