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5 Powerful Natural Body Detoxifying Agents

Updated on January 16, 2015

First off, Happy New Year to all of you (though it is a bit late)!! I am sure that many people have already made some resolutions and goals written down to do this year. I am also sure that some of you have already given up on those resolutions. I too have written down some goals, among which my health is an important priority this year. One of the goals I wrote down and have started to practice is detoxifying my body from time to time. This inspires me to write an article on some of the natural detoxifying agents you may use, if you too are having the same goal.

Here are some very commonly available foods that act as powerful detoxifying agents


One of the first vegetables that comes to mind when detoxifying body is an onion. As tasty as onions are, they also have some terrific medicinal properties. One of the important property is that onions are rich in sulphur, making them power detox agents for the liver. The flavonoids that stimulate the production of glutathione, a very powerful antioxidant of the liver. Onions are just next to garlic in these detoxifying properties, making them a good substitute for garlic especially for people who don’t prefer the latter.


Broccoli is another commonly available vegetable in the grocery and departmental stores. The mini-tree shaped vegetable shows up everywhere when you need a good health food. This is because it is filled with nutrition. Naturally, it also shows up a detoxifying agent. The vegetable has powerful antioxidants that specifically work with enzymes in the liver to kick out the toxins from your body. These antioxidants work in preventing certain types of cancers too.


Avocados may not be available in all departmental stores. But, you can find them in some bigger supermarkets. The butter-like flesh of the vegetable is a powerful detoxifying agent. Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and glutathione. Glutathione helps in blocking absorption of certain fats by intestines, hence preventing oxidative damage. Avocados are also rich in soluble and insoluble fibre that help in keeping your colon clean.


Dandelion is a versatile plant. Considered a weed by many, the plant’s root is an excellent detoxifying agent. The root acts a diuretic, which increases the production of urine. As we know, most toxins in our body are thrown out either through sweat or urine. Hence, more toxins are removed from our body with increased urine production. The best way to ingest dandelion is by drinking dandelion root tea, which is available in several tea shops and natural products shops.

Green Tea

Almost everyone knows that green tea is a healthy drink. But many people won’t be aware of the exhaustive benefits of green tea. It is true that it significantly boosts body immunity and improves metabolism. At the same time, green tea is also a good detoxifying drink. Green tea has a great amount of antioxidants that fights free radicals in the body. It also has a diuretic property and hence increases urine production, thus kicking out harmful toxins from the body.

There are so many other powerful body detoxifying agents along with those mentioned above. However, you will need the determination to pursue your goal for regularly detoxifying your body. So, have determination to pursue your goals this year and live a healthy life.


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    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 2 years ago from India

      lions44: Thanks a lot :)

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Important stuff. At least I use most of these. Voted up.