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5 Reasons I Love Going to the Gym

Updated on April 8, 2019
Evelyn Williamson profile image

Just joined a gym for the first time a few weeks ago and is wondering why everyone doesn't do it.

About 2 weeks ago I finally managed to get my $1000 emergency fund refunded after the breaks went out on my car. To celebrate it splurged on two subscriptions.

I joined Planet Fitness for only $10 a month, and to listen to audio books while working out I reactivated my Audible subscription.

The Gym membership made me nervous. You hear about all these people who get a gym membership and never use it waisting hundreds of dollars. I'm not good with commitment and figured I'd be the same.

But that wasn't what happened. I love going to the gym, and I'll stay there for several hours. Exercising while listening to audiobooks, it's basically a self-care practice at this point.

And since I'm so happy to have a habit that is genuinely good for me for once, I'm going to share the 5 reasons I enjoy going to the gym so much.


1. Cheap

When I think of a gym membership I think $30-$40 dollars a month. Way too much. But $10, $10 I can do. Planet Fitness does have a fee to join and once a year in May they charge a bigger fee, but even then they weren't astronomical.

2. Location

The gym where I live is right across from where I work, so if I have a stressful day at work and remember to bring a change of clothes all I have to do is go across the street, turn on an audio book and do some exercise. The pride I have in myself for such a good, healthy activity usually negates some of the stress from the long work day.

3. Showering Afterwards

The shower after a good workout is the very best part. The reward part of the habit. Washing away all the sweat and grossness feels incredible and I top it all off by blowdrying my hair, something I never take the time to do normally. That combined with the satisfaction of doing something good for your body for a change is enough to keep me coming back.

4. Exercise equipment makes it easier

Sure you can just do sit-ups or planks on your floor, lift various objects for weights, or go for a run. But it's all so much easier when you have the equipment. Equipment I'm never going to buy myself, btw. Instead of searching for a water bottle that weighs just enough, or hoping the weather's good enough outside all I have to do is walk in and get started.

5. Fewer distractions

The few times I bothered to work out at home were an exercise in futility. TV, computers, family, cell phones. When I'm at home there are a thousand things I could be doing instead. At the gym though what else am I going to do? Watch the boring news channels they've got playing? Stare at everyone else working out? No thanks, I'll try out this fancy looking machine next.

Gyms aren't for everyone. I know that. Some people can't afford it or simply would rather just exercise at home. But it's important to exercise somewhere. And if $10 a month is all it takes to add years upon years to your life, I think it's a worthy investment.

I work in fast food. I see the people come through our drive through. Some so big they're practically laying down in the driver's seat. It's sad, and I know I'm no better of a human being than they are. It could easily be me next time, and I'm determined to not let that happen.

$10 and a few hours a week are a tiny price to pay to stay healthy and fit.


Do you have a gym membership? And do you use it?

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