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5 Tips You Can Do to Reduce Risk for Heart Disease

Updated on May 8, 2011

Do you know what's the number one killer in the whole world? Its heart attack or people suffering with heart disease. It's a killer that strikes with no definite time and place. It happens to everyone most especially to elderly people.

Heart attack is a common subject when people talk about heart disease. They talk about what medication they're taking and what they do to avoid or prevent future heart attack. It's a subject that shouldn't be taken for granted. You also might have heard your neighbors talking someone suddenly died last night because of heart attack. I've heard of it twice already. The first one was an old man who used to read newspapers early in the morning in my mothers store and the second one is an old lady who used to bet on lotto every afternoon but now they are all gone. Both respectively died in just one heart attack.

My two uncles walks everyday early in the morning at the nearby park. They make a few rounds walking back and forth while they converse almost anything what they see or think of. My father walks on a different location he starts from our place towards the market which is about 4 kilometers away. He enjoys it a lot when he starts walking because he appreciate things of what he sees along the way. When he comes back, he already had vegetables for mama to prepare for breakfast.

I've observed them very well and noticed the things they do and the diet they've taken everyday. So I thought of making a short list, writing down the things they do and the foods they ate.Hopefully you'll find this information useful.

Below are 5 things that I've observed from them that reduce risk for heart disease:

  1. They walk a lot early in the morning - my 2 uncle enjoys walking while conversing. While my father enjoys walking while appreciating things he sees along the way and he talks a lot of those things when he comes back.
  2. The foods they eat - no doubt eating the right food is one of the best way to prevent heart disease. If you love your heart then be sure to take foods that has less cholesterol and contains antioxidants. There are 3 common diet I've noticed from them, if vegetables is not in the dining table then I'm sure its either oatmeal or tinuwa (fish not cook with oils).Their diet has maintain there weight constantly.If you're thinking what's the best healthy diet for you - try to check Isabels video while she talks about the best way to a healthy diet. She talks a lot sensible things to her topic.
  3. Never smoke - my 2 uncles never ever smoke while my father had quit smoking a very long time ago. For smokers out there it may be difficult to stop right away but I know you can still control it. It just all in your mind. That's for my opinion.
  4. No more coffee - its hard thing to stop because its addicting which most people are used to drink especially in the morning. But cutting off and replacing it with green tea is more better because it has antioxidants and promotes blood flow circulation. Now what I observed with them is that, when there's no green tea around they look and take 3 in 1 coffee as replacement in which this type of coffee contains additional ingredients with antioxidant properties.
  5. Say no to Stress - it is been truly stressed out by many tips out there that chronic stress can lead to heart disease. The only way you prevent this is by not thinking too much and should learn to let things go and say no. The 3 of them they don't bother too much about work and don't carry the burden on their shoulders - they relax in the mid afternoon by taking a short nap. Sometimes goes out to the mall or to the nearby beach to chill.

Those are the five tips that I gladly share to my readers base on my observations of the 3 subjects. I hope this article will help you reduce your risk from any sort of heart disease.

By the way, I forgot to mention that you should always check your blood pressure in the morning. You can use portable home blood pressure measuring devices to check your blood pressure. Anything that is above 115/75 is considered risky, so better not go beyond that, else visit your doctor.

Also learn more about the BEST NUTRITION INFORMATIONon the web it may help you about the best diet solution for you.

Saturated Fats Does Not Cause Heart Disease


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    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 6 years ago

      Thank you woodamarc. Sorry for super delayed reply.

    • woodamarc profile image

      Marc Woodard 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Very good hub and video. I recently have written similar hubs and site articles. Your refined oils, processed and baked foods consumption increase assessment is correct. Not only is this a key contributor to heart disease, but is also a big problem for childhood obesity which is now considered a serious health epidemic concern in our nation. I have now tweeted your hub which will also be seen at my fit-healthy web site for 1 week. Great job!