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5 Reasons of childhood obesity and How to fight against them

Updated on January 8, 2018

Preventing your child from getting obese is important. Teach your child to live a healthy lifestyle before its too late.

The main reasons for childhood obesity and how you should approach to fight them.

Dietary :

Dietary habits is the major reason for obesity in children in any society. The food that any individual takes mainly decides the health of his body. You can easily find lot of obese children roaming around in fast food chains like McDonald, Burger king etc. The main problem is the wrong eating habits that are also sometimes encouraged by parents unconsciously.

Soft drinks, pizzas, burgers on regular basis incredibly increases the body fat percentage.

This is the major area that you should look after in your child, if your child is putting on weight quickly.

You can learn cooking healthy foods so that you can make your child to see and learn it too and in that way you can very effectively encourage good eating habits. It will make a great psychological effect on your child and he would be more willing to learn it.

You can learn a thousands of healthy recipes that your child would like on internet or search a good recipe book in bookshop. You have to make some efforts in order to keep your family healthy. Its definitely worth it.

Inactive lifestyle :

The second biggest reason in our society for childhood obesity is inactive lifestyle.Children that are inactive are obviously more prove to obesity. The obese children more prone to getting overweight. Research had shown that obese children are about 35% less active than other children.

Usually children that are active in their childhood continues to be active as they
grow up and can easily live a healthy life and children that are inactive tend to be less active in their adulthood too. As a consequence are greatly prone to obesity and have to face many problems.

There may be many reasons behind your child's inactivity - may be he is more involved in watching T.V. or playing on P.C., actually those are major reasons for children inactivity. You have to take on this and limit your children involvement in these activities. Provide your children some time limit in a day for this.

The motive should be making your child active. Activity can be achieved in many ways like - riding bicycle, swimming, jogging etc not only doing exercise should be stressed if your child is interested in other activities let him do that.

Dancing is another great exercise and can incredibly boost activity level.

The best way of encouraging physical activity in your child is to set an example for him by doing it yourself and then inviting your child to do it too - for example you can start jogging in the morning or evening whenever you get time with your child. In that way both of you are going great benefits.

Mostly children learn what they see around them happening and it also generates interest in them about that thing. As children an their early age learn very quickly. They are more likely to follow it as they get older. In this way you are laying a very solid foundation for their future.

Genetics :

It is also a reason behind childhood obesity in some children as the physical attributes of any individual are decided by their genes. These genes are derived from parents. If both of the parents are obese then the child is also likely to be obese.

It is also possible in some cases that the child may not be obese in childhood but after a certain age he may start acquiring weight rapidly.

You cannot alter the genes but some of its effects like obesity can be handled.It is not necessary for a child whose parents are obese to be obese. It also depends on his activeness, diet, environment around him etc.

If your child is genetically obese than you have to do some more efforts to keep your child and family healthy. Encourage your child to do physical activities or you can do physical activities together. That way both of you will remain healthy.

Surely if anyone have those genes then it is more difficult for him to lose weight and to be in shape but regular and consistent effort will give you desired results.

Without efforts even a normal individual can make his body out of shape. Just change your lifestyle get more active, eat right food and avoid bad food. Believe in yourself and you will live your dream life.

Keep in mind that there is no other miraculous way that can make your body fit in a couple of days. Getting a fit body is a process and everyone have to go through it to achieve good body and life.

Home Environment :

Home environment makes a great impact on the child health. The type of food you make or you buy affects the child taste and habits both. healthy eating is very important even at early age. You can allow your child to have his favorite cuisines sometimes. What you eat also effects the children psychologically as they learn from you. You cannot eat unhealthy food yourself and ask them to eat healthy things. It will not work.

Don't allow your child solely make his eating decisions if your child is more keen to eat fast foods every time you eat out. Instead buy him salad. How have to restrict it somewhere.

Even at home don't let you child have a lot of cold drinks, candies, pizzas and other fast food too much. Eating fast food regularly can easily make your child overweight.

Preparing your food at home is the best thing you can do to change your child's and your families eating habits. Salad and fruits are the best options for snacks. Encourage dairy products like curd, milk etc. You can substitute cold drink with olive oil which very good for health.

Psychological reasons :

Depression and stress are also a cause of childhood obesity. The children who suffers from depression or have extreme stress on them tend to eat more than the normal children.

Emotional imbalance can also result in overeating in children which may lead to obesity. Do not let your child get isolated from other this way he can easily develop inferiority complex.

Do not point out your child as obese often in front of others as your child can develop low self esteem. Rather help him to get in shape. Do not ignore your child.


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