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20 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Updated on June 1, 2020
Sombita Ghosh profile image

Sombita is an avid reader of articles and facts regarding psychology and psychological processes, and she takes interest in sharing them.

Dreams are an integral part of a human's psychological development. It gives us a sneak peek to our innermost thoughts and desires. Every dream has a story behind it, they want to tell us something, but we are unable to decipher its complex meaning. In this article, I'm mentioning 20 most common types of dream symbols, and their interpretations relating to your lifestyle.

20 Common Dream Symbols & their Interpretations:

  1. Water: Seeing water-related dreams may mean that you're either overwhelmed, or you have unsupported loved ones. But, it mainly symbolizes being trapped or free. If you see lots of water, then you have strong and deep emotions towards an event occurring in your life.
  2. Vehicles (Cars or Vans): Dreaming about vehicles doesn't symbolize anything in particular. But if you see about a car crash, then it means that you have low confidence in yourself. It also means emotional stress or a bad mental state. Seeing a car crash can also mean that you are worried about losing something, like job, house or relationships, etc.
  3. Being trapped somewhere: Being trapped in some place usually denotes that you're worried about your current situation. It signifies that you are clearly not satisfied with the outcomes of your life, and you want to be free from the. This also means that there is something holding you back from doing what you actually want.
  4. Teeth: Teeth falling or wobbling is another form of common dream symbols. As a kid, our milk teeth started falling out an early age, so our brain links this 'trauma' with the changes going on in our lives. It may signify that we are not taking the changes in a positive way, and we are scared or worried about it.
  5. Having children: In simple observation, this type of dream may signify the urge for continuing your legacy, and become a mother/father figure for your children. But, this may also mean that your inner child, or your true self is wanting to be free.
  6. Animal (All): Animal dreams usually link with your personality, so if you dream about a strong animal, like a lion, then you are a brave, confident and an elegant human being. And so on, various animals means various personality traits.
  7. Being chased: Being chased by something or someone is the most common dream that people see. It means that in your awake life, there's an unresolved issue that needs to be solved immediately. Better check out all the issues you're facing then.
  8. Death: Now most people think that the death symbolizes a negative aspect in our life. But I tend to take it in a positive way. Seeing death dreams according to me, is about the personal growth that a human is going on through their life. Every time you see a death dream, it means that you lost a certain part of yourself and evolved into a better one.
  9. Examination: If you're still in school or university, then seeing this type of dream may mean that you're worried about your studies or exams. But, for an adult, this means, that they're being put to test in their waking life. They are worried about their performance in some event of their life, and fears how others will judge them.
  10. Clothes: Clothing represent who you are truly, so seeing this type of dreams reveals your true self. If you're seeing yourself wearing bright & bold colours in your dream, but you don't do so in waking life, then your brain is asking you to be more confident in yourself. Similarly, a person wearing greys and neutrals have a different personality set.
  11. Demons/Monsters: Seeing monsters in your dreams means that you're feeling anxious and negative about something that is going on in your waking life.
  12. Building/House: House or building means you're seeking safety, shelter or the feeling of home. However, pay attention to the room you're in, whether its a hiding room, top of the building or you're simply seeing the world from a window. Different room signify different feelings.

13. Money: It symbolizes your desire to have have fun, pleasure and power in your life. Whether its a negative or a positive thing to dream about, it's up to the readers.

14. Sex: This type of dreams signifies your personal growth or simply your body seeking pleasure. This proves that you're a healthy adult, and everything is going exactly the way it's supposed to be.

15. Falling: Falling represents that your life isn't in control of your own self, and you may lack the leadership over it. It also means the feeling of hopelessness & being depressed.

16. Being naked in public: It means that you're worried about being judged or worried about how people are going to see in the society you belong to.

17. Being late: Seeing this kind of dream means that you don't value time enough and take it for granted.

18. Being lost: This type of dreams mean that you lack motivation or determination to do something. You don't have any set goals or targets to fulfil. You're scared or anxious about the events in your life.

19. Flying: Flying displays the feeling of being free and independent no matter what. You're thriving for freedom in your life.

20. Fire: It means anger, passion or destruction. If you were angry in your waking life before going to sleep, then you're likely to see a dream about a fire.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Sombita Ghosh


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