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Proven Anxiety and Depression Self help Programs

Updated on December 4, 2016
Stacie L profile image

Stacie L has been an educator for many years and likes to share her experiences and advice.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety is felt by everyone to some degree. When a person feels overwhelmed, it can interfere with their daily life.

The term "panic attack" is not very well understood by most lay people and many in the medical community. Anyone that has had a full blown attack will tell you that it feels like a real medical emergency.

Often the person has a fear of crowds or failure, so the most reported trigger for an anxiety attack is speaking in front of a group. The fear of looking foolish or not being liked can create tremendous anxiety, which probably started in childhood and lasting well into adulthood.

Some people overcome their fears through various methods. Some just mask them or appear to "outgrow" them. Humans have different coping mechanisms so it's easy to think that one has overcome this disorder if they don't engage in activities that will trigger one.

Much like a stutterer who learns to avoid certain words, the affected person will learn to avoid certain activities that may set them off.

Many of those who are recovering from alcohol or drug addictions will tell you, they were usually filled with fear. Many addicted persons are self medicating to cope with their anxiety. Often depression is a result of the overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks.

Conditions contributing to Anxiety

There are a number of related conditions can be contribute to anxiety or panic attacks. They are agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, anxiety disorder or nervous breakdown disorder.

Briefly, agoraphobia is a fear of being outside or otherwise being in a situation from which one either cannot escape or from which escaping would be difficult or humiliating.

OCD is about having unreasonable thoughts or fears that lead one to perform repetitive behaviors.

Depression can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term). It usually manifests itself as a pervasive sadness,which leads to withdrawal from others. Anxiety attacks can isolate one which may be one cause of depression.

Anxiety disorder is an often misused label for an anxiety attack. It is a constant state of worry and fearfulness. It is more detrimental than a panic attack.

A nervous breakdown is a mental disorder and has nothing to do with nerves. The anxiety or depression is so intense that it causes a shut down of the person emotional self to the degree of hospitalization. They cannot function and need some major rest and treatment.

What Is a Panic Attack Video


The signs and symptoms of a full blown attack varies with the individual and most of these may apply.

  • racing heartbeat

  • rapid breathing

  • profuse sweating

  • fearful look on the face

  • trembling hands

  • nausea or vomiting

  • light-headedness or fainting

  • numbness or tingling

  • loss of voice

  • insomnia


The traditional forms of treatment in the past have been to receive individual and/or group talk therapy to help alleviate and explain your irrational fears. Mental health care providers and medical physicians or Psychiatrists can also prescribe anti-anxiety medications. This way of dealing with your phobias and fears is time consuming and very expensive. Many social phobics never receive the help they need simply because they cannot face strangers.

Some Good Self-Help Programs

There are new self-help programs in recent years that may be just as helpful as the traditional therapy.

For those without medical insurance and time for formal therapy, these self-help guides are a good way to start.

These are best for those who don't suffer from a major depression or mental illness.

A book from Edmund J. Bourns, PHD is Beyond Anxiety & Phobia. Here is a highly recommended book with step by step guidelines and strategies for

  • reducing anxiety by lifestyle and environment

  • discover purpose in your life that helps overcome sense of meaninglessness

  • uses alternative methods such as herbs, diet, yoga, massage, and acupuncture for greater relaxation and ease in your life

  • practice mediation as you learn to witness simply rather than react to anxiety and fear

Dr, Bournes is well respected in his field with over 20 years of experience in treating phobias and fears. His book has practical useful techniques that anyone can apply. It is a paperback format and you may find used ones used at a lower cost.

The Anxiety& Phobia Workbook by Edmund. J. Bourne, PHD. and has sold over 600,000 copies with many recommendations. It is a follow up book with step by step guide for mastering topics such as:

  • relaxation

  • exercise

  • visualization

  • self esteem

  • overcoming negative self-talk

  • coping with panic

  • meditation techniques.

His programs are very affordable and good to start off with. In paperback book format.

"Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick by David Carbonell.

He refers to the panic as a "trick" and offers ways to outsmart and beat this trick with his step by step guide.

The 4 main points to the program are:

  • breathing techniques

  • panic diaries

  • cognitive behavioral methods

  • and desensitization & progressive exposure tactics.

Among some of the chapter topics discussed in his book are where do emotions come from?, self-hypnosis, the panic diary, fear of flying, claustrophobia and social phobia.

There are 4 parts to this program and should be taken in order.

It is highly rated with many positive feedback comments and is reasonably priced.

Lucinda Bassett

Lucinda Bassett's Attacking Anxiety and Depression CD DVD program includes 15 audio CD lessons and 3 coaching lessons on DVD. Also workbooks and manuals.

The main points she makes are:

  • free yourself from chronic worry and fearfulness

  • break the cycle of stress, anxiety and depression

  • finally get the help you've been searching for

  • feel alive,energetic and confident again

Lucinda is the founder and president of the Mid West Center for Stress and Anxiety, and a former anxiety sufferer. A forum is helpful for other users of the program to share. it is on her website;The Stress Center.

A new program can be a little pricey, but you do get a lot of materials and extras

Linden method video

The Linden Method

The Linden Method® guarantees those suffering with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, and OCD will be able to be 100% cured.

It is endorsed by the medical community, is drug-free and is used by government health services, doctors and psychologists all over the world. They also claimed to have helped over 130,000 so far. With a money back guarantee it's worth a try.

The program consists of 16 audio tracks, a video, a manual, and personal support. it may be a little more than other programs but it offers more than a book.

From their website:

"What does The Linden Method include?

  1. The Linden Method Manual – Reassuring information and the Nine Pillars – the rules that create the environment for change

  2. The 'Fast Track' DVD/Video – a 13 minute video presentation which shows you what to do NOW to experience IMMEDIATE relief

  3. The Linden Method CDs – Devices to enable you to stop panic attacks immediately. Useful relaxation techniques

  4. Journey out of Agoraphobia – 5 steps to cure agoraphobia for good

  5. Stress free in 30 days – A simple program to eliminate stress from your life

  6. FREE, unlimited, qualified support by email and phone – instant and constant access to support by email and telephone

  7. Lots of free info within the online Members Area – Other supportive, reassuring and informational material and resources

  8. What Charles believes to be, the most successful, fast and permanent anxiety elimination program in the world "

Overcome your Fear of Driving

I discovered this recently and thought I should add it here. There are many people afraid to leave the house and getting behind the wheel is absolutely terrifying !

Rich Presta has developed an anxiety program geared towards those who cannot drive. Simply titled, The Driving Fear Program, "You don't need to live with fear or anxiety when you drive.You can learn to drive with confidence, peace of mind, and comfort - without caring how far you are from home, on highways, in traffic, and over bridges. ...


Anxiety or panic attacks are based on a form of fear or a phobia that may have started in early childhood and became progressively worse.

Many adults have a fear of social situations today due to childhood stressors that were never resolved. Depression plays a big part in the anxiety and panic people suffer from.

Also many adults and children suffer from anxiety attacks because of some traumatic events, such as bullying. There are many reasons for phobias but not everyone can pinpoint why, when or how it developed.

The important point is to get some help for yourself. You can start off with a book and see if it helps. Then move up to a more involved program; just do something and don't let fears paralyze you.

A new program for those who fear driving is the newest program. I guess I can't blame them so much, with all the bad drivers on the road today, but that fear will keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Social situations such as dating, going to work, shopping at the grocery store will all be impeded by this great anxiety if you don't get treatment for it.

Panic Attack Poll

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