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5 Reasons Exercise ROCKS

Updated on November 17, 2017
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Amanda Carter has been following her passion through coaching, writing & helping to improve the lives of others for 20+ years.

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More often then not, when I come across articles that delve into the topic of exercise, the authors who seem most interested in writing about exercise and fitness, seem to be unable to paint exercise as anything more the an uncomfortful pain in the ass that we should force ourselves into, regardless of how much we dont want to (which seems to be the assumed mindset of every reader looking to learn about better exercise techniques and routines, especially in the realms of weight loss and chromic illness). This is rather oxymoronic if you think about it, as the human mind is instinctually driven to seek out pleasure and avoid pain at all costs. So why would anyone, regardless of how beneficial it might be, want to seek out and force themselves into doing something that sounds and seems like it is supposed to be completely painful, awkward and unpleasant?

The truth is, most people wouldn't want to, and that's one of the largest reasons why most of us don't exercise. We reason that there are so many other more pleasurable things to do, like eating another slice of cholocate cake or getting audited by the IRS. You know... virtually anything other than exercise...

This truth is ultimately sad, because not only do we need and greatly benefit from regular strenuous exercise, but with the correct mindset, it's actually exceptionally fun and full of pleasure. You know... that stuff we're driven to seek out?

In fact, most of us will be well into our middle adult years before we even allow ourselves to rediscover the joy and bliss that only exercise can generate in us. Though better late than never, yes? =)

So with the hopes that we can help get each other's mindsets corrected, I've decided to write this article from the stance that fitness and health authors really should be writing from -- that exercise is badass and completely rocks! That way, when you begin your new kickass exercise routine, not only do you get to learn about 5 of the best benefits you'll regularly get from consistent exercise, but you'll finally be able to recognize just how awesome those benefits are and just how much farther ahead of 80% of the country you are in just being able to see things from the place you are in now.

Awesome right?

Great! So let's get right into it!

If you've been having trouble finding your fitness peak & maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then you're missing something commonly called a Positive Mindset about Exercise - which ROCKS.
If you've been having trouble finding your fitness peak & maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then you're missing something commonly called a Positive Mindset about Exercise - which ROCKS. | Source

1. Serious Stress Relief

One of the most badass benefits of regular exercise, which is the most often overlooked and taken for granted, is just how effective regular exercise (especially cardio & weight lifting) is at relieving stress and keeping our minds in balance.

In obvious ways, every form of exercise is able to help relieve anger, anxiety and just about any emotionally charged state, simply by providing an energetic and hard to ignore set of physical distractions that prevent us from going to deeply into our own psyche's, even if only for the time within which we're exercising.

Though in much more subtle ways, regular exercise routines do so much more than just distract our business minds. In fact, there's so many mental health benefits to regular exercise, that I'd have to write an entire book just to list and explain them all for you. Though some of the key ones that I, my fiance, and millions of people around the world get from regular strenuous exercise, which includes such benefits as relieving ptsd episodes before they happen...

PTSD & General Anxiety, Career Stress & Romantic Relationships, Physical Health Challenges & Developmental Disabilities -- regardless of where it originates from, stress can permeates our lives if we allow it to. Something that is especially easy to do if we allow ourselves to build up a negative perception about excerise and healthy living. Especially considering that exercise that costs no money and that everyone can afford to utilize. It's also one of the only remedies actually proven to help combat, cope and even sometimes cure the most horrific of mental & physical stressors.

See, what did I tell ya? EXERCISE ROCKS.

2. Weight Loss & Maintenance

You can try out every wrap, tablet and all of the newest weightloss "technologies" out there. The truth is, with very few exceptions, none of them will truly help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight with ease from then on. For the few that are able to produce any results, I dare anyone to look up what those products use to create those processes in your body. 99.999% of the time, those products use ingredients that are either horrible for you, or horrible for the earth in one way or another.

Even weightloss "plans" are not going to beat out plain old good exercise and healthy eating. Any plan you might pick up that promises to drop pounds from your butt and ankles "Fast!", is likely to take 100 times more work for half the results you could get if you just got up and went for a walk everyday, and drank more water.

This is exactly what I mean about modern trainers and fitness experts turning our minds into meat grinders when it comes to thinking about badass exercise really is. Once you can get past those horrid layers of subliminal programing designed to keep you on the couch and feeling worthless, it only takes a total of 21 days to literally get yourself into the happy habit of exercising and eating right with more ease than any sleezy "plan" or pill can provide you with. Not to mention, with regular cardio, strength and resistance exercises, you'll find yourself with way more money left over at the end of the month from not having to pay those ridiculous prices or waste your time trying to follow along with the snipe hunts they send you on. Having that extra time and money, even after you've already completed your daily drills, will bring more smiles to your face and less stress to you torso, which will increase your endorphin's, which will help reprogram your subconscious thoughts about exercise. That will make your initial journey into true fitness, that much easier to continue on throughout the rest of your life (which is what it really takes!). That's the ultimate way to achieve and keep that bod you've been after for years!

Do what's best and easiest -- EXERCISE.
Do what's best and easiest -- EXERCISE. | Source

3. Less Pain

Just like it does with your mental health, exercise also rules the world of pain and chronic physical ailments -- something I can personally attest to, as regular exercise is one of the few things I can afford to and very much enjoy doing, that helps me keep moving despite my chronic RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

That's the way it works with most chronic and brief illnesses and ailments. They usually happen to pop up 'unexpectedly' after decades of not caring for our bodies as well as we should have been, in one or more ways, and take over enough of our ability to physically function that we're forced to deal with it. There's no more room left for ignoring your health when it prevents you from getting out of the bed in the morning, or performing regular tasks for most all jobs -- like standing, lifting or sitting for long periods.

When things like chronic pain and chronic illnesses come into our lives and steal away our attention and ability to fully function in the world the way we need and desire to -- it's the universes way of giving us a good kick in the pants, and telling us to make the ultimate choice: give up or Get Going.

In this case, your choice is to continue allowing the source of your chronic pain or other debilitation, to rob you of your present and future fulfillment. Or you can stop looking for magic bullets or shortcuts to get you healthier faster without all the work or dietary changes, and go outside -- EVERY DAY.

Assuming that like me, you're certainly not the quitting type... That means self-generating your own motivation that will push you through every set of exercises you try until you find what feels and works the best for helping you stay limber, mobile and happy.

If your one of the many who aren't sure or are scared of the thought of getting into regular exercise, or if you don't believe it can help you as much as I say. Think about this...

What have you got to lose?

4. Better Digestion

I found out long ago, that when I've fallen back on my bad habit of over-eating or eating something that doesn't agree with my body, that if I sit around and moan about it -- it's gonna stick around.

Though whenever this happens, I now get up and go for a walk, or do some stretches and cardio indoors when the weather isn't holding, and that takes care of anything that was bugging me. Nausea, indigestion and/or heartburn. Whatever was bugging me, goes away. And any time I worry about indigestion or other digestive problems, I know I can go out for at least a 30 minute brisk walk or some light cardio and digestive upset will never be a problem.

After finding such a wonderful and enjoyable remedy for things often triggered by my IBS, I looked up what was going on, and found that just like with mental health and chronic illnesses, exercise is also the most enjoyable method of maintaining digest balance. That's just how good it really is.

If you're truly committed to living a better, happier and healthier life -- then GET GOING!
If you're truly committed to living a better, happier and healthier life -- then GET GOING! | Source

5. Anywhere with Anyone

Because you don't need to buy anything or hire anyone, you can customize your exercise experience in any way you want. You can get the kids up and into an exciting morning run routine, or create your own exercise den and leisure room where you can be alone to enjoy the meditative rush that only exercise can bring.

You can involve the family pet, while you plan out your routine when your family heads to your next vacation destination. You can get all the fanciest exercise equipment and instruments, or just pick up some soup cans and industrial sized rubber bands. Whatever way you wish to do it, exercise is yours to use in the way you want, without any concern or care for how anyone else thinks you should do it. Definitely yet another of my favorite reasons that exercise rocks.

How do you feel about Exercise now?

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