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5 Side effects of birth control that you need to know

Updated on January 12, 2010

Many women nowadays goes for birth control services, this is necessities that birth control services helps women to have birth when they desire. Women and a number of men have been using birth controls services without knowing the side effects of birth control services. It is very important to know the side effects of birth control services before you can use them

Money driven doctors are not helping much when it comes to telling their clients about side effects of birth control services, and in many occasions they will encourage women to go for birth control services. Without good knowledge of side effects of birth control services, young ladies in their teens are using morning peels to avoid getting pregnant. With many opting to this practice it would be good if young ladies know the many side effects of birth control services

Excessive use of birth control services as in the case of young women is having a very negative health condition. Below are some devastating side effects of birth control services.

side effects of birth control

1.       Loss of Blood

One of the worst side effects of birth control services is loss of blood; there are various birth control services that will lead to bleeding at the begging of your menstrual period for. A woman will bleed heavily or in some cases bleeding is an ongoing bit by bit for even more than two weeks. When you realized this situation it is advisable to see a nearest health facility for intervention, a woman experiencing bleeding will be given some pills to stop the bleeding and blood building tablets

2.       Anemia

Anemia is one of the side effects of birth control services, after excessive bleeding from a woman, she will have lost quite a lot of iron through the blood and  as a result have a severe anemic condition. When you have anemia as a result of birth control services, it is good to eat food rich in iron like bone marrow that helps build iron in the body. When affected one should use iron tablets which helps build up your iron store and increases your hemoglobin level

3.       Death

The worst side effects of birth control services is death, with continuous use of birth control services like peels and the continuous and excessive bleeding from women, they are likely to die during this period of excessive bleeding if immediate preventive action is not taken

4.       Infertility

Over a period of time using birth control services, one may find it very difficult to give birth as a result of reproductive organ malefaction, they may experience immature birth, prolonged menstruation period and reproductive organ being damaged complete.

5.       Birth complication

The other side effects of birth control services is birth complication, a women may have complication when giving birth due to excessive use of these peels, one of the complication is having big child that cannot be deliver normally or premature death of an infant. When experiencing such complication one should opt for cesarean birth delivery method

> Before you decide to go for birth control services, it is advisable to ask your doctor the side effects of birth control services that will be prescribed for you  


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    • profile image

      Truu 7 years ago

      Theres also some horrible side effects that can occur after going OFF hormonal birth control, including anxiety, hypertension, depression(with those oh so lovely suicidal tendencies), mass hair loss, dramatic change in personality, total loss of sex drive(which can occur on the pill too), and just plain feeling insane.

      Fortunately these side effects seem to be very uncommon. My detailing them is mostly tailored to a personal experience, as many women only experience a few if any of these side effects. But its the worst kind of hell to have to go through them. Even after a couple years when your body finally balances out still feel like something isnt quite the way it use to be. I think the word "haunted" would apply here.

      No doctor seems to help either because they all say "thats impossible, birth control cant cause that", yet there's a number of women who have had this experience. It doesnt help that most women don't seem to talk about this issue if it happens. They just start thinking they're crazy, taking more medications that complicate the issue.

      To end my rant, if you've gone off the pill and experienced something similiar, you're not crazy. Don't go on any other body-chemistry altering medications, just get plenty of emotional support and you will recover.

    • profile image

      Megan 8 years ago

      There are other, POSITIVE side effects of birth control (besides what it says on the box). For example, taking bc significantly reduces a woman's lifetime risk of ovarian (one of the MOST aggressive and deadly types) cancer. Up to a 60% reduction if you've used the pill continuously for 10 years. Even just 1-4 years gets you a 22% reduction.

      And, yes, it may very slightly increase the risk of breast cancer, BUT there are other parallel factors (ie how early in your life you have children/how many children you have (earlier and more=lower risk)) which may contribute, and the treat-ability of breast cancer vs ovarian should also be considered.

      I feel like THIS would have been a good point to feature, instead of dividing 'loss of blood' and 'anemia' into two unnecessarily separate categories.

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks bingskee, birth control some can be dangerous

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      the reason why i did not resort to artificial birth control methods; we only tried the natural method - much safer of course.

      thanks for sharing this hub. very informative and this will be useful for everyone.