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5 Best Relaxation Techniques

Updated on January 5, 2016



Relaxing yourself is like doing meditation so you can practice it at any time during a day. Whether its after getting up from sleep in the morning or after coming from work stressed out you can relax anytime. So whenever you are feeling stressed out these are the best methods which can energize you within minutes.

Breathing Relaxation


Breathing relaxation is one of the easiest way which you can perform anywhere you feel like. Even when you are in office sitting in your chair you can easily get relaxed within 5 minutes by following this technique.

  1. Can you sit folding your legs in a quiet place for 5 minutes. If you get such a place in your workplace then you are done. Just fold your legs and sit quietly.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Join your hands .
  4. Take normal breathe. No deep breathing techniques.
  5. DO NOT think about anything. Well this is tough not to think anything so better concentrate on your forehead.
  6. With every breathe you take feel that a warm air is passing out from your eyes.
  7. So the whole process should be as you are breathing in concentrating on your forehead and letting off warm air concentrating on your eyes.
  8. Repeat it for 5 minutes.
  9. Then slowly open your eyes. Rub both the hands together for 7-10 seconds and apply it on your face as if you are putting fresh water.
  10. Feel contented and get up from your seat.

Hope you are now relaxed and can get back to work with refreshing mind.

Candle Lights and warm water


This is a technique which will take you in your dream world.You will require a bit of time to apply this relaxation technique. It can be applied preferably in your home sweet home with no one around or can even enjoy it with your close pals.

Follow the steps for a time period of 30 minutes and you will feel relaxed and above the world.

  1. Arrange your favorite candles in any colors. Somewhat 3-7 candles. Will not suggest more than that.
  2. Have your favorite perfumes. Or mix it up with 2-3 flowery smell perfumes you like.
  3. Have a tub of warm water and a tool or chair where you can sit dipping your legs in the tub.
  4. Lit the candles surrounding the tub, spraying your favorite perfumes in air as well as in the warm water.
  5. Do not put the lights off of your room.
  6. Put your soothing music on. Or any of your playlists having some soft music.
  7. Now just relax for the next thirty minutes.

Relaxing Music


Music can take you to a different world. You can have relaxing guitar music or piano or any soft instrumental music anytime for relaxing your mind. The Spa music can also make you feel relaxed in no time. You will find lots of these relaxing music available on YouTube. I am just linking to some of them which I like.

Relaxing Guitar Music

Soothing Spa Music

Tibetan singing Bowl

Romantic Piano Music

Bare-footed on Green Grass or Sea Beach


It is a very natural relaxation process. It has 3 benefits if we walk barefooted on green grass or sea beach sands.

  1. It helps us reducing our heel pains if we have any.
  2. It massages our feet nerve endings which is why actually we feel a lot relaxed.
  3. It refreshes our mind in the very natural way.

So have a long walk barefooted with your partner to have a quality time together or spend quality time with yourself.

Spending Time with Yourself


We all are very busy in our life. We have to meet different people all through out the day whether our daily commuters, clients or somewhere else. In this busy schedule we need to find time to meet ourselves.

  1. Speak to yourself for at-least 10 minutes in a day. Thinking about the things which you like, dislike, love , want to happen, your dreams your goals.
  2. To spend time with yourself you can walk in greenery, or gaze at the stars at night.
  3. It will not only relax your mind but will also energize your soul.

If the above relaxation techniques have helped you then do comment and like as it will make me feel good for writing out more.

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