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55 Ways to Relieve Constipation from Home

Updated on October 30, 2017


Constipation is defined by the Oxford dictionary as the condition of being unable to get rid of waste material from the bowels easily. Medically, constipation is defined as: three or less stools per week, while sever constipation is known as one or less stools per week.

Even with a degree in pharmacology, I get embarrassed when I don't know the simple answer to questions posed by friends and family like: How do I get rid of my constipation or what are the best home remedies for constipation? So I have decided to make a list of natural home relievers for constipation to answer most questions. This list can be used anywhere in the world, I have kept it with me for a few months, but now I think it's time to share it with you.

Note: It can be used by anyone over the age of 12 year old. For younger than 12 year old, please refer to your doctor.


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Castor Oil SeedsOlive OilThyme Flower
Castor Oil Seeds
Castor Oil Seeds | Source
Olive Oil
Olive Oil | Source
Thyme Flower
Thyme Flower | Source


  • 1 - Castor oil – This oil is produced from the processing of the castor plant, which when ingested works a natural laxative for someone suffering from digestion issues, such as constipation.
  • 2 - Olive Oil – Ground from olives, this oil works as a lubricant in your system by ingesting it throughout the day until the need to go arises and should assist with easier waste removal from the system.
  • 3 - Thyme Oil – This oil from the popular seasoning can come in handy when there is pain involved with the constipation from cramps to stomach aches, easing the discomfort associated with the pain.


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Triphala PowderAmla Fruit and PowderBaking SodaBentonite
Triphala Powder
Triphala Powder | Source
Amla Fruit and Powder
Amla Fruit and Powder | Source
Baking Soda
Baking Soda | Source
Bentonite | Source


  • 4 - Triphala powder – This powder works as a non-habit forming laxative that’s taken every night as two teaspoons mixed into one glass of warm water.
  • 5 - Amla Powder – This powder should be taken in the morning with water and works just like a laxative.
  • 6 - Baking Soda – Just one teaspoon in two ounces of water and you’ve got your own homemade laxative.
  • 7 - Bentonite – This powder supplement should be taken with lots of fluids, but it’ll help relieve constipation and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Fruits and Vegetables

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RaisensGuavasFigsSpinachOrangesAloe VeraCabbagesBeansBael FruitPapayaPearCoconutSennaCascara Bark
Raisens | Source
Guavas | Source
Figs | Source
Spinach | Source
Oranges | Source
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera | Source
Cabbages | Source
Beans | Source
Bael Fruit
Bael Fruit | Source
Papaya | Source
Pear | Source
Coconut | Source
Senna | Source
Cascara Bark
Cascara Bark | Source

Fruits and Vegetables

  • 8 - Raisins–A good source of fiber that helps to scrap the sides of the intestinal walls and provides more regular bowel movements; acts as a laxative.
  • 9 - Guavas – Eating this fruit whole except the seeds can help in gaining the fiber you need to relieve constipation. Eat one in the morning or afternoon.
  • 10 - Figs – Dried figs have one of the highest contents for fiber, which really helps in breaking down other foods within the intestinal tract, cleaning the system of wastes that have gotten stuck.
  • 11 - Spinach – Fresh spinach found in salads and other foods makes a great curative for constipation as it works to clean out the digestive tract with its high content of fiber.
  • 12 - Oranges – This fruit can aid in constipation relief because the acids within it help the muscles of the intestinal lining contract more often, moving waste further down the length.
  • 13 - Aloe Vera – This plant is one of the most widely used curatives for a number of ailments, including constipation. This is usually taken orally in a pill form.
  • 14 - Cabbage – Either raw or juiced, this vegetable acts a stool softener to relieve pain of constipation as well as works on healing and cleaning the digestive tract to prevent further problems.
  • 15 - Beans – This group of vegetables are considered wonderful additions to a high-fiber diet to prevent and relieve constipation.
  • 16 - Bael Fruit – This fruit is used mostly to relieve diarrhea, but it does have some benefits for constipation since it helps relieve inflammation of the digestive tract.
  • 17 - Papaya – Eating this fruit with figs is a guaranteed curative for constipation. This fruit has been hailed as one of the best for ages.
  • 18 - Pear – Eating a few of these a day will help improve your bowel movements since it’s a natural laxative with its fiber content.
  • 19 - Coconut – The oil from coconuts acts a softener and lubricant for the colon, which used every day can help relieve symptoms for both acute and chronic constipation problems.
  • 20 - Senna–Senna works as a laxative that irritates the bowel’s lining so much that it pushes the waste further along until it can eliminated.
  • 21 - Cascara Bark – This bark acts as a laxative by getting the muscles of the colon to contract and push the waste build up from the body.
  • 22 - Turkey – This white meat is surprising good for you when you find yourself having problems using the restroom, especially if you pair it with sweet potatoes.
  • 23 - Rhubarb – This fruit has been used for millenniums by the Chinese as a laxative to ease constipation from acute to chronic conditions.
  • 24 - Peppermint – The oil from peppermint actually helps many ailments from coughs and sore throats to IBS and constipation relief with just a few drops each day.
  • 25 - Bananas – The key to successful use of bananas for constipation relief is eating just at the right time when they begin releasing pectin, a natural laxative, rather than the sugars that will back you up.
  • 26 - Raspberries–A natural laxative with its ability to relieve constipation systems with its juices and key nutrients to keep bowel movements regular.
  • 27 - Broccoli – This green vegetable is full of fiber and roughage for true constipation relief, cleaning the colon as it makes its way through the body.
  • 28 - Carrots – These vegetables contain a high fiber content as well as oils that help lubricate the membranes of the digestive tract, repairing and regulating the system properly.
  • 29 - Brussels sprouts – These little mini-cabbage looking vegetables are full of fiber, just what you need to get your digestive tract back on track with regular bowel movements.
  • 30 - Apples – This is a staple fruit to have on hand for anyone that’s suffering from constipation from young to old. The high fiber works to clean the system of any buildups and keep it clean with a regular intake of this fruit.
  • 31 - Prunes – A good source of fiber for those having issues with constipation because the fiber helps clean the system and acts like a natural laxative.


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