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6 Reasons Why Crying is Good for the Soul

Updated on March 27, 2017

1. You need to let it all out

Sometimes, crying isn't even optional. You have to let it all out to feel better again.

2. Sometimes you can't do anything about it but to cry

When you can't do anything about it, and you can't hold back the tears anymore. It's okay. There are times that the only we can do for the moment is to cry. Sometimes, it even makes us feel a little better.

3. It makes you think

Sometimes, when you are crying, it makes you think about your life and the decisions and the mistakes you've made and the mistakes you're making. It may help you and make you realize some things and make you better or your life a little better.

4. Practice on how to handle self

Yes, this is true that crying is also a practice on how to handle yourself, when you're crying it feels like its the end of the world. Well, it's not. You're just practicing how to handle yourself in the real world and it's good.

5. We all need it

Sometimes, we need to cry in order to wash away things that are blocking our view. And sometimes, its just a must. We must feel sad and cry for us to realize happiness and joy.

6. To realize things

For us to realize things, we must be to the point of sadness that you can't handle it anymore and cry. If we cry, the only thing in our head is our problems, and sometimes crying makes us realize the things that we did wrong or the things that other did wrong to us. It makes us realize our mistake and others' mistake for in the future we won't do it again or won't accept it again.


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