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Effective Ways to Start Your Day Right - Tips for a Refreshing Morning

Updated on November 7, 2016
Do you want to feel good every day? Start your day great by following the steps featured in this article.
Do you want to feel good every day? Start your day great by following the steps featured in this article. | Source

Ways to start your day right revealed

Several people consider waking up early in the morning as a burden. Some might say, "hey, another busy day ahead...and I really don't like it!"

Mornings bring you back to reality after a very long and beautiful dream. It's a great reminder for everyone of us that life is moving on and we are given a chance to be happy, to do the things that we love, and to straighten things out by doing what is right. Morning is a blessing, indeed!

You must feel refreshed and develop positive vibes throughout your day. So here are some tips you can surely apply into your routine without much effort. You better try it now and see better results in your life.

By stretching your extremities, you can improve the blood circulation in your body.
By stretching your extremities, you can improve the blood circulation in your body. | Source

1. Stretch your extremities

Just for 15-20 seconds every morning, try this before you open your eyes. Start with your arms and stretch your fingers, then your hand and your wrist. Also include your toes, ankles, feet and legs. End it with a back stretch that lets you get up from bed. I am sure you'll like it.

Congratulations, you have exercised your muscles and limbered those joints. You have just improved the flow of blood through your body. It would mean that oxygen is properly provided to the tissues in your body.

2. Proper oral hygiene for a fresher breath

Wait! Before you utter that word, would you care brushing first?

Brushing after getting up from bed is the best way to get rid yourself of morning breath and face your day with freshness. Bacteria are present in your mouth every night and I'm sure that there will be thousands of them present after 8 hours. These bacteria are the reason for bad breath and other dental problems. Stay away from these problems, keep that healthy habit every morning. Brush your teeth and tongue at every start of the day. Well, you can always use mouth wash if you want, but proper brushing is highly recommended.

3. Check your calendar!

Isn't it good to have a large calendar?

Use a big calendar and place it in a prominent place in the house. On it, you can directly write everything you need to know for that day- from corporate meetings, party to friendly getaway and even your romantic date. These are the things you do not want to miss about.

I have a good suggestion, why not check your calendar every morning while you sip your coffee? You are not only reminded of the important events on that day but you are also reducing the stress of forgetting something important.

Keep yourself hydrated every morning

Rejuvenate yourself and be hydrated. Water clears up your throat effectively.
Rejuvenate yourself and be hydrated. Water clears up your throat effectively. | Source

4. Refuel yourself: Drink a glass of water

You've been sleeping for 6-8 hrs. You've been fasting all night long, so you wake up each morning dehydrated. Being dehydrated is not good to your body. So replenish those fluids now to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed.

5. Getting positive energies

Remember about the law of attraction? Thinking of positive ideas is really helpful for you, it attracts high positivity. You will be at ease, secured and more confident in facing the challenges that you might encounter. Feeling good starts in the mind, so learn to play a trick on it.

6. Be inspired

Make a list of people whom you dedicate your life, work or any other activities that you do. Having an inspiration is a big factor on how you handle different tasks.

7. Give them kisses and hugs

This part should not be taken for granted since it is a better way of setting up a good mood throughout the day. It is very nice to show your love to all the people in your house (including your cats and dogs). Being with the ones you love soothes stress and provides a positive start to your day. Kisses and hugs will show your love to them and this would mean spreading good mood to every person in your house.

You have read those simple tips for morning. Now is the time to start your day right. You will be surprised of the good things it will bring in the long run.

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© 2013 Jemuel


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    • profile image

      jhacky 4 years ago

      thank you for the tips...

    • jemuelO profile image

      Jemuel 4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Oh! I am so glad that you happen to see and read my hub, fpherj48. Much more happy to know that you like all my tips! Well, thank you for sharing your morning routines, I also love them - I agree mornings should be started with very light and calm activity. Just like you, I'm already awake as early as 4 am and I just love to do those tips cause it really helps.

      Thank you for that long and detailed comment, my friend. You really inspire me to make more hubs like this.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      jem.....Your Title reached out and pulled me in. As far back as I can recall, I am NOT a "morning person." However, I've come to realize, that saying this, isn't quite enough. It's important to explain.

      First of all, for me, specifically, it does not mean that I hate mornings....not at all. Nor does it mean I'm a terrible grouch, first thing in the a.m.

      The reality is, I very much prefer to begin my day, in a quiet, calm way, with no rushing, or thoughts that I absolutely MUST kick into high gear. As talkative as I am, I prefer to not even speak, at 4 or 5 a.m. Yes, I'm up at that ungodly hour. My dogs wake way around it. It simply takes me an hour or two of movement....a big cup of strong, fresh coffee, and a check of the weather, before I feel AWAKE. Having been this way for years, I have it down to a Science. I want you to know, I love your tips. "Stretching," oh Yes, it's so important. This sends energy through the body and gets the blood flowly freely.

      All of your suggestions are helpful. I assume you've tried out all of them! Just between you and me....."Morning People," annoy me! LOL!...........Excellent hub!...UP++++