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5 Ways To Look More Attractive Every Day

Updated on March 17, 2020
Karla Taylor profile image

I have a passion for personal development and helping people to transform their lifestyle for the better.

I Don't Start Getting Ready Because I Never Get To Finish It

If you're here then I dare to assume that you value your physical appearance, as do I value my own. There isn't always time to finish what you started when it comes to styling your hair or applying make-up which often leads to the decision of "I won't bother today" day after day after day. Some people start early in the morning and that's great, maybe that's you but the fact is that you're still here, looking for more tips on how to be more attractive. Whether you find the time or you don't, you're in the right place for valuable tips on how to look more attractive every day.

Nothing Makes A Woman More Beautiful Than The Belief That She Is Beautiful.

— Sophia Loren

Step 1

Smile as soon as you wake up.

The muscles used to smile fire signals back to the brain that release endorphins and the best remedy for that tired look first thing in the morning is a heavy dose of happy hormones before you've even lifted your head off the pillow.

You want that naturally radiant glow that is hard to come by? It's not make-up.

Once you've woken up and smiled, dropping a tonne of happiness onto yourself, you can cement that further by setting your intentions and affirmations for the day.

You want to really glow? List some things that you're grateful for.


"I will make progress on my largest task today"
"I'm grateful for my mobility"
"I'm going to make someone proud today"
"I am focused and motivated"
"I'm grateful for my families health"
"Positive things will happen today"
"I will spend time with my family today"
"I'm grateful for the beautiful morning we're having"
"Everything is always working out for me"

Modify these phrases to your own needs and write them down while you drink your morning coffee, make it a daily habit. If you are often on your feet and busy during your morning coffee then say them in your head. Gratitude opens doors that dwelling s

Step 2

Feed Yourself.

You need nutrients, vitamins and minerals to get through the day and you need them to look good too. Take the time to eat a well-balanced breakfast. If there's a little voice in the back of your head suggesting that it's self-indulgent to take the time to prepare and eat a nutritious breakfast then you're victim to paradigm. I'm guilty of that one too. Personal development is not a short road, it's a lifetime of commitment but the results are: forgetting what it feels like to just exist rather than to live, forgetting that there was a time that you had to take life day-by-day because it was too overwhelming otherwise.

Personal development is the best journey you will ever embark on. The more you invest in yourself, the more you can offer to others. We really need to drop the guilt. In order to help someone, you have to be in a position to do so. Feeling guilty doesn't feed people.

A nutritious breakfast is a small step and you deserve all of the steps... Every day, okay?

Your missing out helps nobody so why suffer?

...and it doesn't have to be this fancy.
...and it doesn't have to be this fancy.

Step 3


In your usual personal-hygeine routine, you should fit in a skin care routine too. I bet you wondered when I was going to get down to the physical. Well, here you go. Your face, your physical appearance will thank you for implementing a skin care routine.

There is a generous amount of options when it comes to skin care, my routine is quick and easy, I'm writing an article about it which can be found here:

*Link to be added when article is completed.


Step 4

If necessary, chill two table spoons and then place the bottoms of the spoon (not the handle) over your closed eyelids to reduce puffiness and to make you feel more awake and refreshed.

Step 5

Fresh Air, Fresh Mindset.

If your daily schedule doesn't involve going out then make a commitment to get fresh air every morning whether you stand in your garden with your face to the clouds or you implement a routine of walking the dog or doing an outdoor errand once per day. However you do it, make sure you get fresh air every day.

It's important to protect your skin from the elements which can be achieved using sun protection for the skin and lips, wearing sunglasses to prevent ageing from the sun and protecting your skin during harsh, cold conditions.

Lots of people have a schedule that is rich in outdoors errands and tasks already, if this is you then make sure you give yourself a bit of time each day to connect to yourself whether you do it inside or outside, wherever you're most comfortable and whenever most convenient. You might be wondering where you'd even start or what I mean by "connect with yourself" but you're a few minutes alone away from aligning your actions with your true intentions for the entire day, especially since you considered your intentions, affirmations and things you are grateful for as your first step.

What I mean is, check your mindset. Does it bode well with the tasks you need to complete this day to chip chunks off the rock in-between you and your dream life?

Is your current mindset going to serve you or will you be distracted by subconscious behaviours and articles about how to look more attractive when the fact of the matter is that you are doing you down to a T. You're perfect the way you are.

Oh, there's no such thing as perfect? That's because it's about perspective.

The definition of perfect is different for everybody but you aren't realising that you're the best version of yourself already, nobody else is doing it better than you. Am I wrong? I think not.

Here are some helpful articles, one about breaking your dreams and big goals down into manageable tasks so that you can implement actual steps towards your dream life into your every day schedule and one of them is about the money paradigm which will be helpful to people who struggle with the paradigms I mentioned in this article.

There is also one that will further ensure you that you are perfect the way you are. "The Only Person You Should Compete With Is You".

© 2020 Karla Taylor


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