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5 Reasons to Avoid Supplements a Celebrity Endorses

Updated on January 12, 2016

If you've ever bought supplements after you saw your favorite celebritiy "use" them then you might have just been scammed into buying supplements that aren't as effective as they claim.

But don't feel bad, this happens to a lot of people, and all you can really do is educate yourself so that you can avoid these sly marketing tactics.

Here's how things usually work with supplements...

  • Celebrities are seen everywhere and live an appealing life, so they're always capturing your attention.
  • Companies that market supplements need to find new ways to draw in your attention.
  • So a celebrity gets supplements for free so they can try it out or they're just paid to say good things about it.

This process is used over and over again and I'm about to tell you 5 reasons you should avoid buying supplements just because of a celebrity endorsement.


Yes that's right, supplement companies will pay big-name celebrities just to be seen "using" their products or to talk about them as if they've actually tried them.

This tactic works because most people won't research the supplements themselves. They'll see a celebrity they admire sample the product once or talk about the supplements and then they'll want to try it themselves. The celebrities don't even have to claim that they have seen any benefits from the supplements and that brings us to the second reason to ignore this type of marketing.

Reason #2 - The way their body looks isn't just because they used the supplements!

A lot of celebrities have personal chefs, work with nutrition experts, and have amazing workouts planned out for them.

So, even if you used the same supplements, you wouldn't achieve a body that looks anything close to the celebrity's body you're admiring because there's so much more involved than just taking supplements.

Reason #3 - They're taking more supplements than they mention in the ad!

Most celebrities can afford to take as many supplements as they want and they DO because they have to look their best for their job.

So, even if they did use the supplements you saw them with or heard them talk about, that doesn't mean it's the only supplement they took. And even though you can't assume that the supplements were the only reason for their results, you'd have to take ALL of the same supplements they did to achieve similar results.

Reason #4 - Their body looked amazing before they even touched the supplements!

Very rarely do you ever see legit "before and after" pictures of celebrites; what you see is how their body is now.

And this is another reason why they don't have to claim they got the results from the supplements. You see their amazing body, they talk about the benefits the supplement company told them to mention and then YOU assume it was the supplements that helped them build their body! That's what they call "smart" marketing.

Reason #5 - Most celebrities don't know what they are talking about!

They're not qualified to spout out claims about supplements because they're just reading a teleprompter or have their picture in a magazine near a bunch of text; they didn't look at any research themselves.

In this day and age, you can be a musician and come out with your own workout program and people will buy it. Why? Because you have a great body, people admire you and they're use to seeing your face. But most of the time these programs are created by someone else and the celebrity's face is just slapped on it to sell more products.

So how do you avoid scams like this?

Well, you need to pay attention to research done on the supplements you're interested in and if you don't want to look into the research yourself then you can check out an exclusive interview I had with Jeff Anderson AKA the "Muscle Nerd".

Jeff is a former Master Fitness Trainer for the US Military and a Bodybuilding Consultant who loves digging through research to find the most effective supplements out there, hence his nickname.

By checking out the following link you're going to find out the best supplements to take to reach your fitness goals... Oh and did I mention that you can discover how to make your own supplements at wholesale prices?!

© 2016 Ben Guinter

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