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51st Floor Coming Right Up.

Updated on October 20, 2009


fifty first floor, coming right up.


Breathe in deeply,
hold it, let it go,
know that there are
tens of thousands
if not millions more
of these same breaths
yet to come for you,
so what if some are sighs,
or in sobs,
or through yawns,
they can't all be
cries of bliss,
gasps of air after
a passionate kiss
squeals of delight
at some lovely gift,
sometimes we breathe pain,
sorrow and loneliness,
but we breathe wisdom,
from the inhalation
of such grief,
this is how we grow smarter,
and we should find
comfort in the fact,
that so many of the truly lonely,
breathe no more,
they are but
stilled corpses mouldering
in satin lined asylums of silence.

Breathe in, now hold it,
then let it out,
and get used to it.
and do a little jig...
cause you are ALIVE!

Go out and get some coffee,
maybe you'll meet a poet,
catch a movie,
so what if your by yourself,
that way there's room for
your popcorn, and your coat
on the seat next to you,
something romantic,
float away on a celluloid kiss,
crack some wine, slice some cheese,
and just enjoy the buzz,
there are so many
simple things in life to enjoy,
call me!! (1-800-goochi goochi-goo)
we'll have phone,
see I got you laughing,
smiles are the face
having an orgasm,
and no this is not erotica,
this is life,
there are some really
great highs out there,
low is hell,
why be low,
breathe in, hold it,
let it out,
savor each one
till your last.
you never know!


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    • Jess Killmenow profile image

      Jess Killmenow 8 years ago from Nowheresville, Eastern United States

      Nice message, nice poem again. You certainly are prolific!