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Live a Longer Life In 5 Easy Steps

Updated on May 6, 2013

How to Live a Longer Life

Live a Longer Life by adding these 5 Simple Activities to your day!
Live a Longer Life by adding these 5 Simple Activities to your day! | Source

How To Live Longer

Believing You Can Live Longer

Recently I found a few tips that the God of health, Dr. Oz suggests people practice to increase their life span. I thought to myself, "Hey self; even you can handle this stuff!" And as I began to practice these 5 Simple Activities for a Longer Life, I felt as if the idea was really plausible. I truthfully believe I can improve the quality and length of my life by adding a few easy to manage activities to my daily schedule. Today, I am here to share this wonderful life changing venture with you in the hope that you too will find the faith that your life can indeed last longer!

About Doctor Oz

Dr. Oz states in his information that he wants people who have read or heard his advice to share it with those they care about; this it what I am doing for you today. You should do the same. Dr. Oz doesn't endorse any products, so anything with his name on it is probably a fake! I am not selling any products using his name, but rather sharing the information he wants us all to know. The listed books for sale are written by him, and thereby are the real deal! Let's get started before time runs out!

How to Live a Longer Life

5 Daily Steps to Follow for a Longer Life

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Eat fish (sustainable when possible)
  3. Walk
  4. Have Sex
  5. Eat Berries (not the Franken Berry® kind)

#1. Eat Breakfast

Eating Breakfast For a Longer Life

Let's take on those dynamos collagen and elastin, the bodies wrinkle prevention team. These two substances provide a Navy Seal team-like foundation of support underneath the skin; strong, resilient and devoted to the job. Which keeps your skin looking as smooth as a baby's bottom. As we get older, the teams arms become weakened to the point of breaking, leaving your skin with little support. If you add sugar to mix, it will grab onto these broken arms and keep them from healing enough to bring back the needed support to the skin—blocking any hope your cells have at repairing the damage. The sooner you remove sugar from this equation, the better. Instead of a heavy sugar studded breakfast, switch to eggs and oatmeal! These two will bring extra protein and balanced sugar levels to your bloodstream, preventing wrinkles as well as keeping your waistline in good repair! Which we all know is the shortest path to a Longer Life!

For Added Memory Health

While you're eating that oily fish try adding these supplements for even greater memory health!

  • 400 milligrams alpha-lipoic acid (1x daily)
  • 500 milligrams acetyl L-carnitine (2x's a day)
  • 500 milligrams gingko (daily)

Recommended dosages Per Dr. Oz show

#2. Eat Fish

Eat Fish For a Longer Life

Who doesn't like a yummy hotdog, sausage, and don't get me started on bacon! These fantastically tasty foods are processed meats that have an over-abundance of nitrates, which have been credited with supporting the onset and perpetuation of Alzheimer's. Avoid them as much as possible! (It hurt just a little to write that down.) Instead of choosing these foods, try eating oily fish (sustainable when possible) at the evening meal, two-times a week. Tuna, salmon, and sardines are the top three choices for the best results. As we gain age, our memory can become less than we hope for. When we were young whipper-snappers, those synaptic connections in the brain happened faster than a any modern supercomputer could imagine. Now, we need a little extra maintenance to keep brain activities in pique condition, and Omega-3 (found in oily fish) is just the thing our older brains require to thrive. Keep that brain snapping away, a longer life span might just be the result!

Almost 80 Never Looked So Good!

Aunt "C" still looks pretty darn good at 78 years young! All That walking and berry eating is really paying off!
Aunt "C" still looks pretty darn good at 78 years young! All That walking and berry eating is really paying off! | Source

#3. Walk

Walk For a Longer Life

In the afternoon and prior to the mid-day meal, take a brisk walk. As our bodies grow older, we lose muscle mass, which can make us weak and reduce the strength of our bone tissue. Physical activity helps to keep bones from becoming fragile. 15 minutes in the sun is enough to start cooking up your body's own vitamin D. According to one study pointed out by Dr. Oz, scientist found that people with the highest vitamin D levels had longer telomeres—tiny bits of DNA found at the ends of cells that get shorter each time a cell divides—lending these folks about 5 extra years worth of cell division. If you simply can't get outside for that brisk sun-drenched walk, Dr. Oz suggests that taking about 1,000 international units of vitamin D3 each day can replace the needed quantity. Something we should never take for granted, that amazing little thing called walking. It can add years to our lives, which is just another reason to appreciate it!

#4. Have Sex

Have Sex For a Longer Life

You gotta admit sex does make you feel better! Early studies would suggest that having frequent sex might just add years to your life! Be sure to set the mood with a nice romantic glass of red wine or grape juice (dark 100% pure, natural, no sugar added) for those who don't wish to drink alcohol. This beverage contains resveratrol, which might just fight off that heart disease!

Sex and a Longer Life

One European study found that men who had sex less than once a month were 2X's as likely to die in the 10-year follow-up period as those who had sex at least 2X's a week!

#5. Eat Berries

Eat Berries for a Longer Life

Did you know that berries help to stave off Cancer? Several of the best anticancer substances are found right in your cabinets and refrigerator. The idea is to starve the cancer cells as they begin to grow. It works something like this; every cell in the body (even cancer cells) require access to the blood supply, because that's where the food is. When a cancer cell first starts to grow (even before the Dr can see it) it has to build a pathway to steal food from the blood supply. Berries, it is believed, assist in preventing the pathway from being constructed, thus starving the cancer cells into submission. Berries also have antioxidants, which help with inflammation and stress related oxidation of the body. They also are said to help in the fight against several types of cancers. If I must consume the juicy, tangy, sweetness that a berry offers just to live longer, I am willing to make that sacrifice!

Life Expectancy (vs) Health Cost

New Zeland
United Kingdom
Non-U.S. Average
United States

How To Promote a Longer Life!

Believing a longer life is possible through daily activities can change not only the quality of your life today, but in the future as well. Practice the activities lined out above and you may find yourself joining the many happy active centenarians located world-wide. Living to be 100 doesn't sound too bad and is becoming more probable with each passing generation. Be sure to take good care of your body now, you'll want to look good at your 101st birthday party!


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