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5 Steps To Diet & Weight Loss Success

Updated on July 5, 2011

Making changes is hard, and in a perfect world, we would never have to lift a finger to keep our bodies fit and healthy.  But, as it is, having a fit, healthy body takes some discomfort and a whole lot of commitment.  The end reward, however, makes the effort completely worthwhile. 

Steps to diet & weight loss success #1
Don't be fooled by your inspiration or motivation.  Until you decide to get up and do this, nothing will happen.  Make simple lifestyle changes - instead of a cookie, have a banana.  Instead of watching some tv, go for a walk.

Steps to diet & weight loss success #2
Those buffalo wings sure look tasty...You've been so good so far, why not, right?  Wrong.  Giving in will start a domino effect that will take you back to where you started - and all your efforts?  Wasted. 

Resist the urge to stop when the going gets rough.  No "I don't wannas."  No "It's just a bag of chips".  Have none of that - unless you want to hang on to the fat, of course.

Steps to diet & weight loss success #3
You see your running shoes at the door...should you?  ...Or should you not?  There's no room for debating here - just like the buffalo wings, if you given in, you can kiss your weight loss success up 'til now good-bye.

Steps to diet & weight loss success #4
It's been 3 weeks, and you've been good.   You've been so good!  But the results are not showing fast enough.  Don't bang your head against the wall.  You must continue to make those lifestyle changes.  As you continue to trade in doughnuts for apples and tv shows for walks, the changes will occur.

Steps to diet & weight loss success #5
Choose to move forward.  Accept that you must work for a fit, healthy body.  The price will be high, but you must decide you're willing to pay for it.  The sooner you embrace the fact that you're in control of your food and health choices, the sooner you will see diet and weight loss success.


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