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6 Pack Abs, seems to be taking forever to get them.

Updated on September 7, 2014

Starting to get some definition for myself.

No Stomach Operation, No Liposuction, No Botox, No Plastic Surgery, No steroids, just working out and got to eat more to get more defined.
No Stomach Operation, No Liposuction, No Botox, No Plastic Surgery, No steroids, just working out and got to eat more to get more defined. | Source

I know it will take time.

Since July I been busting my butt to get 6 pack abs and I mean more than a little definition.

Now, I know not every women wants 6 pack abs but it something that I do know with the exercise I do to help my inner core and my stomach has helped make my feel better and joints.

I personally can not speak for anyone else, but I do know what will work for me.

But of course before the start of the transformation on my journey's toward getting 6 pack abs, I did have to lose weight which I gained about 63 pounds, do to an injury where I couldn't walk for a few days, not did I have money to pay for surgery.

So with the injury because I couldn't walk normally and with a limp, for a full year I did have my hip to past my knew wrapped up, I slowly continued to work through the pain.

Yes, I gained weight but as soon as I started walking normal again, I lost the weight and got back into a fitness center.

So since July I been working really hard.

I do many exercises that work for me. I don't just do weights and it is taking me awhile to add on more weight, I do cardio and know strength training is important.

Plus I do some twists exercises and squats.

So now I do see some transformation to start and also knowing that my intake of food is going to have to be more.

Of course every now and then I have a junk day.

But learning to really stay away from fast foods which does seem lately in the past few years that even though some fast foods tasted really good, afterwards sometimes I ate those foods didn't feel so good afterwards.

Like I said, I know what works for me and can't speak with anyone else.

So in losing the weight, I was determined not to get any form of a stomach operation, no liposuction, no botox, no plastic surgery and no steroids.

This is what worked for me.

Now I know people that do have money can do what they want, but the reality is, you can do all you want for your outsides, but if you don't take of your insides it isn't really going to matter what you do for your outsides if you don't feel well and you not in good health.

I think I feel so much better and feel so much happier the more I get to workout.

I have been around gyms and fitness center most of my life and I feel as though the atmosphere is very positive because people like taking care of themselves.

Of course you can workout without going to a fitness center and do what you want.

I just love being at fitness centers and never get bothered there.

Of course in my own life I had gained weight before the time I had the injury and the time before that I was in an unhappy relationship and put on the weight.

Of course after the relationship ended, I went straight to working out and losing the weight.

I also had the chance to train a little bit in a martial art in a dojo and boy did I drop the weight really, really fast.

I feel so much happier the way I am now.

I feel like there is a bounce in my step and enjoy life.

Of course like I said when working out it helps other parts of my body too.

My joints do feel much better and I sleep really, really well at night, in fact I hit the pillow and pass out and next thing I know it's the morning.

Exercising even more seems to help with better sleeping patterns too, so it is nice to get a good night's sleep and wake up the next morning feel refreshed with a great night's sleep.

I want to look doing a fitness model photo shoot when I'm really toned up.

I also have been looking into different certifications to become a fitness trainer.

I think talking about and showing people that I worked taking the weight off and getting in shape by working out and doing it that was is not impossible.

It takes dedication and you can't be lazy and think that it is just going to happen.

You actually have to work at getting six pack abs and getting into to shape.

Of course there is going to be a lot of sweat and pain associated with working out.

I just have to remember to rest my muscles in between workouts so it gives them a chance to grow.

Sometimes working out too much is really not a good thing.

Like I said I know what works for me and know what I want.

Not everyone woman, once again will want six pack abs but I know exactly what I want and to get six pack abs I am dedicated to doing so.

I just got to keep working on other parts of my body and that is taking a lot of work too.

I know I have to be careful with wait not to pull or strain any muscles because if you indeed do too much at once and you get an injury you will have to stop for awhile and it is almost like you have to start back almost from the beginning.

I just keep going and going and going and after a workout I feel very refreshed even though I might be a little smelly, sweaty and indeed of a shower with no make-up on my face, but it just feels so good to get a workout in everyday.

Well I might take a day off from time to time because it is good to relax too.

All I know for myself, like I said a few times before, I just know what works for me because really focusing on myself for myself has given me a real good lease on life.

For me I wouldn't want my life any other way.


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