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The Power of Immediate Action: 50 Reasons Why You Should Get Started RIGHT NOW

Updated on May 26, 2014

We all have moments that lack motivation

I personally want to congratulate you RIGHT NOW. Even if you only make it half way through this list and never come back, the very fact that you are in the act of looking for inspiration and how to generate motivation to start or continue achieving your goals, is absolutely amazing and something you should be proud of.

I may or may not be the person you who motivate you to get up and take action IMMEDIATELY, but I'm definitely going to give it my 200% best effort. I'm going to do this because I have been where you are right now. More than once.

I've been in that position where I could see a thousand ways to make my life better, but I just couldn't generate the motivation to begin achieving my goals. I was stuck in what's known as Approach Avoidance - which is that point in time when the only thing you need is the right fuel to achieve lift off.

From there, it's just a matter of steering your ship to the moons of Saturn.

Take the time to check out the reasons I've already listed for why you must take immediate action and get excited, get revved up and then get out and start achieving your goals!

G.O.A.L. stands for:





Your First 40 Reasons

I'm going to do the hard part for you and literally GIVE you 40 reasons to get started RIGHT NOW. It doesn't matter if it's writing, cleaning, starting a business, loving more, exercising, quitting smoking, whatever it is - it won't do anything for you unless you get started RIGHT NOW!

1. Taking immediate action means you'll build momentum and avoid procrastination.

2. Building moment means you'll get done sooner and build better habits right away, which means you'll achieve your goal in no time.

3. Achieving your goal will build your confidence and enable you to immediately start achieving other goals you've been putting off, making your more successful in all areas of your life.

4. Taking immediate action means you'll bypass any forethoughts that might have otherwise prevented you from beginning at a later time.

5. Achieving your goal means you'll gain the pride that you've accomplished your goal.

6. Accomplishing your goal means your family, friends and co-workers will be proud of you too.

7. Accomplishing your goals will mean you'll know how the process works and be able to teach other people how to do the same thing with their dreams and goals.

8. Being able to show people how you accomplished your goals and teaching them how to do it themselves means you could create a new source of revenue.

9. Teaching people who to accomplish their goals means you'll be contributing to a more successful world around you.

10. You'll also be able to teach your kids how to achieve their desires, which will help you make their lives better and create a future where people don't find it so hard to achieve their goals.

11. Getting started right now means you'll never have to deal with the pain of procrastinating or worse: not accomplishing your goal at all.

12. Accomplishing your goal means you'll have a great potential for income which can relieve you of many financial burdens.

13. Having relief from your financial burdens can mean you'll have more money to save and put away for things like vacations and fun excursions.

14. Accomplishing this goal will mean you'll be able to accomplish your health goals, making your healthier and happier.

15. Being physically healthier and happier will mean that you'll be able to do more of the things you've always wanted to do without having to worry about a lack of energy or endurance.

16. Accomplishing your goals will put you in a better mood which will mean you'll have more fun with your significant other, meaning your relationship will grow and flourish in the ways you want it to, creating more happiness in your life.

17. Having created more room for financial abundance in your life will in turn open up the opportunity for you to invest in more ways to create income, which will continue to build and grow.

18. Getting started right now will get you excited which will feed on itself and keep you motivated to go until you're finished.

19. Achieving your goals will create more pleasure in your life which is contagious and will create more pleasure in the lives of others, helping you contribute to the overall happiness of everyone around you.

20. Getting started now will get you over the fear that you might not ever achieve any of your goals, because you'll have already gotten started.

21. Achieving your goal will give you more time to do things like spend more quality time with your partner, kids and friends.

22. You'll also have more time for personal projects and hobbies.

23. Because you'll have more pleasure in your life, better health, more money and more time - you'll live longer.

24. Accomplishing your goal will mean one less thing to be stressed out about and because that momentum will help you accomplish other goals and bring more pleasure into your life, you'll continue to rid yourself of stresses that have been following you around for years.

25. You'll become a part of the 15% of people around the world who actually achieve a goal they set for themselves, and no longer be a part of the 85% who never will.

26. Less stress in your life will mean you won't be a part of the 65% of people who will have a heart attack at or before the age of 50.

27. Being able to achieve your goals will open you up to a community of other achievers, widening your circle of affluence and enabling you to find more opportunities to enrich your life.

28. Having less stress and more success in your life will help you find your purpose in life.

29. Being less stressed and having more time for things like exercise and healthy shopping will enable you to lose any excess weight and firm up your body.

30. Succeeding in so many ways will build such a confidence in your mind and body that you will KNOW you have the ability to do anything you want.

31. Because you'll have accomplished so much in your life, you won't have many if any regrets when you die.

32. By accomplishing your goal, you'll have developed a leverage over yourself that you'll never be able to take back, making sure failure is never an option in your future.

33. By finding out how easy it really was to get started and then to fully accomplish your goal, you'll look back and think about all the goals you used to have and gave up because you feared that they would be too hard to accomplish and will start achieving them too.

34. Because you'll be experiencing more happiness, you're subconscious mind will know what it looks like when you get what you want and how happy you are when you get it, which will reprogram it to seek and obtain more rewarding experiences.

35. Because you'll be experiencing success, your brain will link success to pleasure and failure to pain and help you avoid painful situations like procrastination, stagnation and denial.

36. Achieving your goals will build competence and give you so many experiences you can share with people when you need to, whether that be for getting a new job, negotiating a deal or helping someone get over a hard time in their life.

37. Knowing how the goal setting and achieving process works, you'll also know how to set goals to rid yourself of bad habits like smoking, drinking, overworking or overeating.

38. If you ever fallen into a rut or a slump in the future, you'll be able to stop and recognize how to get back out of it using your firmly planted goal setting and achieving skills.

39. You'll never have a problem finding motivation when you really need it.

40. In ten, twenty or forty years, you'll be able to look back at your life and revel in all that you have achieved simply because you actually got started one day.

The Final 10

Here's your challenge:

Sit down RIGHT NOW and finish this list!

It's not that hard. You already have FORTY reasons get started right now, all you need are ten more. The only trick to this challenge is; your final ten reason absolutely MUST be personalized. They must be reasons that are specific to YOUR life. These top forty are generic and will fit anyone's life, that's the beauty of them. That being said, they are complete trash if they are not combined with at least ten personalized reasons for you to get started RIGHT NOW.

It could be that your goal of eating less will attract your ideal lover or help you love your current S.O. better because you feel better about yourself. Or it might be that quitting smoking will help you get a job you've always wanted that requires non-smokers. It could be that writing one or two more songs will complete your album and help you secure your record deal. Or it might simply be that you have a very special person in your life who would be very proud of you for accomplishing your goal.

Start these final ten reasons with: "I will feel" or "I will gain"

Go ahead, get started RIGHT NOW:











Extra Credit

Do you really want to give yourself a boost? Take this second challenge:

Fill out this list to 100 reasons you should start achieving your goal right now. It's easier than you think! In fact, I'm willing to bet that after you finish the above ten reasons, you'll already want to go to 11, then 12, then 15, then 20. Remember that you should include ALL reasons. They can be big, small, personal, interpersonal, vain, giving, etc... No reason is a bad reason!

Guess What!


You've already gotten started! Just by willing yourself to get excited and complete the final ten and extra credit, you've already begun achieving your goal!

Now, your next step is to turn your reasons into MORE action.

Not sure what you should do next? Then create a list of ten things you can do RIGHT NOW that will get you one step closer to your goal. Then use the rest of the week to finish accomplishing the rest of the list. Follow that up with a new list of ten things you can do to create MORE progress. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Have you started or finished writing down your Final 10?

See results

Did you complete the Extra Credit Challenge?

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One of My Top Ten Most Inspirational Videos

Have you ever considered having a personal coach in your life?

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