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5 Safety Tips For Buying Cheap Treadmills

Updated on July 9, 2008

Cheap Treadmills And Safety

You’ve decided to start exercising and decided that using a treadmill is the best way to go, but you can’t fit an expensive treadmill in your budget so you decided to go with one of the cheap treadmills. Although you can find some good quality cheap treadmills they will not be the same quality as the higher priced treadmills.

With that in mind you want to make sure that the cheap treadmills you look at are safe. There are certain things you need to look at to be assured that the treadmill is going to be safe for you to use.

1: Get A Sturdy Treadmill

Even though you're looking for cheap treadmills you must make sure the treadmill you decide on is sturdy and can stand up to not only your weight, but also the routine you plan to put it through. You don’t what to be working out on your treadmill when all of a sudden a handle comes off or the body of the machine breaks down

2: Even Cheap Treadmills Need A Good Belt

The belt is going to take a lot of the wear of your treadmill. All treadmills should have good quality belt especially cheap treadmills. You don’t want the belt to slip or stick while you’re walking or running on your treadmill or worse fall apart altogether.

3: Cheap TreadMills And Cushioning

Cheap treadmills are cheap because they skimp on certain things. Cushioning should not be one of those things. Good cushioning is a most. You don’t want to injure your back and joints from high impact exercising and good cushioning can greatly reduce the chance of damage to your back and joints due to running and walking on your treadmill.

4: Cheap Treadmills And The Controls

You want to make sure that the controls on your treadmill are easy to use and understand. Some cheap treadmills have controls that are not so easy to use. If you’re running or walking at a certain pace and you get tired and want to slow the pace down you don’t want to have to try to figure out how to do that or you try to do it and the machine doesn’t respond, that can be very dangerous.

5: Make Your Exercise Routine Safe

Most of all whether it’s on cheap treadmills or expensive treadmills you don’t want to over do your exercise routine. Be aware of your heart rate and check with your doctor to make see what is safe for you to do.

In Closing

Cheap treadmills may be the best way or the only way for you to get into exercising, but it does you no good if your treadmill is not safe.


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