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5 Ways to Cure a Headache Without Medication

Updated on November 8, 2016
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Coffee Goddess by day, renegade writer by night. Jen lives in the Midwest and holds a BA in Creative Writing. She blogs in her spare time.

It's a Pain in the Head!

Headaches plague many adults, sometimes throughout life. Sure, it's easy to pop an Excedrin really quickly, but sometimes you leave your pain killers at home or sometimes you just don't want to take medication that can be unnatural and might not work as well.

There are plenty of natural remedies out there from physical therapeutic techniques to natural pain killers that are much healthier for your body and work like a charm.

So don't be in pain! Pick an alternate option, and cure that ache!

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1. Stretch It Out

Sometimes we work too much, and whether it's physically or from stress, we tend to tense up in today's modern world. Sitting at the computer too long or leaning over to work can create tension in muscles and strain them.

Muscle strain is one of the leading causes of headaches and migraines, and is one of the easiest to cure.

Stretching is a simple, easy way to relieve a tension headache without the use of medication.

  1. stretch your head from side to side and roll that neck (gently)
  2. get out of that chair/car and stretch from head to toe
  3. cross your arms over your chest to relieve shoulder tension
  4. lay down - sometimes your body just needs a five-minute break!

If you like to get into advanced stretching techniques, take ten minutes and do a few yoga moves. Floor stretches, like forward bends, can be quite therapeutic and relaxing.

2. It's Okay to Stress Eat (A Little)

Another common cause of headaches and migraines alike is a lack of food. Be sure to eat and snack if you're having a hard day or start to feel a headache come on, and make sure you don't go more than 5-6 hours without at least a bite to eat or something decently caloric to drink.

In case just eating a bag of pretzels out of the vending machine isn't an option, there are a few foods you can keep around you that actually have naturally occurring properties that aid in the relief of headaches.

  • Almonds contain chemicals known to relieve pain
  • Cayenne pepper stimulates endorphins, which can cure a headache.
  • Caffeine is a leading, well-known pain reliever. A little can go a long way, and too much caffeine can make a headache worse or trigger a migraine, so stick to a little bit at a time until your symptoms go away - say, sipping on an iced tea instead of a high-caffeine coffee.

How Often Do You Get a Headache?

How often do you experience a mind-numbing pain in your brain?

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3. Spice It Up!

Spices and herbal remedies are popular among the holistic foods crowd. Some of these remedies have been used for thousands of years and have recently been reintroduced as working wonders.

  • Feverfew has been used for centuries and there are few side effects, but stop using it if you experience any soreness in your mouth, nausea, or digestive problems.
  • Lavender either in supplement form or as a scent in aromatherapy can be relaxing and is known to help with stress and tension, and therefore headaches. It also makes a great cup of tea.
  • Peppermint or chamomile tea is a great way to relax and help a headache after a long day. They are also usually caffeine-free herbal teas, so it's a great way to soothe your nerves before bed.

4. H2-Oh Yeah!

Dehydration is another leading cause of headaches and migraines. Dehydration is not always felt equally by each individual, and some people may have trouble identifying when they need a sip of water to make themselves feel better.

Drinking enough water throughout the day, at least 8 6-ounce glasses, should be enough if you don't work strenuously at a physical task. The more you move and sweat, the more you'll have to drink to replenish your body's resources.

If you're participating in strenuous physical activity, a good way to make sure your body is absorbing as much water as it needs is to have some electrolytes as well - you can either drink a sports drink product, like Gatorade, or you can eat foods rich in salt, sugar, and certain other nutrients in order to replenish your body.

Here are some ways to tell if you're dehydrated:

  • headache (most common symptom!)
  • dry mouth
  • dry skin
  • crabbiness
  • slight ache in the back of the head or neck
  • agitation
  • extreme dehydration can cause unconsciousness or even death, so please... try some water.

5. Break It Up

Sometimes you just need a five minute break or a fifteen-minute power-nap. Either way, sometimes just taking a few moments to chill out is the best medicine.

If you feel like it may be a migraine, stick to darker, less noisy areas for your chill session, but if it's just a stress or tension headache, just find somewhere to go to your own little world for a bit, put on some of your favorite music, and revel in doing nothing for a few minutes.

Be sure to get away from technology during that time - all the screens we use today can actually cause eye strain, which can make headaches worse or start them in the first place. So unplug, relax, and take a break!

Top 5 Ways to Cure A Headache Naturally

1. Stretch

2. Have a snack or a small cup of coffee

3. Try something all-natural and pain-relieving, like some almonds or some nice herbal tea.

4. Drink some water

5. Take a break

Headaches Suck do something about it.

Whether you're a fan of natural remedies like herbs and spices, prefer to take a more physical approach like yoga or stretching, or just need a snack and something to drink because you've forgotten to keep up with that (it happens to all of us), don't suffer.

Life's too short to let a headache get you down for long. Try a non-medicated remedy for your headache, and stop suffering!


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    • JenPaxton profile image

      Jen Paxton 3 years ago from Missouri

      Thank you mecheshier

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 3 years ago

      Great hub. I love your suggestions. Voted up

    • JenPaxton profile image

      Jen Paxton 3 years ago from Missouri

      Thanks tirelesstraveller and ChitrangadaCharan!

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      It is very rarely that I get headaches. May be because I follow most of the measures, you have mentioned above.

      Having a regulated, stress free life, doing exercises and going for regular walks, drinking enough water definitely helps.

      Thanks for this very useful and informative hub! Voted up!

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

      Very good ideas. Did not know almonds were a pain reliever.