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5 Vegetables Rich in Dietary Fiber

Updated on February 15, 2015

As I am a bit of a health conscious guy and a fitness freak, I keep checking out some of the nutritious foods available in the market that help us maintain our physical fitness. As such, i have been doing a bit of study on the vegetables rich in dietary fiber.

Ask any dietician or a physician and they will tell you the importance of dietary fiber. There are several reasons why our food should have a good amount of fiber. Dietary fibers are known to prevent and relieve constipation as well as help you maintain a healthy weight by removing excess fat deposit in the body. They can also help in preventing heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers caused by fat deposits in the body. Fibers are essential to keep your digestive and excretory systems clean.

Hence, it is essential to include fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber in our daily meals. Here are some vegetables that are rich in fiber.


Originally found in the western world, it has now made its entry into markets across the globe. The buttery avocado may not look much like a source of fiber. But, you will be pleasantly surprised that this vegetable offers a good portion of dietary fiber. A mere 100 gm of avocado actually gives you about 7 gm of fiber, which is about 28% of the daily recommended value.

Drum stick

Not many people in the western world would have heard of this vegetable. The vegetable is native to India. A person in the western world may recognise the tree by the name of 'horseradish tree'. The tree's pods as well as leaves are used as vegetables. While the leaves have a good amount of dietary fiber, the pods are very rich in fiber. A 100 gm of drum stick gives you about 3.2 gm of fiber, which is about 13% of the daily recommended value.

Egg plant

Egg plant, commonly referred to as aubergine in the UK and brinjal in the eastern countries is a good source of fiber. There are several people who do not like egg plant. But did you know that it is more fibrous than many fruits and vegetables available in the market? A mere 100 gms of egg plant gives you about 3 gm of fiber, which is about 12% of your daily recommended value.


Carrot may be considered a super vegetable due to its rich supply of vitamins and fiber. The vegetable has rich deposits of Vitamin A, Viamin D, beta-carotenes (important to prevent breast cancer in women and age-related muscular degeneration), potassium and fiber. A 100 gms of carrots offers about 2.8 gm of dietary fiber, which is about 11% of the daily recommended value.


Broccoli is a common vegetable found in almost all parts of the world. The vegetable belongs to the cabbage family. The vegetable's flowery head as well as stem are used in preparing dishes. Not only is the vegetable rich in dietary fiber, but it is also rich in Vitamin C. A 100 gm of the vegetable gives about 2.6 gm of dietary fiber, which is about 10% of the daily recommended value.

Most of these vegetables are available everywhere. So, make sure that you include these vegetables in your everyday diet to live a healthy life.


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