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6 Foods Rich in Dietary Fiber

Updated on February 28, 2014

Dietary fiber is extremely essential for our healthy living. While it cannot be digested by our body, it is necessary for lowering the cholesterol content in our body. It helps in removing waste from our body while helping us lose the unnecessary fat in our body. There are several seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Here are 6 such foods rich in dietary fiber.

1. Bran

Bran is the outer layer of a cereal grain. It may be either wheat, rice, oats, barley or corn bran. Bran is rich in fiber apart from containing essential fatty acids. One cup of corn bran contains about 60g of fiber, which is about 240% of the daily recommended value (DV). A cup of wheat bran consists of 99% of DV while rice bran consists 99% and oat bran contain 58% of the daily recommended value of fiber. One can eat bran either in the form of bran flakes or biscuits. All these are readily available in your nearby stores.

2. Berries

Berries of all sorts, be it raspberries, wildberries or blackberries, are rich in dietary fiber. One cup of raspberries contains 8g of fiber, which is 32% of daily value. A cup of elderberries contains 41% of DV while a cup of strawberries contains 12% of DV. Cranberries contain 18% of the daily recommended value of fiber whereas gooseberries contain 26% of the DV of fiber. One can easily find these berries in the nearest fruit and vegetable store.

3. Lentils

Lentils are another form of food rich in fiber. They can be called as the 'star of the kitchen' as they can be cooked easily and are more versatile than other legumes. While one cannot eat uncooked lentils, cooked lentils not only add to the taste of the food, but also provide nutrition. One cup of lentils provides about 15.6g of dietary fiber, which is about 62% DV of dietary fiber. One can easily buy lentils in a nearby grocery store.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most commonly available fibrous vegetables in your nearest vegetable store. You can either prepare a dish with broccoli or just make a green salad out of it by mixing it with other vegetables. Cauliflower too can be used as a substitute for broccoli. One cup of chopped broccoli contains about 2.4g dietary fiber, which is 10% of the daily recommended value. One cup of chopped cauliflower contains 2g of fiber, which is about 8% of DV.

5. Avocado

The fruit can be called a 'super-food' as it is packed with high amount of vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. It is also low on carbs. A cup of avocado contains about 15g of dietary fiber, which is about 62% of the daily recommended value. Avocados can be easily found in your nearest fruit shop. You can either prepare a good Mexican style guacamole from this fruit or mix the creamy flesh with any other salad.

6. Lima Beans

All types of beans are rich with dietary fiber. Lima beans, also called double beans, are one such type of beans that have high fiber content. One cup of lima beans contains about 13.2g of dietary fiber. This is about 53% of the daily recommended value. The name sounds unappetizing. But you can actually prepare some really yummy dishes with Lima beans.

These are just few foods that are rich in fiber. Nuts, fruits, certain types of vegetables and leafy greens are generally rich in dietary fiber. Hence, make sure that you use them regularly in your dishes to maintain a healthy body.


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